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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 96

Huo Xiu claimed that the Immortal Emperor sent him to find Xi Ning for an urgent matter.

Uncle Rong didn't dare to neglect him, so he brought him in without informing Xi Ning.

Xi Ning went to his palace to snatch people from him last time, which made Huo Xiu to notice this seventh prince who had no sense of existence before.

Huo Xiu felt that although this prince had the dragon bloodline, he was more like a beautiful and arrogant cat that still had its sharp claws and didn't like to be bothered about others..

It would be wonderful to make such a cat bow down its head and rub against his hand, but he probably needed to grind down its claws first.

When Xi Ning heard what Huo Xiu said, he was shocked and felt very speechless at the same time.

He left the banquet early that day, how could he still get involved in it

And Xi Ning had a feeling that it was Huo Xiu who had caused this.

“There was also another candidate, the daughter of Cultivator Rong Hua, but she recently went to the mortal realm, and we don't know when she will come back.” Huo Xiu got up and returned to his spot to sit down again, wanting to appreciate the flustered expression on Xi Ning's face.

“Furthermore, Your Royal Highness is a noble, which can better show sincerity of the immortal world.

There are also rumors that the prince of the spirit clan prefers men……”

Xi Ning was much calmer than what Huo Xiu expected and replied without much emotion.

“Since the candidate has already been decided, why did General Huo come to find me”

“Your Royal Highness, don't be anxious.” Huo Xiu didn't believe that Xi Ning wouldn’t have any reaction at all and would quickly accept the fact that he will marry to the spirit clan.

“The Immortal Emperor was struggling in deciding, so he discussed this matter with me alone.”

As he spoke, his tone became ambiguous.

“Naturally, I am reluctant to send Your Royal Highness to marry into the spirit clan.

Don't you be afraid…...

If there is any inconvenience, just tell me, I will help you figure out a solution.”

Xi Ning understood what Huo Xiu meant.

If he didn't want to marry into the spirit clan, he could only ask for Huo Xiu's help and beg him to speak up for him in front of the Immortal Emperor.

Xi Ning had also vaguely guessed his purpose.

At the same time, Xi Ning got the mission instruction.

[ Huo Xiu used the marriage to force the seventh prince to commit himself to him.

The probability of character collapse has increased by 20%, 5 mission points were deducted.

If Huo Xiu succeeds, the probability of character collapse will increase by 50%, please stop this as soon as possible.


[Punishment: Your illness will worsen for the next 8 hours, effective immediately.


Xi Ning was already disgusted by Huo Xiu, and now when he saw the mission instruction and punishment, he became even angrier.

Huo Xiu's desirous intentions toward him caused his character to collapse even more.

If he wanted to stop Huo Xiu, would he then have to obey the immortal emperor's arrangement to marry into the spirit clan

On one hand, there was Huo Xiu and the mission.

On the other hand, there was the marriage of the spirit clan.

Xi Ning didn't want to choose either of them.

To add to it, the punishment had already taken effect, so his face didn't look good.

Huo Xiu had already achieved his goal and didn’t want to further corner Xi Ning.

He believed that Xi Ning understood what he meant and decided to give him a few more days to think about it.

“Your Royal Highness, rest well.

I will leave first and come to see you again in a few days, or …...You can also come to find me directly at the West Hall.”

Huo Xiu got up and saluted, his eyes continuing to stare at Xi Ning's face like a poisonous snake staring at its prey.

Xi Ning felt even more uncomfortable.

He turned his head away and did not reply.

Huo Xiu and the black-robed man walk out of the pavilion.

The black-robed man who had been silent the entire time suddenly said, “The servant who is serving beside the seventh prince is a devil.”

Chu Yi was brought back by Huo Xiu from outside.

Huo Xiu didn't really care about him and said, “It's just a low-class devil.

Does the devil general feel pity toward your clan’s people"

“Low-class devil” The black-robed man smiled meaningfully.

“No, no, I was just casually mentioning it.

Also, if you want the seventh prince, I might be able to lend you a helping hand.”

After Huo Xiu left, Xi Ning stretched out his hand and shouted, “Chu Yi”

He was a little anxious.

Chu Yi held his hand and walked towards Xi Ning's side.

“I am here, Your Royal Highness.”

After touching Chu Yi’s skin, Xi Ning felt much better, and leaned towards him.

“I'm tired, you carry me back to my room.”

Chu Yi heard the grievances in Xi Ning’s tone and felt very distressed.


How could he not understand what Huo Xiu said This immortal palace scum dared to covet his little dragon, what spirit clan marriage…...

and the devil that was next to Huo Xiu, he had been worried that he could not find his whereabouts, but he did not expect him to appear right in front of him.


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