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Chapter 97

Chu Yi's dark red pupils’ color turned deeper.

He suppressed his anger and carefully carried Xi Ning and walked towards the bedroom.

The system checked the timeline and asked Xi Ning to stop panicking.

“There are still about three months left before the marriage candidate and time are truly determined.

Huo Xiu should not dare to mess around even if master disagrees with him.

During this time, the master still can think of a way……”

Xi Ning felt very irritable.

He got targeted when doing the mission.

He squeezed his arms tighter around Chu Yi, burying his face in Chu Yi’s neck, and did not want to let go.

“I'm not feeling well.” Xi Ning didn't lift his head, and the horns that had grown a little bit rubbed on Chu Yi’s cheeks.

“You have to hug me for a longer while.”

There was no one else around after entering the bedroom.

Chu Yi went directly to the couch and asked Xi Ning to sit on his lap.

“Your Royal Highness, don't be afraid.

Huo Xiu may have lied to you.

How could Emperor Immortal send you to marry the spirit clan,” Chu Yi said softly, and thought that Xi Ning had a headache again, so he pressed his little dragon's horn for him.

Xi Ning didn't realize that Chu Yi directly called Huo Xiu’s name.

He only knew that the mission instruction had already stated that in it, proving that the Immortal Emperor did have this thought.

Huo Xiu was able to use this to threaten him since he wouldn't dare to lie about this matter.

Xi Ning kept silent, his breathing gradually calming down.

When Chu Yi thought that he was already asleep, he released his hand that was massaging Xi Ning, but was caught by Xi Ning halfway.

Xi Ning was still in his punishment period.

He felt uncomfortable when Chu Yi’s hand left him, and he wanted Chu Yi to touch himself again.

“Your Royal Highness, does your head still hurt”

Chu Yi didn't dare to act rashly.

Xi Ning took the opportunity to take Chu Yi’s hand and put it on the side of his face.

Xi Ning rubbed Chu Yi’s palm against his face, which made him feel more comfortable.

Xi Ning even rubbed until Chu Yi’s collar got opened a little and leaned himself tightly against his collarbone.

Chu Yi was getting anxious by Xi Ning’s small movements.

His other hand slid lower and he embraced Xi Ning's waist.

Xi Ning was really clingy, but he liked it.

After he dealt with the devil next to Huo Xiu, should he just take Xi Ning away, bringing him back to the Devil Realm secretly and hiding him, so that no one could find them.

As for the marriage between the immortal world and the spirit clan, whoever likes it should do it then.

But he still had to ask Xi Ning's opinion first, in case that Xi Ning was unwilling to go to the Devil Realm.

He didn't want to see Xi Ning upset.

Chu Yi stayed with Xi Ning as long as his punishment period lasted.

Xi Ning used all kinds of methods to make Chu Yi touch himself, pulled Chu Yi to prevent him from leaving, and blinked his watery eyes to get him to touch his dragon horns.

Chu Yi became more and more bold.

He pinched Xi Ning's chin to make him look up at him/ Both of them got very close.

“Your Royal Highness, what happened to you today”

If it weren't for his unsuitable appearance, Chu Yi would want to kiss him now and try to see if Xi Ning was as sweet as he imagined.

Xi Ning looked at Chu Yi’s immature face and regained some consciousness.

He stepped back a little and said, “I......I will tell you when you become an adult.”

What do you want to say when I am an adult Chu Yi couldn't wait to change back to his original appearance.

After the punishment period ended, Xi Ning's feeling of wanting to be touched was mostly gone, and the time had already grown very late.

Xi Ning embarrassedly let go of Chu Yi and touched the tip of his nose.

“I’m feeling better now, you can leave first.”

Chu Yi did not respond.

He stretched out his hand and squeezed Xi Ning's chin.

“Why don't I help Your Royal Highness to apply the medicine again”

Xi Ning was stupefied for a moment.

Chu Yi’s action was exactly the same as what Song Zhou used to do to him before, and he couldn't help but snuggle over.

“All right.”

Chu Yi waited for Xi Ning to lie down, then took out the ointment and applied it to Xi Ning carefully before leaving the bedroom.

Xi Ning slept too much during the day, so he didn't feel sleepy at all at night.

After closing his eyes only for a while, the more he lay down, the more awake he got so he started to chat with the system about Huo Xiu's visit today.

“How about I reject Huo Xiu first, and then run away from the marriage” Xi Ning turned over and thought about it carefully but then he found out there was something wrong with it.

“If I escape from the marriage, I can't stay in the palace.

Even if I agree to the marriage, I will also have to leave the palace.

If there’s mission instructions, how can I complete the mission”

He can't agree to the marriage or escape the marriage, but he can't let Huo Xiu succeed either…...

He has to make the Immortal Emperor change his mind and remove him from the marriage candidate list.


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