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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 98

The system suggested.

“Why don't you…...

pretend to be sick Just say that you are too sick to walk, and the spirit clan place is too far to go.”

But this is the world of immortality.

It's not so easy to pretend to be sick.

If the Immortal Emperor is suspicious, he can just call a medical practitioner to check him.

This original host lives and stays in the palace all the time.

He only has a few friends, and his relationship with his several older brothers are not very good as well.

Besides that, they don't know of anyone else more suitable than him to recommend to the Immortal Emperor.

“How about we have the spirit prince take the initiative to request marrying someone else” But the system was not familiar with the spirit clan’s prince.

The current timeline was too much earlier than the original book, and there was too much information that could not be verified.

The system didn't really know if the spirit prince really likes men like what Huo Xiu said.

Xi Ning denied several ideas, and reluctantly laid on the bed to empty his brain, when suddenly there were sounds coming from his bedroom window.

A very soft sound, like someone pushing a window with his hand, was very obvious in the silent night.

The system reacted quickly.

“Is it Chu Yi......”

Xi Ning subconsciously closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

He soon felt that the bed was sinking a little and someone was sitting next to him.

Is he Chu Yi Xi Ning was very nervous, but he was trying to maintain steady breathing.

The person next to the bed looked at him for a while, and he stretched out his finger to stroke Xi Ning’s face.

At the moment he touched Xi Ning, the feeling on his skin let Xi Ning confirm that it was Chu Yi.

It was exactly like what the system said.

Chu Yi would sneak into his bedroom in the middle of the night, but why would he do that

The fingers on his face were still sliding gently, and Xi Ning tilted his head to move a little.

Chu Yi withdrew his hand, held his breath and waited for a while, only to find that Xi Ning showed no signs of waking up.

Then he relaxed again.

He was about to go to the West Hall, but before going there, he wanted to come and see Xi Ning first, so he came back to Xi Ning’s bedroom again.

Chu Yi put his hands on the bedside carefully, leaned over and slowly approached Xi Ning.

He wanted to kiss him during the day.

Now that Xi Ning was lying here obediently, it made him want to do it even more.

At the same time, he had some wicked tastes.

If he accidentally woke Xi Ning, when Xi Ning opened his eyes and saw Chu Yi kissing him secretly, how would Xi Ning react

But all of this would only happen in his imagination.

Chu Yi straightened up and retreated, pressing the corner of the quilt.

But then Xi Ning suddenly opened his eyes at this moment, and shouted out in the dark, “Chu Yi”

At this time, Xi Ning really woke up, Chu Yi was caught off guard.

Xi Ning's eyes were wide open, and his voice didn't sound like he had just woken up.

Xi Ning was obviously pretending to be asleep, but he didn't notice it.

He subconsciously waved a devilish energy.

Xi Ning closed his eyes again, and this time he really fell asleep.

But Chu Yi regretted it immediately.

Xi Ning had already found out.

When he woke up tomorrow morning, Xi Ning would still find and question him.

It would have been better if he just explained it to Xi Ning tonight.

The system saw that Xi Ning fell asleep after a spell from Chu Yi.

It was very angry, but then it saw Chu Yi raising his hand to take the devilish energy back.

Xi Ning frowned and opened his eyes again.

Chu Yi was still in front of him and called him, “Your Royal Highness.”

Xi Ning could also see things in the dark.

He clearly saw the changes in Chu Yi’s face, and his voice was deeper than before.

It was Song Zhou who had changed his appearance completely.

Xi Ning used his hand to support himself to sit up, he watched Chu Yi for a while and said, “Go and turn on the lights.”

Chu Yi obediently took out the night pearl in the bedroom, and the room immediately lit up.

He returned to the bedside with a calm expression on his face.

Xi Ning asked, “Are you Chu Yi”

“Of course.” He curled his lips, sitting on the footrest under the bed.

“Did Your Royal Highness not recognize me after a nap”

Chu Yi even acted like a fool in front of him, Xi Ning was a little angry.

“Then what's the matter with you now Don't tell me that you turned into an adult early tonight”

Chu Yi actually planned to say that, but now when he noticed the changes in Xi Ning's attitude, he was immediately stunned.

“Also what are you doing secretly in my bedroom in the middle of the night”

It was a questioning tone.

But when it entered the ears of Chu Yi, he felt that Xi Ning was acting cute in front of him, and Xi Ning was not afraid of him at all.


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