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Chapter 154 - The Realm Beyond The Demon (1)


Seol-Hwi’s heart pounded without reason.

He and the Supreme Pavilion Lord were on bad terms.

From the start, he had cut Seol-Hwi off, not to mention he killed him several times.

If he could get rid of the two lords… it would be pretty good.

But regardless of whatever his heart wanted, reality was different.

Those two were Supreme Demon warriors and were far too talented.

There was no one as good as them.

And they were warriors in their own way.

They had to think about the warriors who surrounded the two or getting attention around them.

The situation was completely different than if the Supreme Pavilion Lord came to see the Earth Demon.


Moreover, Seol-Hwi had to lose a lot to get to where he was today..

Simulation and Turn Based was what it cost.

The two abilities were now sealed.

If they could be used, it would be as easy as looking into the palm of their hand.

But since those abilities were gone, he had to be careful.

“I think I know what you are thinking.

Yes, these are the arrangements I prepared for this job.”


The trainer pulled out a few pieces of paper from his pocket.


He opened a few of them and continued his explanation,

“Usually, within each pavilion, there is one vassal there who assists it.

There are secret warriors hiding among the others in the building.

The secret warriors of the Supreme Pavilion are good.

There are ten who are strong and there are more who have reached a good level.

We have to kill all of them.”


The Supreme Pavilion Lord’s warrior, Heuk Bi, was one of them.

And many more.

Seol-Hwi firmly etched the name in his memory.

“The Wu-Tian Pavilion is also known to have vassals of their own.”

“Aren’t there warriors protecting the pavilion”

“The Wu-Tian Seven Secrets, but you don’t have to worry about them.”


When Seol-Hwi was puzzled, the trainer explained,

“Since the people who are there are known to be different, we plan to also use a different method for them.”

The plan will take time to be finalized.

The Supreme Pavilion is probably the most important target for Seol-Hwi.

“Even though the warrior is a Supreme Demon, there is a huge skill gap depending on martial arts.

In certain situations, they are truly amazing, but in other situations, they are a lot weaker than expected.”

Seol-Hwi’s face went stiff.

Is it the evaluation of those who watched it

The trainer knew exactly what Seol-Hwi was doing.

“The skill of Ma Taryong on your side is stable.

Maybe because he is experienced So, if you prepare thoroughly, you will be able to easily escape after killing the target.”

“Then, I…”

“You, the captain of the Heavenly Events Order have achieved great things so far, but your achievements so far have been limited to surprise attacks and pre-planned strategies.

The abilities of the Supreme Pavilion and Wu-Tian Pavilion are quite superior to yours.

If you succeed with this in a surprise attempt, there will be no issues, but if that fails, the fight will turn into a protracted one.”

The troops of theirs will react and Seol-Hwi with his teams will have a hard time in a head on battle.


Seol-Hwi understood those words.

He could understand why they were being this cautious at the attempt on the Supreme Pavilion Lord.

“Even the Earth Demon cannot take it easy.”

“That is the truth.”

The trainer graciously admitted.

Their target is the Supreme Pavilion Lord.

Ideally, Seol-Hwi and Ma Taryong would have to move at the same time in order to defeat the opponent with certainty.

However, if it drags on, they will start running out of power.

So, the members of the Heavenly Events Order who work with Seol-Hwi are utilized and sent to the place to kill the Supreme Pavilion Lord.

And having Ma Taryong at the Wu Tian Pavilion Alone

This is to make the Earth Demon look like he had a lot of cards to use.

Conversely, it means they didn’t have more reliable people to use.

Wasn’t this a strategy one uses when they have few troops

“But, why am I going after the Supreme Pavilion Lord”

“There are two reasons.”

When Seol-Hwi asked, the trainer put the paper in his hand ahead and stared at him.

“First, you were in his pavilion not long ago.

You know the structure of it well.

If you know that, then the surprise attack plan will be easy, and if things go unplanned or fail you can retreat quickly.”


“Secondly, the Wu-Tian Pavilion is a place where the warriors of the sect are first put through.”

The Five Pavilions.

The pavilions are the places where the warriors of the sect perform or take up the missions and get acquainted with people to adapt to the atmosphere of the sect.

Even Seol-Hwi immediately received training and was pushed to the Supreme Pavilion Lord.

Of course, there are special cases.

Those who have demonstrated outstanding skills from the training camp get pushed to another place.

And then, there is the Ninth Group.

This was a place where talented people get recruited for special purposes, not the ordinary people, and there was no need to use their own disciples.

They can instead use these warriors to get the tasks done.

“So the Supreme Pavilion and Wu-Tian Pavilion lords.

The other three pavilions will be handled separately.

Then after the positions are empty, that will mean that we can install someone who sides with the Earth Demon or at the very least someone neutral in that position.”


Was this paper that

Seol-Hwi was impressed with the big picture.

It was a plan that combined several maneuvers into one number to take down the enemy and took out several birds with a single stone.

The goal was not to simply cut the power of theirs down.

It was to target the two pavilions first, the two who represent the five pavilions.

When two of the pavilions which support the First Disciple are eliminated at the same time, the ripple effect will be huge.

And that would give further inspiration to the elders of other disciples.

It was for this reason that the plan would be executed in broad daylight when everyone would be able to see it.

The operations must be carried out at the same time.

Assuming that it is done correctly, the position of Third Disciple, who has been silent, will grow rapidly.

As a result, it may attract the interest of the elders in the sect and maybe even get support from the Sect Leader.

And in the meantime, stones for the future were being laid down.

If the people friendly to the Earth Demon turn into pavilions lords, then the warriors below them would also be brought to the Earth Demon’s side.

“The warriors who have accumulated their skills in the pavilions naturally move to the Crimson Demon Hall, and if their skills further improve there, they will be able to climb into groups.”


Seol-Hwi stuck his tongue at the big picture this old man had.

“I am Baek Yu.”

“I am Eun Geum.”

Early morning–

Warriors appeared before Seol-Hwi and his men and greeted him.

They said they were in charge of training the group.

The two took the members and moved to the middle of Mount Seon.

And when they reached a flat area, they handed over the information for ten men.

“Who are these people”

Eun Geum replied to Yorim’s question.

“Supreme Pavilion Hidden Warriors.

They are the men of the Supreme Pavilion Lord.

It would be good for you to have information on them.”

In addition to their names, their weapons and martial arts are known.

There are six people who wield swords, two with blades, one assassin, and one who uses strange weapons.

“Is this something we can truly handle”

When Yong Jin saw their level at Super Master level, he felt a bit shocked.

Often referred to as good, it was on a level where one cannot easily bet against them.

To be more specific, their techniques were executed as naturally as stabbing or cutting, they were fast enough to be difficult to follow with naked eye, and they were strong people who could quickly grasp their opponent’s weakness.

On the other hand, they were still inexperienced because they hadn’t done their best.

But, is this not a situation where they will have to not deal with one, but possibly another extra person

“We have to do it.

if you cannot take on two of them at once, then that means one of your team members will have to take on three.”

Seo Ryeong asked.

“Well, the captain will be there to help right”

When Yorim spoke to reassure her, Jeok Song said,

“He has to deal with the Supreme Pavilion Lord, who is at the Supreme Demon level.

How can he come to help us”

So when everyone spoke with anxiety, Imugi spoke with a serious expression,

“Are you saying that I have to deal with three of them”



Everyone listened but no one responded.

This is just what they always did.

“Can’t we all get together and kill the Supreme Pavilion Lord first and then deal with his personal men”

“It would be nice if that were the case, but there is no law saying things will turn out well.

And we need to always think about things that can go wrong.”

Various people spoke out but there was one thing that was simply assumed–Seol-Hwi killing the Supreme Pavilion Lord.

That was something no one doubted and the explanation followed.

“Now, would you like to come out one after another and display your skills”

Baek Yu and Eun Geum looked at them.

And they recalled the remarks made in the talks.

The evaluation score was going to be high, middle, or low.

High would mean the ability to deal with two of the warriors of the Supreme Lord Pavilion.

Middle meant being able to deal with one.

Lastly, low meant they couldn’t even have a proper fight with the warrior.

Before being dispatched to carry out the plan, it was necessary to observe their troops and objectively evaluate their skills.

“I will start.”

While everyone was watching, there was one person who confidently walked out, Imugi.

He wiped his blade with his sleeve.

“You will see something very surprising.”

He confidently raised his thumb and opened his mouth.

“…Is that it”


Imugi, who had a conversation with Eun Geum, looked calm.

At some point, the air began to flow around his body.

The martial arts he was using was the Darkness Pathing Blade Technique he had learned from Baekhon in the past.


It began to unfold.

At times it looked quick, and overall, the technique was smooth.

And in the end.


He showed the technique of cutting in all four directions.

It was surely a unique technique.


After the technique blew past, Imugi felt comfortable in the wind and turned his head for the answer.



As expected.

The evaluation looked good.

“And the grade”



He thought he heard it wrong and asked for them to repeat it.

“It is low.”

But the same answer came back and his expression only distorted further.

“Isn’t this wrong How can that be”

Imugi reduced the size of his body with the illusion technique to show he was feeling disheartened.

But the men said,

“This is low too.”


His palms grew in huge size.


“Ah **…”

It was then.

“It is… time for me to display mine”

Yong Jin who watched this then got up.

“This time I will show it.”

And he began.


He quickly used the Unified Elimination Sword and looked at them in anticipation.


–came the single word.

“…No, you haven’t been seeing it wrong, right”

“It is low.”

Yong Jin’s face wrinkled.

Silence fell.

And the one who broke the silence was…

“Low! Hahahaha!”


It was Imugi.


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