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HSSB1007: A newly ascended legend or a fleeting shooting star


Not considering Three Foot Mountain’s Golden Crow World Incinerating Sabre, Qing Shuzi’s Dragon Sceptre Whip and Daoist Leading Mist’s Bright Barbaric Daoist Robe, Yan Zhaoge had netted seven high-grade Sacred Artifacts from the martial practitioners of the south.

Not mentioning those he had slain, just considering these spoils of war which he had taken away from the south, the southern Blazing Heaven Territory had already suffered a huge blow to its vitality.

Beneath the lead of Golden Court Mountain, the martial practitioners of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory had expanded on an attack into the south which had been extremely successful.

Not only had Golden Court Mountain completely suppressed and thrashed Wutong Slope, the other martial practitioners of the southeast had been completely at the upper hand against the southern martial practitioners too.

This was especially so along the route from Circumference Mountain to the Announcing Peace Mountain Range to the Broad Dong Mound Plains and further west.

Retracing Yan Zhaoge’s footsteps, the martial practitioners of the southeast had it relaxed and joyful throughout.

Having already been swept through by Yan Zhaoge once, the southern martial practitioners were hard pressed to organise any real resistance.

“It’s quality is really not bad,” Looking at the Five Phoenix Fan that he held, Yan Zhaoge could not help but smile, “I’m too used to it, but a wastrel like me would probably attract a lot of criticism.”

After cultivating for some time, Yan Zhaoge gradually recovered his vitality.

Sensing that he had finished his preparations once more, Yan Zhaoge sent the Five Phoenix Fan within the slot of the Dim Radiant Wheel with the Wilderness Devouring Art inscribed on it too.

At of now, Yan Zhaoge no longer had to launch an attack in order to stimulate the Dim Radiant Wheel into retaliating.

He had already gradually come to establish a bit of a connection with the Dim Radiant Wheel.

With just a mere thought on his part, the Dim Radiant Wheel shook slightly.

While it did not wholly abide by Yan Zhaoge’s orders, this time, it took the initiative to devour the Five Phoenix Fan that was served on a platter.

The concept contained within the Five Phoenix Fan manifested as the silhouette of a phoenix amidst the space of the universe within the slot.

While the Dim Radiant Wheel did react somewhat, it was not intense.

Yan Zhaoge knew that it was the Perpetual Illumination art of the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts at work.

Perpetual Illumination was the eighth art of the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts.

Light Illuminates All from the Radiant Light Sect of the Royal Reed Sea had originated from here.

Other martial arts like the Inextinguishable Light Body and the Infinite Brightness Palm had been birthed from this too.

Light Perpetually Illuminates, Eternally Never Extinguished.

Martial practitioners had long breaths and vigorous true essence which made them proficient in drawn-out battles, also gifting them mighty defensive power.

The characteristics of its concept were similar to the miraculous aspects of Wutong Slope’s Phoenix True Form Scripture.

Although it was still inferior to that scripture, it was still extremely outstanding.

Still, while their external characteristics were similar, their underlying principles were different.

Therefore, after being shaken, the Dim Radiant Wheel regained its initial silence.

The forging of this Immortal Artifact came from analysing and refining the concept of other supreme martial arts in order to improve itself, not being from breaking down and taking in those martial arts.

Therefore, when the targeted Sacred Artifact was unable to strengthen it, it would not act.

This was what had happened with the Five Phoenix Fan now and the Purple Sea Sword previously.

Still, Yan Zhaoge was actually just using this Five Phoenix Fan as an intermediary and medium in order to supply his own martial concept to the Dim Radiant Wheel.

It was just that it was not that of the Peerless Heavenly Scripture.

There was no other reason for this but the fact that the Peerless Heavenly Scripture was just too abstruse and profound.

Firstly, Yan Zhaoge himself was still constantly in the midst of comprehending it.

Secondly, the Peerless Heavenly Scripture surpassed the twelfth art of the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts, that of Peerless Infinity, by just far too much.

If he were to blindly integrate this, things would likely end with the Peerless Heavenly Scripture gaining dominance and trying to take over control.

Yet, the foundation of the Dim Radiant Wheel was the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts at the end of the day.

It would be impossible for Yan Zhaoge who had yet to attain Immortality to successfully forge an Immortal Artifact which had the Peerless Heavenly Scripture as its foundation.

The wresting for control would only end up with both sides losing and going their separate ways.

Still, as the cultivation base of Yan Zhaoge himself rose and the Dim Radiant Wheel neared completion, hopefully reaching just that one step away, an opportunity might still arise then.

Therefore, it was another supreme martial art that Yan Zhaoge was supplying the Dim Radiant Wheel with at this moment.

The Dark Moon Pill Scripture.

This time, he was aiming for the fifth of the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts, the art of extreme Yin.

When cultivated by martial practitioners, with the cold desolation of Extreme Yin, this art would cause life force to run dry and the soul to shrivel as it was one of the few venomous arts of the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts, being close to a devilish art.

Used against enemies, it would formlessly inflict harm on them.

It was worth mentioning that to some extent, it was countered by the art of Extreme Yang of the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts.

Also, a portion of the techniques of the Dark Moon Pill Scripture possessed similar effects.

Yan Zhaoge possessed a comparatively limited understanding towards the internal history of the Dim Radiant Sect in post-Great Calamity times.

Still, after gaining an understanding of the art of Extreme Yin of the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts, he vaguely realised something.

A past senior of the Dim Radiant Sect, maybe Yin Tianxia himself, had likely gotten his hands on a fragmented version of the Dark Moon Pill Scripture.

From combining this with their dao tradition, the art of Extreme Yin had ultimately been born.

The Dark Moon Pill Scripture did not just delve into those brutal, vicious concepts.

Still, the fragmented version which the Dim Radiant Sect had obtained seemed to only delve into these.

Now that Yan Zhaoge was supplying the full Dark Moon Pill Scripture, the fifth of the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts could reach a whole new level, gaining a more abundant foundation rather than only perpetually walking a side path.

Seeing a tragic white cold light emitted from another slot of the black metal wheel, the corners of Yan Zhaoge’s lips arched upwards in a smile.

Of these two slots which were closely adjacent, one emitted vast, majestic sunlight while the other emitted cold, tranquil moonlight, emanating a rather unique vibe.

Yan Zhaoge’s upcoming days were very substantial indeed.

He spent his time either analysing Yan Di’s Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud and cultivating diligently or attempting to further refine the Dim Radiant Wheel.

Ever since returning to Broad Creed Mountain, Yan Zhaoge had virtually just remained there, cultivating in peace.

Those momentous tides of change that he had caused within the World beyond Worlds instead quelled.

Broad Creed Mountain seemed to have become low key too as not only did it seldom participate in the blows of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory towards the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, it even made no big movements within the Royal Reed Sea.

The sole disturbance that was comparatively greater was the fact that Broad Creed Mountain’s Chief, Yan Di, had successfully ascended the Immortal Bridge.

Apart from that, things were exceptionally calm.

It was just that presently, no one in the entire World beyond Worlds would dare underestimate Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain any longer.

At the same time, many people were actually waiting.

They were waiting for the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen to return to Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope.

They were waiting for the Heaven Emperor to return to Kunlun Mountain’s Illusory Coming Peak.

At that time, they would truly know if Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain were really a newly ascended legend or a fleeting shooting star.

Whether it was Wutong Slope that was currently being owned by Golden Court Mountain or Illusory Coming Peak that had not done anything since the deaths of Qing Shuzi and Daoist Leading Mist, all of them would surely be waiting for that moment too.

Five years after the battle at Circumference Mountain, World beyond Worlds time.

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di were sitting across from each other within a cave manor atop Broad Creed Mountain.

“I intend to make another trip to the Vast Ocean World,” Yan Zhaoge said calmly, “I cannot be certain when the Heaven Emperor will return, and cannot be certain of the same for the Southern Exalt too, but I will be fast as I can.”

Yan Di nodded, “Go then.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “During this time, I will have to trouble you and the sect to investigate one thing for me.”

He passed Yan Di a jade slip, “According to the methods and steps laid out here, carefully measure the flow of the earth veins within the Royal Reed Sea and see if you can discover anything unique.”

“Principles similar to that of the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation…” Yan Di raised his brows as he browsed through it and realised this.

Yan Zhaoge lightly tapped his temples, “Many a times, return to the beginning, and the solution to the problem might just be hidden there.”


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