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HSSB101: Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster


The seven suns hung within the sky, illuminating the heavens and the earth.

Within the surrounding five hundred kilometres, the temperature shot up drastically as it turned unbearably hot.

The grass and the tress withered and the great earth split apart as inhaling the surrounding air would cause one to feel that from their throat all the way to their lungs was a boiling mass of heat.

Looking over in that direction, Yan Zhaoge, Ah Hu and the others were dazzled by the seven suns almost to the point of being unable to open their eyes.

The Broad Creed Mountain Elder by their side sighed, as he felt that the enemy’s fist intent had already enveloped the surrounding area in all directions.

If they of Broad Creed Mountain wanted to leave, they would only be able to do so if Shi Tie were able to repel Pan Botai.

But however much confidence he had in Shi Tie, it was also very hard for him to be optimistic at this moment.

“Keke, Martial Saints not emerging, Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmasters already reign supreme at the peak of the Eight Extremities World.”

Shading his eyes with his hands before his forehead, Yan Zhaoge squinted as he gazed far away into the distance where Pan Botai had appeared.

That thing did not immediately rise into the air, but formed a ring of seven suns, very quickly crossing through the heavens and the earth to arrive near them.

The inverted massive dark, black hemisphere had already completely shattered at this point, a golden light rising straight up into the horizon.

Within the massive golden pillar of light, Shi Tie stood unyielding within the air, his expression tough while also calm, as he gazed mildly at the powerful force that had arrived before him.

In the golden pillar of light, near Shi Tie’s body, a massive golden silhouette flashed as it materialised and dematerialised repeatedly, its entire body transparent as it resembled glass.

Looking at it, it resembled an altar, and also a pagoda.

It contained the fist intent of being able to obliterate ten thousand tribulations, invulnerable as Vajra.

The numerous profound patterns converged to form many spirit arrays, the spirit arrays stacked layer upon layer in a network as they finally transformed into that entity which resembled an altar whilst also a pagoda, enveloping Shi Tie in its midst.

The light of those seven blazing suns illuminated the heavens and the earth.

As the fierce sunlight descended, there was nowhere it failed to be, no hole it failed to penetrate.

Like air, the light existed in every single corner of space there was.

And this sunlight also contained within it a terrifying power, the power to incinerate and vaporize everything it touched.

The domineering power even destroyed the Twilight Dark Moon of the Sacred Sun Clan’s own expert, the Twilight Lord.

Under the sunlight, the golden altar that enveloped Shi Tie was also quivering slightly.

For a fleeting moment, green smoke actually seemed to be emitted from the exterior of the altar, as though it was also going to catch ablaze and be destroyed.

From the centre of that ring formed of seven suns, an ancient, imposing voice now resounded, reverberating within the nearby heavens and the earth.

“Shi Tie, your Broad Creed Mountain disciple was audacious to the heavens, daring to kill this old man’s grandson; today, this debt must be paid in blood!”

Accompanied by this voice, the surrounding temperature seemed to rise once more, as all those in this vicinity felt like their internal organs were about to be incinerated.

Shi Tie’s expression didn’t change in the least.

It was only the golden altar surrounding him which shrunk somewhat.

While it had shrunk somewhat, its power seemed to be even more pure and condensed than before.

As the golden altar decreased in size, the illusory green smoke that had been emitted from its exterior as it was baked by the seven blazing suns also disappeared.

“Daring to invade our Spirit Wind Valley; your Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners should already have expected that that would happen.”

Shi Tie’s expression seemed as tough as ten thousand-year old granite as he said, “Within a battle of life and death, blades and swords do not have eyes.

Someone who kills, would too easily be killed.”

“That grandson Xiao Shen of yours was immorally lascivious, frivolous and unbridled.

As his close elder, you too have to bear the responsibility of not having raised him well.”

“If this Shi was a late outer aura Martial Scholar, not needing anyone else to make a move, I would directly go and challenge that grandson of yours!”

Shi Tie stood unyielding within the air, the golden altar enveloping his body condensing as it shrunk even further, completely turning the colour of glass.

The golden radiance that emanated from within Shi Tie’s body made it such that gradually, his figure could no longer be clearly seen.

From the seven golden suns, an ancient voice seemed to resound simultaneously, “A junior who says big words and oversteps his boundaries.”

“This old man has come here today specifically to properly welcome you!”

“As for Yan Di, not only that little dog son of his, even he himself will have to pay with his life for this old man’s grandson!”

“This old man knows that having received the news, he’s currently hurrying over from the Earth Domain.

But, you don’t have to wait for him anymore.”

Pan Botai’s voice resounded throughout the boundless sky, “Being able to die beneath the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler-he should count himself fortunate!”

Yan Zhaoge’s and Shi Tie’s eyes both shot out with an intense light.

The other Broad Creed Mountain practitioners were all completely stunned, a huge change coming to their expressions.

The Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler, was precisely the Sacred Artifact possessed by the Sacred Sun Clan!

Having roused their forces and moved their troops to this extent, the Sacred Sun Clan’s true goal was not Yan Zhaoge, nor was it the Eastern Tang.

It was actually the number one expert of Broad Creed Mountain’s senior generation who presided high over all of his peers in strength, Yan Di!

The Yan Di who, looking at his potential, posed an even greater threat than Broad Creed Mountain’s current Clan Chief, Yuan Zhengfeng.

Whether Yan Zhaoge was killed by Xiao Shen or he faced the threat of the Sacred Sun Clan’s experts after having instead killed the latter, Yan Di would definitely have to rush over.

And waiting for him, would be an ambush far beyond his wildest imaginations.

It was not a Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster, nor was it a lineup formed of many Martial Grandmasters.

But the Sacred Artifact, the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler!

Accompanied by Pan Botai’s words, one of those seven suns suddenly descended!

From where Yan Zhaoge stood, that sun seemed to cut a graceful arc as it descended from the sky!

The arc seemed to have integrated within it the laws of the heavens and the earth, just like the true sun rising east and setting west every single day, tilting west by the horizon and returning beyond the mountains as twilight descended.

It was only that where it was descending towards, was precisely where Shi Tie was currently at now!

Before Shi Tie’s eyes, the sun was getting nearer and nearer as well as larger and larger as it gradually came to envelop his entire field of vision.

The descending west-tilting sun not even having properly made contact, the ground beneath was already beginning to crack and shatter as though it might collapse at any moment.

Bearing the piercing sunlight and gazing over carefully, one would see that this sun was actually also an altar, radiating light!

The shape of this altar was different from the one surrounding Shi Tie, but it was also an existence that was similar to an altar whilst also a pagoda, containing a dominating as well as profound domain of power.

Numerous spirit patterns of massive sigils, resembling tiles, came together to form many spirit arrays.

The spirit arrays finally combined to form this towering altar.

The entire altar did not give off the feeling of being dense and heavy, rather feeling sharp as blades, domineering as fire!

In this West-tilting Heaven Incinerating Blade, Pan Botai far surpassed the East Rising Lord earlier in terms of execution!

A fierce, violent sword-intent erupted as one the Seven Great Sun Arts was executed to the point of perfection, really seeming as though it had the power to incinerate the heavens!

Shi Tie ‘s gaze was like steel, not shaking in the least as he stood unyielding in mid-air, punching out with his fist.

At this moment, he resembled the most indestructible existence in all the heavens and the earth; even if the heavens collapsed and the earth broke apart, unshakeable and unyielding, he would not be afraid in the least.

He was like an Ocean-Stabilising Needle, the solitary rock in a turbulent stream, single-handedly dictating the flow of the waves with his own hands!

Even if it was that terrifying West-tilting Heaven Incinerating Blade, it was also unable to destroy him!

At this moment, it was like the descending sun had slammed angrily into a towering mountain!

Golden light flew in all directions and blazing fire shot everywhere as the earth rumbled and the mountains shook.

After the tempest, the towering mountain, remained standing unyieldingly!

Seeing this, the nearby Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners all sighed in relief, feeling a sense of pride in their own clan’s Elder Shi, though their expressions still remained grave.

While Shi Tie’s face was devoid of fear, it also didn’t reveal any signs of pride or excitement at this achievement.

Ever since the start, he had remained calmly and determinedly fixated on his opponent before him.

While now only six suns hung overhead, very soon, the seventh blazing sun reappeared, illuminating the lands beneath as it had done before.

Pan Botai’s voice was as boundless as the heavens, resounding throughout the entire area, “Shi Tie, your early arrival in the Eastern Tang indeed fell out of my Sacred Sun Clan’s predictions.”

“But this old man knows that your Broad Creed Mountain’s Sacred Artifact has not left the Mountain; without it being present, Yan Di is doomed for sure!”

“And having appeared here now, you can precede Yan Di in death, accompanying the Yan father and son duo in paying with their lives for what happened to my grandson.”

“Broad Creed Three Heroes When this old man was rampaging throughout the four seas, your were but still in your mothers’ wombs.”

As he said thus, the seven blazing suns in the sky began moving in unison!

This time, it was not just a single blazing sun which descended, but rather all seven of them, as they began tilting continuously to the west, smashing straight down towards Shi Tie!


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