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HSSB1009: Martial Saint retainer


Yan Zhaoge too desired to ascend the Human Exalt stage as soon as possible.

Still, this was the pursuit of a martial practitioner.

He would not have to wait so long regarding the matter of his mother, Xue Chuqing.

Having already been to the Immortal Court, in the eyes of those like Cao Jie and Liu Zhenggu, he could already be considered a ‘gone case’ anyway as there was no point in still keeping it hidden.

Of course, the return of Cao Jie and the others would also entail the return of the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen as well as the Western Exalt who was on bad terms with Cao Jie.

When the conflict between the Immortal Court and Buddhism had gradually died down and a bit of closure had been achieved, there was the possibility of the Heaven Emperor returning to the World beyond Worlds as well.

Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain needed to make preparations as soon as they could.

After officially taking his leave of Yan Di, Yan Zhaoge headed to the Vast Ocean World.

This time, there was no need to leave manpower in the World beyond Worlds.

Pan-Pan accompanied him down to serve as a guard for him.

Ah Hu and Xiao Ai stayed behind in the World beyond Worlds to cultivate where the environment was better.

In recent years, Ah Hu had finally successfully Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood.

Ying Longtu and Sikong Qing had achieved this too, with it being a bit earlier for the latter.

It was worth mentioning that Ying Longtu had entered Sainthood at twenty-seven years of age, having refreshed Broad Creed Mountain’s internal record.

Considering how he had come to the World beyond Worlds when already a Martial Grandmaster, this was definitely top-tier within the entire World beyond Worlds.

Besides them, Xiao Ai and Shi Jun had already entered the Transcending Mortality stage as well as they were currently aiming for a breakthrough into the Martial Saint realm.

As a fourth generation disciple of Broad Creed Mountain, Shi Jun had already reached such a level.

Yuan Zhengfeng, Yan Di, Fang Zhun, Fu Enshu and those other seniors were all feeling joyful at this.

While Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di had seldom travelled outside in recent years as Broad Creed Mountain had been on the quieter side, the accumulation of the entire sect had grown increasingly abundant.

One year after Yan Zhaoge entered secluded cultivation in the Vast Ocean World, his father Yan Di advanced further, ascending into the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm.

The outside world paid even more attention to them with that.

Presently, the time was already ripe for Broad Creed Mountain to officially launch their opening ceremony and open their doors to accept disciples.

Everyone was still focusing on things on the level of large scale powers and peak experts.

After the collision with the likes of the Heaven Emperor and the Southern Exalt, they would be able to see if Broad Creed Mountain was truly a dragon or a snake.

Still, those middle and lower-tier martial practitioners, especially those ordinary people who were not in the know at all, would not know about what Broad Creed Mountain would soon be facing.

They only knew that a new legend was currently arising within the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory’s Royal Reed Sea.

These people were who Broad Creed Mountain was trying to attract as disciples.

Despite being joyful at Yan Di’s advancement, Broad Creed Mountain was not in a rush to officially launch the opening ceremony.

It was not that they were fearful of bigwigs like the Heaven Emperor and the Southern Exalt or believed that their foundation was still unstable.

There was only one reason for this.

Yan Zhaoge was still in secluded cultivation in the Vast Ocean World.

“Over half our sect’s current reputation in the World beyond Worlds was built up from scratch by Zhaoge,” Yuan Zhengfeng firmly made the decision, “How can we not wait for him for the opening ceremony”

Yan Di did not act humble as he simply nodded, replying, “It is as Master says.”

Fang Zhun smiled, “With Zhaoge’s current cultivation base and experience, he has never yet accepted a disciple.

I wonder if anyone will attract his attention when we accept disciples”

Over the past ten plus years in the World beyond Worlds, while he had still had to preside over much of the daily affairs of the sect, Fang Zhun had spent most of his time cultivating, now having gradually regained his vitality.

While his cultivation base did not soar by leaps and bounds like Yan Di, he had already successfully broken through space and achieved true Divinity not long ago, giving Broad Creed Mountain a new Seeing Divinity Martial Saint.

Considering that huge blow to his vitality from back then, his current progress was rather dazzling.

The Hidden Dragon of the Eight Extremities World vaguely showed some signs of soaring out from the abyss in the World beyond Worlds.

“The matter that Zhaoge mentioned before going to the Vast Ocean World has already seen results too,” Yuan Zhengfeng said, “I just do not know how much what we have learnt can benefit us.”

While Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di had surpassed him, over the years, Yuan Zhengfeng had now reached the late Seeing Divinity stage too, also possessing remarkable strength as he was a match for many seventh level Martial Saints.

When his accumulation was sufficient, he would be able to attempt a breakthrough into the Immortal Bridge stage.

Yan Di said, “I have already sent Huting to bring that to the Vast Ocean World and hand it to Zhaoge.

I trust that there will be an answer when he emerges from seclusion and returns to the World beyond Worlds.”

Just like he said, Ah Hu had already arrived in the Vast Ocean World at this moment.

Over the years, the global situation of the Vast Ocean World had already changed once more.

While Broad Creed Mountain had not officially tried to take over the Vast Ocean World, Yan Zhaoge and the others had still formlessly influenced everything there.

Changli Mountain had already gradually become the most flourishing power of the Vast Ocean World.

With the faster timeflow of the Vast Ocean World, thirty years had already gone by since Yan Zhaoge had been active there.

The former Chief Gao Tianzhong of Changli Mountain was the current number one expert of the Vast Ocean World.

In recent years, he had passed down his position to his disciple and then entered secluded cultivation, hoping to achieve his breakthrough into the late Merging Avatar stage.

Still, none of this had affected the disciples of Broad Creed Mountain who were active there.

After Ah Hu descended from the World beyond Worlds and saw the Elder of Broad Creed Mountain who was presiding over the area, he prepared to head over to the Bewildering Maze Sea.

Yan Zhaoge had still chosen this as the location for his secluded cultivation this time.

Learning that someone of Broad Creed Mountain had descended from the World beyond Worlds, the current Chief of Changli Mountain immediately sent someone over with an invitation.

The Martial Grandmaster who had come was very young, being around thirty.

A Martial Grandmaster at this age was indisputably a genius in the Vast Ocean World.

This youth was a disciple of the current Chief of Changli Mountain, having only risen to prominence within the Vast Ocean World in recent years.

Still, he was full of courtesy towards Ah Hu.

Changli Mountain had been on rather good terms with Broad Creed Mountain all these years.

Ah Hu did not slight them as he followed him to pay a visit to Changli Mountain.

Having once met him before, realising his identity, the current Chief of Changli Mountain was slightly shocked, “Congratulations on Transcending Mortality and entering Sainthood, Mister Hu.”

“Still, so you have actually come personally to the Vast Ocean World Could it be that there are some instructions from the Traceless Cloud Dragon King Or is it that he himself is in the Vast Ocean World now”

Ah Hu chuckled, “Yes, I have indeed come down on an errand this time.

It has nothing to do with the Vast Ocean World.

There is no need to worry about this, Chief Song.”

Chief Song asked with a solemn expression on his face, “Is there any area where you might need the help of my Changli Mountain”

Ah Hu shook his head, “There is no need for that.

I alone am necessary.

Give greetings to your Master, old Chief Gao for me.”

Hearing this, Chief Song nodded, asking no further.

He wanted to invite Ah Hu to a banquet.

However, Ah Hu did not linger as he immediately took his leave and departed.

After personally seeing Ah Hu out, Chief Song gazed into the distance after him, murmuring to himself, “I wonder what the Traceless Cloud Dragon King wants to do…”

Beside him, his disciple asked curiously, “The first person to ascend to the World beyond Worlds in our Vast Ocean World that year was that Traceless Cloud Dragon King I wonder how things are with him right now.”

“How things are” Chief Song glanced back at his disciple, “That Mister Hu who just left is his servant and retainer.”

The youth opened his mouth wide, “Retainer…a Mar…Martial Saint!”


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