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HSSB1011: Seventh level of the Martial Saint realm, early Immortal Bridge stage


“What exactly has happened”

Chief Song and his disciple were both incomparably shocked, yet had the despairing feeling of being too weak and helpless to resist the grand will of heaven.

“Has anything special happened in recent days” A deep, sonorous male voice suddenly resounded.

They looked over and saw that it was shockingly the old Chief of Changli Mountain, Gao Tianzhong!

There was no time to congratulate his Master on his breakthrough as Chief Song hurriedly said, “If there was anything special, it was that the Traceless Cloud Dragon King’s retainer, Mister Hu, came to our Vast Ocean World, only having departed just a while ago.”

“Huang Huting would have come here either on orders of Traceless Cloud Yan or because…” Gao Tianzhong’s pupils dilated slightly, “Or because Traceless Cloud Yan is in the Vast Ocean World.”

That youth was panicked, “This disturbance is being caused by the Traceless Cloud Dragon King Does he want to destroy the Vast Ocean World”

Chief Song rebuked, “He has no reason to do so.”

“There was once a similar incident before, just that the disturbance caused was not so great,” Gao Tianzhong gazed over in the direction of the Bewildering Maze Sea.

At that time, Yan Zhaoge had been in secluded cultivation there.

On that day, a light pillar had connected to the skies over the Bewildering Maze Sea, illuminating the world.

The people of the Vast Ocean World had all collectively witnessed the grand event that was Yan Zhaoge’s ascension.

It was just that today, the quaking was not coming from the Bewildering Maze Sea or any single, specific place.

Instead, the entire Vast Ocean World was quaking all at once.

Yet, Gao Tianzhong was still gazing over in the direction of the Bewildering Maze Sea.

Chief Song and his disciple both realised, “Was it when Traceless Cloud Yan transcended the third level of the Martial Saint realm and ascended to the World beyond Worlds here that year”

Gao Tianzhong said, “This might be a similar situation.

Let us just await patiently.”

They were helpless to do anything anyway, even if they so wanted to.

If this was really a tribulation that would destroy the Vast Ocean World, Gao Tianzhong who had just emerged from seclusion a late Merging Avatar Martial Saint would also be unable to survive himself.

Even the combined strength of all the current experts of the Vast Ocean World would be pointless.

There would only be waiting for death.

A tribulation of the heavens collapsing and the skies breaking apart would only end in destruction for all living beings beneath this same sky.

Still, this potential tribulation did not last for an extended period of time.

Soon, the quaking subsided.

Everything regained its normalcy as everyone’s fear from earlier seemed like an illusion.

“It really is Traceless Cloud Yan who has descended to our Vast Ocean World!” Gao Tianzhong became increasingly certain of this fact.

Everyone of Changli Mountain exchanged looks, their expressions mostly complex as they ultimately just sighed in unison.

As those who had seen Yan Zhaoge in person before in the past thought back on those times, they all felt as if that had been a dream as it felt even more surreal than that great earthquake earlier.

Ah Hu who had previously taken his leave of Chief Song and his disciple and departed for the Bewildering Maze Sea naturally felt the changes in the Vast Ocean World too.

He was momentarily taken aback before he grinned widely and chuckled, feeling overjoyed, “Young Master has succeeded!”

After the quaking subsided, Ah Hu hurried over to the Bewildering Maze Sea.

At this moment, this place was not filled with all-encompassing light just like when Yan Zhaoge had previously broken through space and seen true Divinity.

After the quaking throughout the entire Vast Ocean World had subsided, the Bewildering Maze Sea seemed to have regained its usual quiet.

As Ah Hu shaded his eyes with a hand, gazing into the distance, a voice suddenly resounded behind him, “Why have you come down as well”

“Young Master!” Ah Hu turned and saw Yan Zhaoge standing just behind him.

Ah Hu asked excitedly, “Young Master, have you ascended the Immortal Bridge like Family Head”

Yan Zhaoge just smiled, not saying anything.

Still, in the eyes of Ah Hu, Yan Zhaoge’s figure seemed to have vanished before him, having been replaced by the starry space of a universe.

As the numerous stars of that universe circulated, they crisscrossed and formed their trajectories, yet also influenced one another.

While the birth and destruction of stars could not be seen, it was as if he was facing a real universe and its sea of stars!

On this day, Yan Zhaoge had successfully ascended the Immortal Bridge, attaining the early Immortal Bridge stage as he officially began his path towards the Immortal realm.

Ah Hu was filled with admiration upon seeing this, only regaining his wits after a long time as he hurriedly said, “Family Head said that the matter you asked him to investigate before entering secluded cultivation has seen some results, Young Master, asking me to send it down to you.”

“Oh” Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge’s eyes lit up.

Ah Hu handed a jade slip over to Yan Zhaoge, who recognised it as the one he had given Yan Di in the past.

After basically browsing through its contents, light flashed in Yan Zhaoge’s eyes as he fell into deep thought.

After a long while, Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, murmuring to himself, “There is potential…”

Now, as time passed, following the subsiding of the quaking of the Vast Ocean World, the martial practitioners of the various lands were all calming down as the scenes from the end of the world vanished.

While there seemed to be no abnormality over at the Bewildering Maze Sea this time, everyone all rushed over to the Bewildering Maze Sea together.

Gao Tianzhong, the strongest expert of the Vast Ocean World as a newly ascended third level Martial Saint, was the first to arrive despite not having been geographically closest.

When he saw Yan Zhaoge, Gao Tianzhong was shocked.

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge who had appeared before him was just like a mortal as he was ordinary and innocuous.

Not only did no true essence emanate from him whatsoever, the qi and blood of his entire body seemed slow too, not as strong as that of someone who cultivated in martial arts at all.

It was like even a martial practitioner who had only been cultivating for a few months with the most basic of foundations would be stronger than Yan Zhaoge.

Yet, someone like this was nonchalantly standing on the air above the Bewildering Maze Sea as if it was flat ground.

Gao Tianzhong himself could lock down his true essence and prevent it from leaking out with the look of having returned to simplicity as he casually stood in the air.

Still, he was aware that he would actually still have to utilise his true essence in order to do so.

It was just that he could use the smallest force to easily achieve what others would have to endeavour with all their might to succeed in.

It was very mystical, this subtle achieving of a big feat with a small force.

At the end of the day, however, force would still be needed in order to achieve that feat.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge was truly not emitting any true essence at all right now.

Such a feat completely went against the natural laws.

Seeing such a Yan Zhaoge, Gao Tianzhong was rendered somewhat speechless for a time, not knowing what he should say.

Other martial practitioners of the Vast Ocean World successively arrived.

At first, they were not much concerned with Yan Zhaoge’s current appearance.

Still, after they had gradually come to realise this, shocked looks appeared on all their faces.

It was instead Yan Zhaoge whose expression was as per usual as he smiled and nodded towards them, “Long time no see, everyone.

How have you been”

He extended a hand, making a grabbing action amidst space.

The space of the surrounding heavens and earth instantly distorted.

“This Yan has some matters that I am heading to the World beyond Worlds to settle.

I will not be reminiscing on old times with everyone here.

Let us slowly chat again next time when there’s time.”

The world changed before the eyes of Gao Tianzhong and the others as an endless mountain range appeared out of thin air.

An endless chain of mountains appeared above the surface of the Bewildering Maze Sea!

Atop one of the mountain peaks, terrifying storms were rampaging.

This was precisely Tribulation Wind Mountain.

The wound of the sky that led from the Vast Ocean World to the World beyond Worlds was located in the sky above Tribulation Wind Mountain.

All Martial Saints were able to shift mountains and move seas.

Still, this was within a relatively close range.

Gao Tianzhong and the others were shocked because Tribulation Wind Mountain was far away on the mainland as compared to the distant Bewildering Maze Sea that existed amongst the oceans.

At this moment, however, it had actually been shifted above the Bewildering Maze Sea by Yan Zhaoge!

“Wasn’t it said that when they descend, their cultivation bases are always restricted to the third level of the Martial Saint realm” The martial practitioners of the Vast Ocean World all had blank looks on their faces at this moment.


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