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HSSB1012: Official opening ceremony, Broad Creed Mountain gives invitations


Yan Zhaoge’s cultivation base was indeed currently restricted to the third level of the Martial Saint realm.

Still, with his discernment, knowledge and miraculous methods, he had never been at the level of ordinary third level Martial Saints, surpassing even himself in the past.

As his cultivation base grew, Yan Zhaoge’s powerful theoretical knowledge was ceaselessly being transformed into actual experience, no longer just being left on paper.

There was a qualitative difference between the two which was converted as Yan Zhaoge himself grew over time.

The sturdiness of the spatial boundaries of the Vast Ocean World was far from comparable to those of the World beyond Worlds.

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge could easily distort the distance in space and let Tribulation Wind Mountain that was far away appear atop this Bewildering Maze Sea.

After all, if the current Yan Zhaoge were to slightly release his power, he would be rejected by the power of dimensions, being unable to linger.

Still, with just a thought on his part, this place would hence be reduced to nothingness.

Gao Tianzhong and the others waved goodbye as Yan Zhaoge strode forth and arose, next already having headed above the sky into the massive crevice that resembled a canyon.

Ah Hu followed closely after him, using a Heavenly Connection Jade as he entered the wound of the sky too.

As the figures of the two disappeared, the wound of the sky in the sky up above disappeared as well.

Tribulation Wind Mountain which had just been above the Bewildering Maze Sea disappeared too.

Space seemed like an unfurled painting which contracted.

A short while later, all regained its normalcy as dense fog returned above the Bewildering Maze Sea and tides surged below, everything being as it had been before.

Only now did Gao Tianzhong and the others feel as if they had awoken from a dream.

While they could no longer see Yan Zhaoge, they simultaneously bowed towards the sky above.

It was as if they were paying respects to a deity.

“What cultivation base has the Traceless Cloud Dragon King currently attained” This thought simultaneously arose in all their minds, not fading for a long time.

There were some hated enemies here.

At this moment, however, no one had thoughts of finding trouble for anyone else as they all had complicated moods that were difficult to elucidate.

“We…” Gao Tianzhong surveyed the surroundings, finally breaking the silence, “…We just witnessed a living legend.”


Having already passed through the wound of the sky and returned to the World beyond Worlds, Yan Zhaoge was unable to hear the startled exclamations of those of the Vast Ocean World.

Currently, he was pondering on the affairs of the World beyond Worlds’ Royal Reed Sea.

This was regarding the matter that he had entrusted his father and the sect with before descending to the World beyond Worlds previously.

As results had already been attained in this, this was double happiness for Yan Zhaoge who had just happened to emerge from seclusion, successfully ascending the Immortal Bridge.

“Thinking about it now, as the location where the southeast and the south intersect, the spiritual qi veins of this Royal Reed Sea being out of the ordinary is not an unexpected thing.”

In entering the World beyond Worlds once more, Yan Zhaoge did not cause as great a disturbance as when he had seen Divinity and ascended previously.

Everything appeared peaceful and natural.

Looking at the region of sea of the Phoenix Bearing Region that rippled slightly before him, Yan Zhaoge pondered, “Be it the southern Blazing Heaven Territory or the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, their spiritual qi veins are both on the tough, blazing side.

This is exacerbated where the two Territories meet.”

The situation should originally have been similar for Circumference Mountain of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

However, the Dynasty River that ran southwards and passed through Circumference Mountain affected the spiritual qi circulation of the local earth veins through its abundant qi of water.

With that, the situation over there was different from here in the Royal Reed Sea.

“It was not for no reason that this place was selected for the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation to be established…” Yan Zhaoge muttered to himself.

Ah Hu asked, “Young Master, are you going to look around in the Royal Reed Sea after this”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “That’s right.

I still need to investigate on-site a bit in order to better ready my preparations.”

“I was only tasked with sending that to you this time.

I never expected that you would coincidentally emerge from seclusion too,” Ah Hu scratched his head, “Family Head and the old Chief previously decided that we would wait for you to leave seclusion and return to the World beyond Worlds before officially hosting Broad Creed Mountain’s opening ceremony.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Oh, is that so”

Ah Hu gave a simple and honest smile, “Family Head successfully advanced further a while back.

He has already attained the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm, the mid Immortal Bridge stage.”

“Things really couldn’t have been any better,” A look of joy appeared on Yan Zhaoge’s face.

He looked up and thought for a moment before saying, “The situation is still unclear now.

We should act with due haste.

Still, we need not let our preparations and arrangements get affected by others.”

“If troops come, we block them with generals.

If water comes, we block it with a dam of earth.

The time has long since come for our sect to officially open its doors in the World beyond Worlds.”

Yan Zhaoge told Ah Hu, “Let’s see.

I will travel around the Royal Reed Sea myself and return to the Mountain when everything is settled and ready.”

“You should first return and report to my father and Grand Master.

Do whatever needs to be done.

Everything can be arranged for earlier.

The invitations for guests can also already be delivered now.”

Ah Hu responded, “Yes, Young Master.”

As Yan Zhaoge traversed the Royal Reed Sea, Ah Hu returned alone to Broad Creed Mountain in the Spirit Inheritance Region.

Receiving news from Ah Hu, all of Broad Creed Mountain was naturally joyful indeed.

Broad Creed Mountain now had its second Immortal Bridge Martial Saint after Yan Di, this also being Yan Zhaoge who possessed shocking strength.

In recent years, the entirety of Broad Creed Mountain had been developing steadily upon its stablest of foundations, increasingly showing the momentum of soaring to prominence.

Yan Zhaoge’s strength and potential had always left everyone amazed.

As his potential was gradually converted into greater and greater strength, his authority grew as well as the faith in him by everyone grew increasingly stable.

After hearing about Yan Zhaoge’s current plans, Yan Di, Yuan Zhengfeng and the others did not voice any objections.

The threat of powerful enemies like the Heaven Emperor and the Southern Exalt still remained as it was unknown when they might come.

While it was said that they should do things at their own pace and not easily waver due to external factors, Yan Zhaoge and all of Broad Creed Mountain could not possibly ignore this latent threat.

Officially opening its doors was the event that possessed the most significance for Broad Creed Mountain now.

For everything to go successfully, more preparations were naturally needed for them to be more confident.

As Yan Zhaoge travelled in the Royal Reed Sea, all of Broad Creed Mountain began getting busy.

Messengers began to be dispatched to the various lands, delivering invitations for the opening ceremony to the guests.

News that Broad Creed Mountain would be officially opening its doors and accepting disciples very soon began spreading into the surroundings with the Royal Reed Sea as its centre.

It was not just within the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory as the news similarly came to be very widely known within the neighbouring southern Blazing Heaven Territory too, about Circumference Mountain and elsewhere.

Being the masters of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, also having always been on good terms with Broad Creed Mountain, Golden Court Mountain was naturally invited as well.

The Southeastern Swordsmistress who guarded over the border regions immediately received the news.

Even she who was well experienced and valiant was slightly astonished on receiving the invitation.

The Golden Court Mountain martial practitioners who were beside her exchanged looks, rendered speechless as they looked at one another.

“These people from Broad Creed Mountain are really fearless indeed,” A while later, someone spoke incredulously, “The Heaven Emperor and the Southern Exalt will definitely come to find trouble for them as soon as they get back.

So blatantly and overtly opening the doors of their sect under such circumstances, aren’t they totally not putting these bigwigs in their eyes at all”


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