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HSSB102: I’ve indeed never put you in my eyes


Facing Pan Botai’s attack, Shi Tie sucked in a deep breath.

Clenching both fists tight, he retracted his left fist to his waist, his right fist hitting forward slowly.

The heavenly altar of symbol arrays enveloping him had already been condensed to its maximum level, now almost of the same size as Shi Tie himself.

In comparison to the radiant sun descending from the sky overhead, it was literally small to the point that there was no basis for comparison.

As Shi Tie’s fist struck out slowly, in the midst of battle, it seemed just so out of tune with the pressing situation that he was currently in.

This strange feeling of incompatibility would leave onlookers weirded out to the point of wanting to vomit blood.

His fist seemed to be bearing the load of thousands, tens of thousands of huge mountains, heavy and dense to their utmost, breaking point, with the slowness of an old cow pulling a car.

But seen from other people’s eyes, the current fist intent of Shi Tie’s was filled with a feeling of being immovable and invulnerable, an eternal existence.

Too sturdy, too eternal, forever unable to be shaken.

The seven blazing suns descended consecutively, smashing down on Shi Tie one after another.

The violent heat as well as sword intent enveloped the surrounding area, causing numerous roiling heat waves to surge, expanding unceasingly in all directions.

The air was completely pressured to its breaking point, as pressured by the massive force, numerous imposing hurricanes were formed.

Like terrifying, formless knives, the tempestuous storm cut through everything in its surroundings that dared to stand in its path!

The blades of wind ran rampant, the vertical-moving knives leaving behind countless deep valley-like scars on the earth’s surface, the horizontal-moving knives slicing off numerous mountain peaks in the distance!

The all-encompassing golden light exploded, forming streams of flowing fire that dotted the entire sky.

Other than the Twilight Lord as well as a very limited few others, all those who were in the affected vicinity of this clash were continually forced to dodge and evade.

Faced with a clash of this level, if anyone of them here were even slightly careless, even the tail of the typhoon would be able to sweep them to death.

The strong radiance engulfed the heavens and the earth at this very moment, preventing all from seeing exactly what was happening inside, only able to feel that heaven-shocking, earth-shaking power which shocked everyone’s hearts.

Before them could only be seen an entire world of light; there was nothing else that was visible.

Beside them could only be heard the howling of the wind; there was nothing else that was audible.

Martial practitioners had an agile mind as well as acute senses, but at this moment, all of these had turned numb, chaotic and blurry.

All of a sudden, Pan Botai’s voice, overwhelming the sound of the wild, roaring tempest, seemed to resound in everyone’s hearts.

“Not bad.

Broad Creed Mountain’s Vajra body-you’ve indeed trained it to an unprecedented level, for your current cultivation.”

Yan Zhaoge avoided a massive blade of wind close to ten metres in height that howled as it blew past.

That wind blade flew far behind him, cutting out a massive fissure in the ground that resembled a deep valley.

Then, ending up in a distant group of mountains far away, it split a small mountain directly into two right from its centre.

Within Yan Zhaoge’s dantian, the chaotic mass of qi rotated, guiding the twin qis of ice and fire to converge from within his orifices.

The twin qis surged upwards, converging within Yan Zhaoge’s pupils, causing them to faintly shine with a red and blue light.

Extreme coldness and unbearable heat were divided whilst actually also united at this moment, as, not damaging his eyeballs which were the most fragile and intricate part of one’s body, they instead caused the power of Yan Zhaoge’s eyes to increase greatly.

Unlike Ah Hu and the others, Yan Zhaoge could now vaguely see the clash of the two Martial Grandmaster experts playing out in full.

Shi Tie himself was already almost completely overlapping with the figure of the heavenly altar of array symbols condensed from his will.

His entire person resembled a person of gold.

On the exterior of his body of pure gold, seven faint but obvious blade wounds could be seen, looking absolutely shockingly to the eye.

Shi Tie was not injured, his Vajra Body not having been broken through by Pan Botai.

This was only because the defense of Shi Tie’s Vajra Body was shockingly high.

If it were any other Martial Grandmaster yet to step into the Transcending Mortality stage, faced with these fierce, violent attacks of Pan Botai’s, they would most likely be hard pressed to withstand them.

Shi Tie’s expression seemed eternal and unchanging as he remained fixated on his opponent with a calm while also grave look on his face.

While those seven suns, hanging high overhead within the sky, brought down a destructive pressure upon all living beings beneath.

From between them, Pan Botai’s voice resounded, “But you think you can hold off this old man just like this How many of this old man’s strikes can you withstand”

Now, the seven suns began converging simultaneously towards their centre.

A giant radiating dazzling light all around seemed to materialise from their midst, displaying an even greater power than before.

Shi Tie slowly hit forward with his left fist kept by his waist, lining it up together with his right.

Then, his hands gradually cut through the air as they vaguely seemed to form a circular golden ring.

The ring resembled Vajra, full and without flaws, its interior a zone of nihility which seemed as though countless objects could be stored within.

As the giant formed of seven converged suns slammed down with its palm, even the very sky seemed to shudder, as though it might collapse at any moment.

With the ring formed of his hands, Shi Tie met his enemy’s attack.

That ring seemed extremely small, whereas the giant’s palm seemed to obscure the heavens and cover the earth.

However, space seemed to distort at this moment as the intricate golden ring actually trapped the giant palm within.

The two sides were momentarily locked in a stalemate.

But looking over, Yan Zhaoge saw that Shi Tie’s body, which, ever since the start of the battle, had remained at the same spot, not moving an inch, was now evidently retreating slowly.

It wasn’t Shi Tie himself who was retreating; his legs still resembled two pillars that stretched up into the sky to support the heavens, completely unmoving.

However, his body, pushed by a massive force, was in its entirety sent sliding backwards across the sky.

In the air beneath Shi Tie’s feet, the frictional force forcibly grinded out two lines of flickering, golden markings, not dissipating for a long time.

“The higher the cultivation base concerned, the harder it is to surpass levels to do battle.

Those able to attain such heights-how many of them can be easily dealt with”

Yan Zhaoge watched the scene unfold, “However, eldest apprentice-uncle being able to surpass levels and forcibly withstand a Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster up to this point-that is hard to come by indeed.”

That giant which seemed to tower into the heavens even whilst it was rooted to the earth spoke, “You are truly a rarity; but a pity-all your efforts are meaningless.”

Shi Tie’s expression didn’t change in the least.

A belt on his waist lit up, light instantly flowing onto his body to form an armour.

The armour and Shi Tie’s fist intent merged, and Shi Tie’s power immediately skyrocketed.

However, a sword also appeared above the head of the giant of light, hovering in mid-air.

The giant didn’t grab the sword, but the extensive sword-qi still descended, unceasingly whittling away at the power of Shi Tie’s armour of light.

While the giant’s palm, continued forward!

Pan Botai said, “Young man, today, this old man will discipline you in your master’s, Yuan Zhengfeng’s place!”

He said to the nearby Twilight Lord, “Twilight, today, this old man will properly take care of this Iron Lion; you deal with that little dog surnamed Yan.”

“Yan Di having already fallen into our trap, whether or not this bait is dead or alive is already no longer important.

Now, this old man wants him alive!”

“Take him back to the Radiant Peak; if the Great Sunfire doesn’t heat him to death, this old man’s hatred will not be sated!”

Because of his earlier battle with Shi Tie, the Twilight Lord’s face was pale, blood oozing out of the corner of his mouth.

But having stood there for a while, his injuries were already no longer a problem.

Now, not saying a word, with a single stride, he was already in front of Yan Zhaoge!

Ah Hu and the emaciated Elder had ugly expressions on their faces as they wanted to hold him off, yet were helpless to do so.

The other party’s cultivation was higher than theirs by far, far too much.

But right at this moment, the surrounding heaven and earth suddenly trembled!

Pan Botai abruptly shouted, “Such sword-intent, but it isn’t Yuan Zhengfeng…who is it”

A voice resounded between the heavens and the earth.

“Someone you would wish dead.”

The voice arrived, cutting through the air like a blade.

The expression of the Twilight Lord who had just arrived before Yan Zhaoge changed slightly.

He hurriedly pushed his palms forward, blocking that formless sword with the Twilight Dark Moon.

However, the surrounding world before him abruptly distorted, the very air seeming like it was breaking apart!

Resembling a painting on a piece of fabric, all the heavens and the earth were crumpled by the extreme distortions.

This crumpling, ripping force, when added on to the formless sword-qi, instantly turned it from formless to material!

The domineering sword intent hacked through the heavens and fragmented the earth!

The domain formed of the Twilight Dark Moon, was instantly hacked apart!

With a muffled groan, the Twilight Lord flew backwards, his blood splattering into the sky!

“Yan Di How is it possible that you’re here”

Having realised that someone had neared, Pan Botai had forcibly exerted strength to jolt Shi Tie away, before hitting out with his palm.

The result was that the other party’s strength had exceeded his predictions, actually sending the Twilight Lord flying with a single strike!

Greatly angered, Pan Botai exerted greater force with his palm!

The newcomer’s voice resounded across the horizon, “Dry bones in the grave, what’re you being so full of yourself about”

Having sent the Twilight Lord flying, the incomparably domineering sword-qi chopped out once more, directly facing off against the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster Pan Botai!

As the two sides clashed, even the entire world itself was trembling!

Pan Botai roared angrily, “You junior who does not put anyone in your eyes!”

He immediately punched out with yet another fist.

But the other party, was already chopping down for the second time!

Faster than him!

Fiercer than him!

More powerful than him!

The domineering voice cut through the air, “I’ve indeed never put you, Pan Botai, in my eyes.”


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