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HSSB1019: Young Chief Yan and Second Young Master Chen


“Chen Kunhua” Yan Zhaoge had an interested look on his face as he heard this.

Yan Zhaoge had naturally heard of the Earthly Young Master Chen Kunhua before.

Still, as compared to him, Yan Zhaoge had instead heard more of his elder brother.

The Upper Exalt, Chen Qianhua.

The publicly acclaimed strongest Martial Saint of the World beyond Worlds, number one amongst Exalts.

His brother was Chen Kunhua who was known as the ‘Earthly Young Master’.

He too had achieved his fame at a young age, being a supremely talented peak expert.

Though he was not as shockingly talented as Chen Qianhua, his fame still shook the World beyond Worlds.

It was worth mentioning that it was rumoured that Chen Kunhua had always wished to be together with Ingenious Flying Peak’s Fu Ting.

Still, this was as far as it went.

Something that Yan Zhaoge had to pay slight attention to was the fact that while it was the former Heavenly Young Master and the current Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua who had enlightened Three Foot Mountain, it was Chen Kunhua who had been closer with Three Foot Mountain afterwards.

Three Foot Mountain had done quite a bit for Chen Kunhua.

As compared to First Young Master Chen, this Second Young Master Chen shared a closer relationship with Three Foot Mountain.

Three Foot Mountain’s two supreme treasures, the soul flag and the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Golden Crow World Incinerating Sabre, had both fallen into Yan Zhaoge’s possession.

After an investigation, Yan Zhaoge had discovered special sigils on these items which did not seem like the handiwork of Three Foot Mountain.

After they had fallen into his hands, these sigils had slowly faded away.

From analysing their effects, Yan Zhaoge could tell that they did not possess killing power, being more of markers and guideposts.

As soon as the soul flag and the Golden Crow World Incinerating Sabre had fallen into the hands of those other than Three Foot Mountain, Three Foot Mountain and the person behind this would have been able to sense it.

The other party was surely already aware that these items had fallen into his possession.

Frankly speaking, Yan Zhaoge did not care much about Chen Kunhua.

This was despite the fact that Chen Kunhua was actually one cultivation level above him, being a mid Immortal Bridge Martial Saint.

He was not being arrogant here.

As compared to the ‘Earthly Young Master’ Chen Kunhua, someone was more worth Yan Zhaoge’s attention.

This person was naturally the former ‘Heavenly Young Master’ and the current Upper Exalt, Chen Qianhua.

If one were to speak of variables which might be enough to influence the overall situation for Broad Creed Mountain’s opening ceremony, this Upper Exalt was definitely one of those who were ranked in front.

Yan Zhaoge did not fear powerful enemies.

Still, he hated uncertain factors.

Coincidentally, according to the many rumours circulating throughout the World beyond Worlds, Chen Qianhua who was the first person beneath the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors just happened to be the most unpredictable person ever.

One might also call him the most unstable factor.

For the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors and the other Exalts, others were hard pressed to discern their thoughts because their considerations ran deep, their moods fluctuating formlessly.

At the very least, though, according to their previous actions, there were clues through which one could consolidate an overall trend and predict what they might do.

Even if some of it might be feigned, there were still clues to follow at least.

There was only the Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua whose moods were fickle and unpredictable, with his actions always diverging from the expected as many of them were abnormal and contradictory too.

Even the Sovereigns and Emperors were unable to properly grasp his thoughts.

Still, whatever the case, he was indeed the most outstanding genius of the martial dao within the World beyond Worlds in recent years.

The other bigwigs treated this junior whose extraordinary talents presided arrogantly over both present and past rather well.

While Chen Kunhua’s title of ‘Earthly Young Master’ corresponded with his brother’s former title of ‘Heavenly Young Master’, if not for the tacit approval of Kunlun Mountain’s Southern High Peak’s Qilin’s Cliff’s Earthly Sovereign and Earth Exalt, it would probably have been difficult for this to spread throughout the entire World beyond Worlds in becoming publicly recognised by all.

How much of this should be attributed to Chen Kunhua’s own talent and how much of it was due to his brother’s face was very hard to tell for sure.

What Yan Zhaoge was feeling more interested in now was this: Since Chen Kunhua had come, would Chen Qianhua be coming too

While thinking about this, Yan Zhaoge arrived at the Earth Descending Peak of his sect.

Aside from Chen Kunhua, many other guests had also already arrived at Broad Creed Mountain.

For example, martial practitioners of Ingenious Flying Peak’s Red Lotus Cliff had already arrived.

Not having arrived late since they were of the Brocade Emperor’s lineage, they had arrived early instead.

Of course, Fu Ting was not amongst them.

Knowing full well the reason behind this, Yan Zhaoge did not find it strange.

Meanwhile, Pavilion Lord Gu Hong of the North Sea Sword Pavilion and Chief Zhou Haosheng of the Dim Radiant Sect had already arrived as well.

As compared to when they had previously combined forces in resisting the Grand Xuan Dynasty, the other powers of the Royal Reed Sea had already tacitly admitted Broad Creed Mountain’s dominant position now.

In recruiting disciples throughout the entire Royal Reed Sea in its opening ceremony this time, Broad Creed Mountain had also obtained the tacit permission of these powers and even their assistance.

This was the authority of a hegemon of any region.

They had the foremost pick of the most outstanding local talents.

The locals naturally wished to be able to join the strongest power.

Still, due to factors like the great geographical distance etcetera, it was easy for oversights to be made.

With Broad Creed Mountain being able to choose from the domains of the North Sea Sword Pavilion, the Dim Darkness Sect and the other powers in opening its doors this time, the possibility of missing out on a gem amidst the vast sea was indisputably very low.

Of course, Broad Creed Mountain seldom went so far.

Similar situations were limited to large scale ceremonies like their opening ceremony this time as only then would the collecting of talents be done on such a large scale.

Meanwhile, such ceremonies would naturally not be very frequent.

In a remote side hall, Yan Zhaoge met that Earthly Young Master.

This person was indeed handsome and amicable, giving off a feeling like a refreshing spring breeze.

It was said that as compared to First Young Master Chen who was off gallivanting who knew where for much of the time, this Second Young Master Chen had far-reaching connections as he was quite familiar with the others of the World beyond Worlds.

“I must apologise for coming uninvited,” Chen Kunhua was observing Yan Zhaoge too as he cupped his hands and smiled after observing him for a moment.

Yan Zhaoge returned the greeting, “You have travelled far to come here.

Our sect naturally welcomes it.

Please excuse any lack of courtesy there may previously have been.”

Playing with the fan in his hands, Chen Kunhua smiled, “No, I am the one who has intruded.

I like making friends and going where things are happening.

With your sect’s opening ceremony being one of the few major events to happen in recent years, I got a sudden urge and thus came over here.

Hopefully you do not find this laughable, Young Chief Yan.”

“Making friends Going where things are happening” Yan Zhaoge glanced at Chen Kunhua.

These words were rather iffy.

Making friends with whom

Going where things were happening and doing what

It seemed like anything could really be said of this.

“You overstate things, Second Young Master Chen.

This Yan dares not claim the name of Young Chief.

While my father is the current Chief, the position of Chief is not passed down through our bloodline.

The elders have still yet to make any decision.”

Yan Zhaoge said nonchalantly, “As for me myself, I am used to being lazy, and probably could not really live up to something so major too.”

Chen Kunhua smiled upon hearing this, “I misspoke.

Please do not take offence, Young Master Yan.

It is just that after seeing your father, I have seen that you clearly preside outstandingly over those of the same generation as well.

Therefore, I felt greatly emotional.

Please do not take this to heart.”

“How would I You are too polite, Earthly Young Master,” Yan Zhaoge smiled too.

The first meeting between the two could still be considered pleasant on the surface.

Still, neither side mentioned the matter of Three Foot Mountain.

It was just that Yan Zhaoge knew that the other party might not really have come simply to observe the ceremony.

What mattered was this: If he was actually hostile, would the Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua be coming too

This was really the crux of the matter.


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