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HSSB1020: Even without me, my legend lives on


There were many rumours regarding the Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua.

Never having personally seen him make a move before, Yan Zhaoge could not make a precise judgment of his abilities.

Yan Zhaoge had personally witnessed the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng revealing a fraction of his strength back during the battle between the Brocade Emperor and Mars Halberd that year.

Yan Zhaoge had also seen the Little Sword God in action, he who had been called Qian Xueji when active in the World beyond Worlds but whose actual name was Long Xueji.

In comparison to these two people, Yan Zhaoge could basically guess at the strength of Chen Qianhua who was acclaimed alongside Long Xueji and was superior to Wang Zhengcheng.

First not mentioning the Little Sword God Long Xueji, the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng was a figure of legend who could virtually suppress the conflicts between Martial Saints with just his own power.

Even if those people were other Exalts!

The reason for this ‘virtually’ was primarily that this excluded the Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua who was superior to him.

It might also be said that the Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua was an existence who could suppress the World beyond Worlds if the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors did not make an appearance.

He was possibly one of the rare experts in all of history who could resist some True Immortals with the body of a mortal.

Of course, resisting and being suppressed were two different things altogether.

There were also two different standards for being able to resist True Immortals and being able to escape alive from True Immortals.

Yan Zhaoge could not really judge the martial prowess of this Upper Exalt who stood at the top of the World beyond Worlds’ Martial Saints as he had never personally interacted with him before.

Still, amongst the numerous uncertain variables, this was indisputably the most significant one.

This was especially so with the inscrutable uninvited arrival of the Earthly Young Master Chen Kunhua.

Had he come here just for show or was he arriving earlier before his elder brother would

There was probably only Chen Kunhua himself who knew this.

Still, one did not reach out to slap a smiling face.

With the other party having paid all the proper respects and not demonstrated any hostility, Broad Creed Mountain could naturally not refuse to let him in.

Otherwise, others might see them as a joke.

Yan Zhaoge did not hesitate as he hosted Chen Kunhua at a guest lodging of the Mountain.

There would naturally be other disciples of Broad Creed Mountain to take care of things after this.

As the date of the opening ceremony drew closer, the Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners who had left looking for talents all began successively returning to the Mountain.

Most of them had headed to places outside of the Royal Reed Sea.

Something like this was actually a bit of a taboo as it might easily lead to the collective resistance of the major local powers.

Still, with the awe-inspiring authority established by Yan Zhaoge’s rampage through the south and killing of peak Martial Saints like Zhang Shuren, Peng He and Qing Shuzi that year still remaining, it made for some immense intimidation.

Golden Court Mountain who ruled over the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory did not raise any objections as well.

As this time’s opening ceremony was a special circumstance and would almost certainly never happen again, those local snakeheads of the Setting Sun Archipelago, Jade Sun Mountain Range, Green Peak High Plains and Consecutive Drum Mountain Range etcetera whose territories Broad Creed Mountain had trespassed on ultimately sighed and simply allowed this to happen.

Meanwhile, things were instead rather more convenient over in the southern Blazing Heaven Territory at Circumference Mountain and the nearby regions where the Dynasty River flowed past.

The established authority of Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain was even greater there.

While Yan Zhaoge had yet to enter the southern Blazing Heaven Territory again after the battle at Circumference Mountain back then, his legend still existed there at this point in time.

Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain had formlessly become a crownless king at Circumference Mountain and these other lands.

Things had remained this way all these years.

Only when the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen had returned to the southern Blazing Heaven Territory this year had this situation been alleviated somewhat.

Still, because the Southern Exalt had not immediately blown up, Yan Zhaoge still held a certain level of authority over the regions which the Dynasty Region flowed through.

Broad Creed Mountain’s martial practitioners had brought back many good seeds from those places as a result.

“Young Master, there really are some people with quite some potential this time.”

Currently, Broad Creed Mountain still rather lacked manpower in the World beyond Worlds.

Therefore, Ah Hu had previously been dispatched outside as well, only having returned not long ago.

It was the same for Xiao Ai as well.

Still, it was another thing which Xiao Ai had been more interested in ever since returning to the Mountain.

“Young Master, Young Master, this maid saw that Earthly Young Master just now.

Though he cannot be compared to Young Master, he is still a remarkably handsome guy!”

Xiao Ai’s fists were clenched with her eyes shining as she said excitedly to Yan Zhaoge, “If he’s yet to find a partner, he can get an A- rating!”

Yan Zhaoge rolled his eyes, “Xiao Ai, you easily make me worry like this.

Just a single hot guy scheme by the enemy would be enough to take you down.”

“How is that possible” Xiao Ai waved her hands, “Only Lord and Young Master are A .

However outstanding anyone else is, they can still only be an A at most.”

Hearing her words, Yan Zhaoge did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

“In that case, shouldn’t I feel relieved then” Yan Zhaoge put a hand on his head.

While this girl was still man-crazy, she had still finally agreed not long ago to make a special exception for Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di in her evaluation standards.

Only their evaluation ratings did not take into account whether they were already taken.

Sitting there, Xiao Ai put her hands on her cheeks, “I heard that his brother the Upper Exalt is even more extraordinarily handsome.

I just wonder-how is he when compared to the Brocade Emperor”

Yan Zhaoge rolled his eyes.

The Brocade Emperor Fu Yunchi could be said to be the man with the most outstanding looks of all.

Still, as Xiao Ai had said, while the Brocade Emperor caused the man-crazy her to salivate, he only had an A rating.

Of course, because this A person was just too outstanding, with no one being able to surpass it, the girl had made another exception and added an A^ rating that was between the A and A grades just for the Brocade Emperor alone.

Yan Zhaoge and the others had all nearly spit out their meals at this.

“Today is the day of the opening ceremony, Young Master…” Ah Hu looked at Yan Zhaoge, “How do I say this It is unnaturally calm.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “It is the calm before the storm.

Since the Heaven Emperor has already returned, it will be today if something happens.

It did not happen earlier, and it will definitely not happen later.”

As he said this, other disciples of Broad Creed Mountain came to report that the most heavyweight guest thus far had arrived.

The lord of the Southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie, was here.

Yan Zhaoge went forth to receive him.

There was no need for words as they met each other as a tacit understanding had already been reached.

“I have something that I would like to ask the Southeastern Exalt.”

While a major incident would definitely be happening later that day, Yan Zhaoge was composed as he calmly sent to Cao Jie via sound transmission, “This thing may be a bit sudden.

It is regarding my mother.”

Cao Jie knit his brows as he looked at Yan Zhaoge.

“To tell you the truth, I have been once to the lands of the Immortal Court, already knowing about some things.

I’m guessing that my mother’s matter is related to the Immortal Court,” Yan Zhaoge asked, “I wonder if my guess is correct”

Cao Jie slightly relaxed his brows before knitting them up again, not immediately replying as he instead asked, “This information cannot be allowed to spread.”

Basically knowing what Cao Jie was thinking, Yan Zhaoge did not bother mentioning that his situation was different from Fu Ting’s as he nodded, answering, “You can rest assured.

I understand.”

Now, a streak of sword-light suddenly flew over from the west, descending towards Broad Creed Mountain.

Broad Creed Mountain was familiar with this person.

It was none other than the Southeastern Swordsmistress.

The Swordsmistress landed on Broad Creed Mountain without obstruction, arriving before Yan Zhaoge and Cao Jie.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, she did not exchange words with Cao Jie via sound transmission as she instead said straight out, “Something’s up!”

“The flow of the Dynasty River is rapidly weakening.

If this continues, the flow will surely break within the day!”


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