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HSSB1021: Everything rests on today


The Dynasty River was a renowned major water vein of the World beyond Worlds.

It originated from the central Jun Heaven Territory’s Screen Moat Snowy Mountain, heading southeast as it passed through the central Jun Heaven Territory and the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, flowing for billions of kilometres.

Back in the battle at Circumference Mountain that year, Yan Zhaoge had shocked the world due to none other than this Dynasty River which had enabled him to establish the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, trapping and killing three late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint experts.

Even though Yan Zhaoge had returned to the southeast after that battle, never having again gone to the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, the martial practitioners of Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope had dared not even take a single step within the domain of Circumference Mountain again before the return of the Southern Exalt.

It was not just Circumference Mountain.

The Wutong Slope martial practitioners had retreated from all the areas within the southern Blazing Heaven Territory that the Dynasty River flowed through.

The entire eastern region of the Southern Blazing Heaven Territory had virtually been tacitly acknowledged as Yan Zhaoge’s dominion.

Without the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, the Dynasty River itself was still a natural moat for many.

This river was broad as the sea with a shocking rate of flow that even Immortal Bridge Martial Saints would be hard pressed to stabilise themselves in.

It would be difficult even for Human Exalts to obstruct its flow.

Today, however, someone had managed to achieve this.

The person was a Martial Saint.

Right after the Dynasty River exited the Screen Moat Snowy Mountain, it expanded as its flow eased slightly, becoming less rapid.

There, a fiery phoenix was soaring between the heavens and the earth.

The entire sky was illuminated fiery red.

The fiery phoenix was like a transparent silhouette as a figure was completely enveloped by multi-coloured light within it.

He had snowy white brows and was remarkably handsome.

This was precisely the Southern Exalt, Zhuang Shen.

He was gazing down below at the ceaselessly flowing waters of the Dynasty River.

Wutong Slope’s two great Elders, Zhang Shuren and Peng He, as well as Yuan Xiancheng who had been their most outstanding descendant of the younger generation had all died due to this water vein.

Zhuang Shen raised his head, gazing in the direction that the river waters were flowing in as that gaze seemed able to penetrate through distant spacetime, falling upon Circumference Mountain.

He said not a single word as he retrieved a jade box, opening its lid.

He overturned it, yellow, blurry soil descending towards the great river down below.

That soil did not dissipate as it encountered water as it instead grew naturally and expanded non-stop, resembling a clump of yellow clouds.

The soil grew unceasingly.

As its mass expanded, it did not become insubstantial as it still remained dense and sturdy, without any vulnerable spots so to speak of.

Afterwards, this yellow soil directly blocked up the flow of the entire Dynasty River, seemingly filling up an ocean and creating a continent as the boundless width of the Dynasty River was obstructed!

How incomparably violent was the flow of the Dynasty River, with its momentum being stronger since this was close to the source of the river at the Screen Moat Snowy Mountain.

The Dynasty River whose waters had been obstructed instantly surged madly, shooting forth as it extended straight onto the shore on the two sides, forming a momentum of bursting through a dam.

Yet, the blurry yellow soil advanced rather than retreated, actually forcibly resisting the water of the Dynasty River as it surged towards the source of the river at the Screen Moat Snowy Mountain.

The river water that swelled and expanded along the way was also enveloped and obstructed by the yellow soil that resembled smoke as it too expanded.

However much river water sprung up, this soil would still grow correspondingly and shift along with it, completely preventing it from escaping.

Finally, the Dynasty River was actually pushed all the way back to its source at the Screen Moat Snowy Mountain.

A great river that flowed through the World beyond Worlds was forcibly impeded at its source.

The endless mountain range that composed the Screen Moat Snowy Mountain shook slightly in its entirety at this moment with the earth quaking and the mountains wobbling.

Still, that soil kept the mouth of the river solidly blocked up.

As the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen who was enveloped by the silhouette of a fiery phoenix within the air saw this, he slowly exhaled.

He, or they, only had limited time.

If this was dragged on for too long, while the soil would still be able to obstruct the mouth of the river, the spiritual qi circulation about the region of the central Jun Heaven Territory’s Screen Moat Snowy Mountain would definitely be disrupted badly as a result.

At that time, it would bring calamity to the central Jun Heaven Territory.

The Earth Exalt who had given Zhuang Shen the jade box would definitely not be happy to see that.

“Everything rests on today,” Zhuang Shen kept the empty jade box, no longer looking at the shaken Screen Moat Snowy Mountain as he turned and flew off in the direction of the southeast.

A distance away, he saw someone standing on the air, waiting for him.

It was the Western Exalt, Lang Qing.

Seeing Zhuang Shen, Lang Qing said, “Everyone else has already set off.

We are the only ones left.”

“The Breath Soil has successfully obstructed the Dynasty River.

The vein of the Dynasty River within the southern Blazing Heaven Territory will also quickly run dry,” Zhuang Shen said, “That fella surnamed Yan will no longer be able to establish that Nine Bends Yellow River Formation.”

The soil within the jade box was a kind of divine soil known as Breath Soil.

It was able to multiply on its own, never being depleted.

In ancient times before the Great Calamity, there had been a treasure known as Nine Heaven Breath Soil and also Earlier Heaven Breath Soil which had possessed shocking defensive power, being able to withstand the attacks of various different treasures and supreme martial arts as it possessed countless miraculous variations.

This treasure had been lost following the Great Calamity, with only Later Heaven Breath Soil remaining in this world.

While it did not possess such boundless miraculous variations and uses, it still specifically restricted water veins from all over the world.

After halting the flow of the Dynasty River with this Breath Soil, Zhuang Shen followed the Western Exalt Lang Qing in heading south.

He was headed straight towards the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory’s Royal Reed Sea!


As time passed, the Southeastern Swordsmistress who had originally been overseeing things along the border between the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory and southern Blazing Heaven Territory quickly sensed that something was wrong.

The surging river first eased ceaselessly in its flow before its water level dropped non-stop.

As time passed, it actually seemed like the river might cease to flow.

The Southeastern Swordsmistress immediately sensed that this was not natural, having been artificially induced by man.

With this happening at this time and at this place, the other side’s target was unquestionably Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain.

At the same time, this also included the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie and the others of Golden Court Mountain who were aiding Broad Creed Mountain.

The Southeastern Swordsmistress promptly and decisively rushed over to Broad Creed Mountain in the Royal Reed Sea.

After being told of this by the Southeastern Swordsmistress, Yan Zhaoge and Cao Jie exchanged glances, with Cao Jie saying, “This thing should have been done by Southern Zhuang’s lot.”

“No matter,” Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “It is only a path of retreat which has been lost.

Since our sect is holding our opening ceremony in the Royal Reed Sea, this will be the main battlefield if anything happens.”

In preparation for this, before today, Broad Creed Mountain had even already urged many middle and small-scale sects of the Royal Reed Sea to bring along the ordinary citizens in temporarily hiding themselves away lest they be dragged unknowingly into this conflict.

“It seems like we will indeed have unwelcome visitors today,” Yan Zhaoge said with a composed look on his face.

When those of Broad Creed Mountain heard the news, there was a short disturbance before they all regained their calm.

Everything was still going on in an orderly fashion without any disruption.

More time passed.

Soon, the guests were all in their seats as the auspicious hour drew near.

Broad Creed Mountain’s official opening ceremony in the World beyond Worlds was soon to begin.

It was just that as time passed, a problem more serious than the breaking of flow of the Dynasty River surfaced.

The Brocade Emperor of the World beyond Worlds’ Five Emperors who had previously agreed to come personally to Broad Creed Mountain in the Royal Reed Sea to observe the ceremony was still nowhere to be seen.

It was now that anxiety truly seeped into the hearts of many of Broad Creed Mountain.

Even the martial practitioners of Golden Court Mountain grew restless.

Looking at the representative from Ingenious Flying Peak, Yan Zhaoge saw that the other party was puzzled and uncomprehending as well, appearing awkward and uneasy.

His father Yan Di’s gaze swept over.

Father and son exchanged looks with rather strange expressions on their faces.

It seemed as though just like back at the Minor No Hatred dao arena previously, they had suffered a no-show by this bigwig again


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