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HSSB1022: Broad Creed Mountain’s opening ceremony


Back at the Minor No Hatred dao arena, Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di had originally accepted the invitation of the Brocade Emperor, going there as guests.

Things had been very awkward then.

The host had been missing.

Also, no one had seen him throughout as Fu Ting and the others of Ingenious Flying Peak had had it very tough too.

In the end, the Brocade Emperor had not returned as Mars Halberd had come instead.

Only then had the events of Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting stumbling upon the Immortal Court and Yan Di obtaining the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud transpired.

Fu Ting had always been feeling guilty about this.

Still, as no explanation had been given on why the Brocade Emperor had failed to show up back then, there was simply nothing that could be done about it.

The Brocade Emperor had a casual, free personality as he cared not about the minor details.

However, he was generally someone who kept his promises.

His previous no-show had already seemed abnormal.

With this happening again now, one really could not help but wonder.

He seemed not to have any motive for specifically targeting Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain.

With his position and status, he could directly voice it out if he did not wish to come.

There was no need for him to fool them with false words before being a no-show in the end.

This being so, however, things were clearly very unusual then.

Yan Zhaoge sensed a hidden plot behind this.

“Has Mars Halberd issued a challenge again, suddenly appearing and obstructing the Brocade Emperor” Yan Zhaoge pondered, “Or is it that the same issue as back at the Minor No Hatred dao arena has surfaced, tying him up again”

Whatever the case, with this thing happening at such a time, it definitely looked like someone was behind it.

Yan Zhaoge thought for a time before smiling, “While the Brocade Emperor has not arrived, we can still hold this opening ceremony as scheduled.

Maybe the Brocade Emperor will simply be arriving a little later”

Just like during the battle scheduled between him and Mars Halberd back then.

The Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie did not object to this, “The Brocade Emperor will not mind.”

Yan Di nodded before communicating with the representative from Ingenious Flying Peak present.

Rather uneasy and awkward as well, the other party raised no objection to Broad Creed Mountain.

Amongst the guests sat the Earthly Young Master, Chen Kunhua.

As he drank something, his gaze briefly scanned those of Broad Creed Mountain and Ingenious Flying Peak.

Finally, it came to rest on Ingenious Flying Peak’s representative.

“The Brocade Emperor…failed to show up” Chen Kunhua fingered his drink, his eyes lighting up slightly, “Now this is interesting…”

Sensing his gaze, Yan Zhaoge looked back at him.

Chen Kunhua retracted his gaze, smiling towards Yan Zhaoge and raising his cup in appreciation.

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly, gazing at him for a moment before smiling back in the end, saying nothing as he just turned back to look at the front.

“Oh” Seeing this, the smile on Chen Kunhua’s face faded somewhat.

His gaze flickered slightly as he stared at Yan Zhaoge’s back.

He seemed to want to do something, yet ultimately still gave up on it after a moment’s hesitation.

Chen Kunhua completely relaxed his body, adding wine for himself as he just comfortably drank.

The Southeastern Exalt and the Southeastern Swordsmistress were naturally seated in seats of honour.

At this moment, they could only calm their hearts and simply keep their eyes peeled.

Golden Court Mountain and Broad Creed Mountain were presently inextricably linked together in terms of glory and defeat.

Since the attackers had come for Broad Creed Mountain, Golden Court Mountain was their target too.

Yan Zhaoge stood diagonally behind Yan Zhaoge.

Across from that main seat were quietly seated Yuan Zhengfeng, Fang Zhun and the other higher echelon experts of Broad Creed Mountain.

The time for the ceremony to start finally arrived.

Yan Di sat silently there, his gaze scanning the entire area.

He did not speak as his gaze was not domineering as well.

Still, the great hall on Heaven Rising Peak instantly fell silent as everyone knew that things were about to officially commence.

Ying Longtu had an earnest expression on his face as he was fully focused on the hammer of the drum which he clutched in his hand.

Now, he struck the golden drum by the side.

A sonorous bell tolled, reverberating far off into the distance and deafening the ears as it sounded nine consecutive times.

A solemn, grave air overtook everyone of Broad Creed Mountain.

At the foot of the mountain, by Earth Descending Peak, was waiting that group of youngsters who wished to join Broad Creed Mountain.

There had still been a bit of noise going on at first.

Still, as the bell tolled, it all subsided at once as everyone had solemn looks on their faces.

The bell tolled time and time again as those at the foot of the mountain grew increasingly solemn.

“We open our doors, inviting benevolent talents to join.

We of Broad Creed Mountain are graced by your arrival,” Yan Di’s voice reverberated between the heavens and the earth, “As the Chief of Broad Creed Mountain, this Yan first thanks all you fellow Daoists here.”

Those in the great hall were all quietly watching the speaking Yan Di.

Fairly speaking, in terms of renown and popularity, it was actually the third generation disciple Yan Zhaoge who currently stood at the top within Broad Creed Mountain.

Following his glorious battle achievements at Vast Spirit Mountain and Circumference Mountain, the name of Fallen Deity had spread all throughout the World beyond Worlds.

Still, as everyone looked at Yan Di at this moment, no one dared to underestimate him.

It was precisely because Yan Zhaoge’s past battle achievements were too glorious that people had begun collecting all information on his former experiences which they could obtain, researching this.

In this process, the decisive battle that had solidified Broad Creed Mountain’s position as hegemon of the Royal Reed Sea had also entered the eyes of more and more people, with the details broken down and analysed.

Therefore, it was not just Yan Zhaoge but also Yan Di who had attracted the attention of the entire World beyond Worlds.

One sabre opening the heavens, domineeringly ascending to the World beyond Worlds and slaying Kung Xuanmu of the late Seeing Divinity stage right upon his arrival.

In the battle at Broad Creed Mountain afterwards, he had battled a bunch of opponents who were Immortal Bridge Martial Saints as a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint.

While it had been a chaotic battle, in terms of the final headcount, of those of the Immortal Bridge stage and above, all besides Shen Lingzi and Kang Ping had perished beneath his sabre!

Guan Lide of the late Immortal Bridge stage.

King Xuancheng of the mid Immortal Bridge stage.

Daoist Shi, He Dongcheng and Gu Zhang of the early Immortal Bridge stage.

Setting aside all their usual biases and underestimations, no longer blindly speculating and finding excuses, when martial practitioners outside of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory had earnestly investigated the actual course of events which had played out at Broad Creed Mountain back then, the shock which they had suffered had been no lesser than when they had heard about Yan Zhaoge’s battle at Vast Spirit Mountain.

It had been around thirteen years since Yan Di had ascended to the World beyond Worlds.

Yan Di had broken through from the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm, the early Seeing Divinity stage, all the way to the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm, the mid Immortal Bridge stage.

Such a speed could only leave everyone of the World beyond Worlds sighing in admiration.

Not only did he possess extraordinary strength, his talent too shocked the world.

Looking at Yan Di who presided over the ceremony and Yan Zhaoge beside him, everyone had complex moods.

Outstanding geniuses such as this had offended the Southern Exalt and the Heaven Emperor.

Today’s opening ceremony was very likely to decide their fates.

Now, the guests had filled the seats as Broad Creed Mountain opened its doors.

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di seemed to be ushering in their most brilliant, glorious moment thus far.

And yet, this might also be the most dangerous moment of their lives!

As Yan Di who presided over the ceremony was about to speak, his gaze suddenly contracted slightly as it seemed to penetrate through the walls of the building, looking outwards.

Yan Zhaoge and the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie did the same.

To the northeast of the Royal Reed Sea, several powerful auras were currently rapidly approaching.


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