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HSSB1025: Battle of Human Exalts


As the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen and the Northwestern Exalt Lian Zulin acted simultaneously, the Eastern Exalt Daoist Oneheaven and the Northeastern Exalt Liu Zhenggu moved as well.

Liu Zhenggu raised a hand, countless thunderbolts condensing in the form of a darkish-green lance in his hands.

He brandished the lance, piercing forward.

The sky above the entire Royal Reed Sea was filled densely with dark clouds at this moment as those thunderbolts roiled.

The thunderclouds even extended to places outside of the Royal Reed Sea.

Numerous snakes of lightning slithered swiftly within the dark clouds, traversing the area as they converged from all directions to congregate in the air above the Spirit Inheritance Region of the Royal Reed Sea.

Then, infinite, endless snakes of lightning descended simultaneously, coiling about the lance that was wielded by Liu Zhenggu.

The next moment, thunder exploded, violent thunderbolts piercing through the heavens and the earth as they condensed as a single line, completely chopping space away before Liu Zhenggu.

How incomparably sturdy were these spatial boundaries of the World beyond Worlds, and how were they when compared to the likes of the Eight Extremities World and Vast Ocean World

Yet, as Liu Zhenggu stabbed out with his lance, he still hacked out a shocking scar between the heavens and the earth.

A crevice and fissure vaguely seemed now to be ripped open in the World beyond Worlds.

Even if the ninth level Martial Saint ‘Treasured Branch Suppressing Peak’ Zhang Shuren were to defend against this lance with the full power of the Wutong Phoenix Perching Formation, as soon as he was struck by it, he would still perish immediately.

Whether it was the phoenix or the Wutong tree, it would all be smote into smithereens by heavenly thunder!

The Divine Sky True Art was ferocious and violent as Liu Zhenggu’s Divine Sky True King Lance surged forth with an unstoppable momentum.

Daoist Oneheaven blocked it, his palms combining to form a circle amidst space as the five elements merged to form a massive vortex.

It was precisely a supreme martial art of the lineage of Remote Cloud Mountain’s Clear Light Locale, the Five Elements Samsara Wheel.

Executed by Daoist Oneheaven, this supreme martial art was completely different from when Yan Zhaoge had seen the likes of Xiang Yiyang using it initially, much like the difference between mud and clouds.

At this time and at this place, all things between the heavens and earth seemed to have transformed into the spiritual qi of the five elements.

As the vortex rotated, there seemed to be numerous figures within, seeming alive whilst also dead as it was like an amalgamation of the worlds of lifeforms and the dead.

All things transformed into the five elements, circulating life and death for the various heavens.

This was the Five Elements Samsara Wheel!

The vortex intercepted Liu Zhenggu’s Divine Sky True King Lance, unceasingly dispelling the destructive power and death qi within, transforming it into surging life force which resisted that shocking strike.

With his cultivation base of a Human Exalt, it was still necessary to subdue toughness with subtlety when facing Liu Zhenggu’s attack in order to dispel its might.

However, Daoist Oneheaven had not intended to go all out in an exchange of blows in the first place.

His target was Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di, or rather Xue Chuqing, just like it was for Lian Zulin and Lang Qing.

While he could not personally attack Broad Creed Mountain now, it was already enough for him to block Liu Zhenggu.

If Broad Creed Mountain fell, there were quite a few things which he desired.

As the Exalts of the east, northeast, south and northwest battled now, the Western Exalt Lang Qing and the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie did nothing at all.

Lang Qing stood silently on the surface of the sea as if this did not concern him at all and he was a mere casual bystander who had come here to see the commotion, being unaffiliated with Zhuang Shen’s lot.

While there was a smile on his face, no feeling of humour was visible within his gaze at all.

Cao Jie was expressionless as even though he was currently standing atop Broad Creed Mountain, being enveloped by the attacks of Zhuang Shen and Lian Zulin as well, he still seemed like he had not seen any of it at all.

His gaze was just fixated on the surface of the sea down below on the Western Exalt Lang Qing who seemed completely harmless.

This was for no other reason than the fact that Lang Qing was a Human Exalt who cultivated in the Spatial Heavenly Scripture of the Jade Clear lineage.

Distance virtually held no significance whatsoever for Lang Qing.

It could be said that he was very likely the fastest of all the experts present.

Even Liu Zhenggu whose momentum was like raging thunder and flashing lightning could not compete with Lang Qing in terms of pure speed alone.

Indeed, as Liu Zhenggu saw that Daoist Oneheaven intended to slowly whittle him down, he immediately snorted coldly, changing his stance.

The darkish-green lance that was condensed of thunder instantly turned from ferocious and violent to gentle and subtle as water.

The toughest, most blazing existence between the heavens and the earth, thunderbolts, resembled flowing water at this moment.

Liu Zhenggu abruptly retracted his lance and retreated before his figure flashed and he moved past Daoist Oneheaven at a speed that resembled lightning.

Yet, the Western Exalt Lang Qing now moved from atop the surface of the sea down below.

Without any gap in time whatsoever, Lang Qing had already appeared before Liu Zhenggu!

It was as if the time taken for him to move was wiped out from the memories of all, a time fragment lost from their minds.

The concept of spatial distance seemed not to exist for the Western Exalt Lang Qing at this moment.

Cao Jie who had been passive before this as he continually paid attention to Lang Qing’s movements finally acted now.

The condensed sword qi shot into the heavens, with the skies opening as a speck of starlight glowed exceptionally brightly amidst the darkness of the universe.

As the majestic, immeasurable will descended, it was like a mighty overlord had descended onto this earth.

The Purple Tenuity Star flickered amidst the sky up above as it was guided by Cao Jie’s sword-qi and boosted his strength.

Cao Jie brandished his sword, a streak of purple sword-light piercing towards the Western Exalt Lang Qing.

As compared to the powerful momentum of the other Exalts which shocked the heavens, this sword of Cao Jie’s looked very ordinary.

Still, strangely enough, the purple sword-light that seemed ordinary and innocuous actually vaguely shot forth to instantly catch up with the Western Exalt Lang Qing with his instant spatial movement.

Along with that sword, Cao Jie’s aura had changed in its entirety as it resembled that of a sovereign of swords who presided domineeringly over the heavens and earth, all bowing in submission to his reign.

Facing this Purple Tenuity Sword, even the Western Exalt Lang Qing’s mind was shaken, drifting off as it was difficult to stabilise.

He and Cao Jie were old enemies as neither of them was unfamiliar with the other.

Seeing that Cao Jie was attacking forcefully, Lang Qing’s figure suddenly disappeared from the spot once more as he avoided Cao Jie’s supremely powerful sword.

Still, right as he vanished, he reappeared in another location.

It was Cao Jie’s back!

Space distorted in Lang Qing’s empty hands, transforming into a formless, transparent sabre which hacked towards Cao Jie!

This was his actual target.

Just as Lang Qing was familiar with Cao Jie, Cao Jie was also deeply experienced with Lang Qing’s powerful methods.

The stars of the north collectively shone down from the skies as the purple sword-light suddenly expanded, forming a pillar of light which enveloped Cao Jie’s entire body.


Cao Jie’s sword pointed towards his back, swiftly moving to block Lang Qing’s spatial sabre by the narrowest of margins.

Meanwhile, now rid of the threat posed by Lang Qing, Liu Zhenggu continued piercing towards the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen with the darkish-green lance in his hands.

While he was not as fast as Lang Qing, he was still swift with thunderbolts penetrating through space as he instantly arrived before Zhuang Shen.

Beside them, the Northwestern Exalt Lian Zulin was expressionless as she pressured down with the Red Sea towards Broad Creed Mountain with one hand while pointing towards Liu Zhenggu’s lance with a finger of her other hand.

The twin qis of yin and yang intermingled at her fingertips, shaking the heavens and the earth as causality and effect were reversed.

While that darkish-green lance formed of violent thunderbolts did not deviate from its trajectory, in order to resist the effects of Lian Zulin’s Yin Yang Finger, Liu Zhenggu’s movements instantly lagged slightly for a moment.

The reason he had attacked Zhuang Shen and not Lian Zulin was precisely that he knew that the latter cultivated in the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture, not being afraid of attacks from multiple enemies.

Still, Lian Zulin possessed a profound cultivation base as while the attack was not directed towards her and the finger was pointed from far away, it still possessed remarkable profundities.

As the attack was intercepted, the Southern Exalt feared nothing as he continued attacking towards Broad Creed Mountain.

At this moment, Daoist Oneheaven whom Liu Zhenggu had temporarily shaken off earlier had caught up as he punched towards Liu Zhenggu’s back!


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