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HSSB1026: Immortal Bridge VS Human Exalt


The Exalts utilised various methods of their own as a chaotic battle ensued.

All of them could face attacks from more than one opponent at any time.

While the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie had blocked the Western Exalt Lang Qing, the attack by the Northeastern Exalt Liu Zhenggu was still obstructed by the Northwestern Exalt Lian Zulin.

With this slight delay, Daoist Oneheaven had already arrived behind him, punching outwards.

Unlike Liu Zhenggu’s purple thunder-light, Daoist Oneheaven’s hand was currently shrouded by azure thunderbolts.

The lineage of Remote Cloud Mountain’s Clear Light Locale that was descended from the Southern Longevity Emperor cultivated in thunder arts too.

The Longevity Scripture was all-encompassing as besides endless life force, those who cultivated in it could also temper their bodies with thunderbolts to obtain immense power.

While they were not as ferocious as Grave Thunder Palace’s Divine Sky True Art, the martial arts of Clear Light Locale were also extremely domineering.

This Immortal Capital Thunder Light Fist was a secret killer move recorded in the Longevity Scripture.

Daoist Oneheaven transformed the qi of life into the qi of death with the Five Elements Samsara Wheel before executing the Immortal Capital Thunder Light Fist once more, exerting his full strength as it was boundlessly powerful!

“Open!” Liu Zhenggu was not panicked despite his opponent having arrived behind him as he sucked in a deep breath and roared loudly, his roar resembling exploding thunder as it caused half the lands of the entire southeastern Yang Heaven Territory to quake.

The old man who wore the purple crown did not evade that incoming attack as the golden light of thunder instead surged on his body.

As the golden light of thunder appeared, the timeflow of the surrounding space seemed to have fallen still.

Everything had become eternal and unchanging.

It was ancient and eternal, undecaying and inextinguishable.

As Daoist Oneheaven’s Immortal Capital Thunder Light Fist landed on the golden light of thunder, there was no heaven-shocking, earth-shaking eruption or flows of qi that scattered messily about.

This instant seemed to have been locked down, transforming into eternity.

This was ranked fifth amongst the Nine Heavenly Immortal Thunders.

Undecaying Eternal Thunder!

Eternity and an instant were the two extremes of time.

By analysing the true intent and profundities of eternity and an instant, one could decipher the mysteries of time.

The Nine Heavenly Immortal Thunders all had miraculous uses of their own.

Amongst them were the Undecaying Eternal Thunder and An Instant’s Thunder which were respectively ranked fifth and sixth.

When combined, they manifested the true significance of creation’s time.

Liu Zhenggu’s fighting style was ferocious and violent as it depleted one greatly.

Still, with the Undecaying Eternal Thunder, so long as he did not exceed certain limits, the essential qi of thunderbolts of this Northeastern Exalt was virtually limitless.

Protecting his body with this thunder art, he possessed great defensive power.

Liu Zhenggu forcibly took Daoist Oneheaven’s punch with the Undecaying Eternal Thunder, with his figure quaking as his purplish-red face instantly regained its colour after turning pale for a moment.

Because of Lian Zulin, the chance had already been lost.

Liu Zhenggu simply accepted this fact as he ignored Zhuang Shen for now, turning back with a lance and stabbing straight at Daoist Oneheaven’s chest!

Daoist Oneheaven’s gaze flickered as while azure lightning leapt within his pupils, purple thunderbolts suddenly surged within its depths!

His strength abruptly rose to a whole new level!

Yan Zhaoge was extremely familiar with this eruption of strength.

That was precisely An Instant’s Thunder!

When Yan Zhaoge had previously obtained a fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor from a disciple of Clear Light Locale, Xiang Yiyang, he had guessed that the Eastern Exalt Daoist Oneheaven was likely proficient in An Instant’s Thunder too.

As he unleashed it now, it was indeed extraordinary.

He was a Human Exalt in the first place.

As he suddenly blazed and erupted with strength now, that instant’s terrifying explosive power caused him to be even more ferocious than the Northeastern Exalt Liu Zhenggu.

He intersected his palms and clapped down on the darkish-green lance formed of the light of thunder, directly snapping it and shattering the thunder light!

As the lance was shattered, the thunder light that formed it scattered into the surroundings, causing the heavens and earth all around to be completely bathed within this stormy rain of thunderbolts.

Thick pillars of thunder descended, slamming mightily into the surface of the sea and penetrating right through it.

Countless pillars of thunder densely filled the area, causing the place to turn entirely into a hell of thunderbolts.

At this moment, the region of sea of the Spirit Inheritance Region that Broad Creed Mountain was in was even more threatening than the neighbouring Clear Scenic Region where Endless Magnetic Storms rampaged.

Let alone being struck directly by the thunder, martial practitioners who had not ascended the Immortal Bridge would be blown into smithereens in mere moments right after entering this domain of electricity.

After this eruption, as Liu Zhenggu’s True Sky Divine Lance was dispelled, Daoist Oneheaven’s aura weakened slightly as well.

Still, inhaling deeply, he quickly regained his original momentum.

Daoist Oneheaven had already analysed An Instant’s Thunder for many years and possessed a high cultivation base as well.

He possessed intricate control of it as he was able to freely adjust the level of eruption of An Instant’s Thunder as he wanted, not necessarily having to blaze all his energy in a single go.

Now, Liu Zhenggu attacked once more with chain explosions of thunder which appeared endless in their momentum.

Daoist Oneheaven’s face was sunken as water.

He changed his stance, utilising that technique which suppressed toughness with subtlety once more as he entered a protracted battle with Liu Zhenggu.

With the projected scenes, that clash between Exalts was virtually witnessed by everyone in the west in the southern Blazing Heaven Territory and the east in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Countless martial practitioners were sighing in amazement at this moment.

They thought back on how the Southern Exalt had previously battled once against four, simultaneously battling three ninth level Martial Saint experts who included the Southeastern Swordsmistress as well as Long Hanhua of the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm.

Without even having to use his true strength, he had been able to deal with it relatively easily.

At this moment, it was in a battle against opponents of the same level that these Exalts were displaying their true methods, letting everyone see why it was said that the difference between the ninth and tenth levels of the Martial Saint realm was like that between the heavens and the earth.

Yet, there were unconventional existences on this very battlefield that challenged common sense.

Also, there was not just one of these existences!

Seeing that Liu Zhenggu was being tied up by Daoist Oneheaven again, Lian Zulin returned her attention to Broad Creed Mountain before her.

Now, however, sabre-light lit up in front of her.

Where the sabre-light passed, it was like all creation had changed!

A powerful sabre-intent which was tyrannical and rampant as it presided over all lifeforms transformed into a blade that split the heavens, hacking towards the Red Sea above Broad Creed Mountain and its mistress!

The vast, ferocious Red Sea that roiled and pressured downwards was actually broken through by the sabre-light at its centre!

The sabre-light unceasingly surged upwards, projecting the splitting apart of the heavens and the earth in the creation of the world to the process of the heavens being destroyed and the earth extinguished.

It was not simply the splitting of the heavens and earth or the destruction of all creation.

Instead, it was the complete process from start to end.

Therefore, it was unstoppable in its momentum!

Creation itself changed alongside the overarching trend of the times, sweeping over and suppressing everything!

Even the Red Sea beneath the palm of the Northwestern Exalt Lian Zulin was split into half from the centre at this moment, the seawater receding to the sides!

At this time and at this place, it was obvious who had unleashed that sabre.

It could only be Broad Creed Mountain’s current Chief, Yan Di!

A mid Immortal Bridge Martial Saint was clashing head-on against a Human Exalt!

Brilliant light shone in the eyes of the Northwestern Exalt Lian Zulin as her expression was serious as it had never been before.

She abruptly flipped her palm!

Without any prior warning, white radiance suddenly surged on the waves of the Red Sea, condensing to form what seemed like the surface of a mirror.

This was another supreme martial art of the Red Sea’s lineage, Bright Red Yin Yang Change.

A thread of white mirror light shone as it descended.

While it looked thin, all lifeforce was terminated where it passed.

The baleful air and killing intent within was even fiercer than that of the Red Sea earlier as its power was concentrated completely in a single line, directed towards just Yan Di alone!

Yan Di remained fearless as he struck out unflinchingly with his sabre towards Lian Zulin!


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