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HSSB1027: Sabre breaking yin yang cleaving Red Sea


The lineage of the World beyond Worlds’ Northwestern Dim Heaven Territory’s Red Sea was said to be of the legacy of Red Essence One, a disciple of the Lord of Primordial Beginning of the Jade Clear lineage.

It was rumoured that Red Essence One’s dao arena, Grand Splendour Mountain’s Cloud Sky Cave, had possessed an almighty treasure known as the Yin Yang Mirror.

When illuminating someone, this treasured mirror could decide life and death.

There was a side of yin and a side of yang, the side of yin being white and the side of yang being red.

The white spelled death when it shook while the red spelled life.

It had been greatly renowned in the legends of the Investiture of the Gods.

This was where the supreme martial art of the Red Sea’s lineage, the Bright Red Yin Yang Change, originated from.

As Lian Zulin flipped her palm, white light appeared in the waves of the Red Sea that condensed to form the white mirror side of yin, possessing incredible killing power which would bring death upon those it shone on!

It was no exaggeration at all to say that the Western Exalt Lian Zulin was one of those who had killed the most people amongst the Ten Exalts.

Of the other five Exalts who were present, besides the Southern Exalt Zhaung Shen who was bolstered by four Virtues and possessed shocking defensive power, the others would not dare to receive this blow of Lian Zulin’s head-on.

This strike that rotated yin and yang and spelled certain death possessed baleful qi and killing intent that was rare in this world.

While the Five Elements Samsara Wheel of Daoist Oneheaven’s Clear Light Locale looked similar, if he dared to face this blow of Lian Zulin’s head on, it would instantly be destroyed.

Even Zhuang Shen who was bolstered by four Virtues would evade if he could.

It would definitely suck terribly for him if he was hit by it.

At this moment, however, an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint showed no intention of evading at all when faced with this vicious blow of Lian Zulin’s.

It was Yan Di!

Facing that incoming white mirror-light, his expression did not change in the slightest as he simply raised the sabre in his hand.

The deafening roar of a dragon now resounded as not only did Yan Di not retract his sabre, he even exerted greater might.

Where his sabre attacked, it was even more tyrannical, even more domineering and sharp.

As his sabre-light rampaged freely, it hacked straight through the world before him, arriving before Lian Zulin.

“Trying to drag us down into death together When I began battling in life or death fights, you weren’t even born in this world yet,” Lian Zulin had a cold look on her face as she raised her other palm.

At this moment, half of the boundless red sea suddenly changed into a dense white ocean.

Red light flickered within the white ocean, also transforming into a circular mirror.

At this moment, the ocean was half red and half white, each side having a speck of light which shone in contrast to its colour.

The entire ocean resembled a Taiji diagram of fishes of yin and yang now.

In direct contrast to the deadly white mirror-light within the red sea, the red mirror-light within the white sea aided one in escaping into freedom and life.

The red light condensed in front of Lian Zulin, blocking Yan Di’s sabre.

Yet, just like how it had hacked through the red sea earlier, Yan Di’s sabre-light was unstoppable at this moment!

The momentum lies with me, I am unstoppable.

All obstructions would inevitably be swept through.

Yan Di’s domineering sabre actually forcibly hacked through the Red Yang Transformation of Lian Zulin’s Bright Red Yin Yang Change!

A crack was forcibly made on that red treasured mirror by Yan Di’s sabre-light!

The sabre-light and the mirror-light clashed.

The sabre-light advanced forward unceasingly while the crack on the mirror’s surface grew larger and larger!

Though quite taken aback, Lian Zulin seemed unconcerned.

That white-mirror light that represented death had already arrived at Yan Di’s head!

With that, victory and defeat were already decided!

Even though the might of Yan Di’s sabre had her rather harried, she was confident that she would be able to withstand a sabre of Yan Di’s even if the red mirror was broken, whereas Yan Di would definitely be unable to resist the white light as he was illuminated by it.

While it was rather difficult to believe, Lian Zulin had to admit that the fierce attacks of this Immortal Bridge Martial Saint truly had the ability to threaten her.

In terms of defence, however, he was far from comparable to a Human Exalt like herself!

As Lian Zulin was thinking this, her expression suddenly changed slightly.

Streams of qi gushed out from the top of Yan Di’s head, instantly forming a clump of clouds that was dim and murky as it resembled chaos.

Tiny specks of fragmented light flickered within that were not bright, dazzling, shiny or conspicuous.

The principles and concepts within were difficult to analyse and difficult to describe.

The expansion of the cloud qi was like the blooming of a lotus.

The petals of the flower were blurry as it was not exceptionally distinct from the surrounding space.

As the white treasured light which reaped the lives of others fell on that existence which resembled a clump of clouds whilst also a lotus, slight ripples were stirred up.

The lotus swayed unceasingly, the cloud qi expanding non-stop.

Yet, the white light seemed like it was trapped amidst mud.

As soon as it entered that cloud, it lost its miraculous nature as it ceased to function, let alone harm Yan Di.

However, Yan Di’s sabre grew increasingly powerful as it chopped that red mirror and white sea to the point that it shattered completely!

His sabre did not cease in its momentum as it continued chopping towards Lian Zulin!

Lian Zulin was shocked.

While she was confident and arrogant, Lian Zulin who was greatly experienced in battle had naturally investigated Broad Creed Mountain’s situation in detail before having come over.

While Yan Di’s strength was so powerful it was shocking, it had generally still been within her expectations.

Lian Zulin had also been constantly keeping vigilant against the many treasures that Broad Creed Mountain possessed.

Yet, never would she have thought that a Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud might suddenly appear above Yan Di’s head, actually blocking a killing move of hers head-on!

The transformation of yin brightness of the Bright Red Yin Yang Change was helpless against the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud.

Yet, the transformation of red yang which she used to defend herself had been hacked through with a single sabre of Yan Di’s!

The sabre that Yan Di wielded was still the Heavenly Dragon Sabre that he had personally forged.

Unlike how it had been in the past, the Heavenly Dragon Sabre was already a high-grade Sacred Artifact now!

It had only been a mere few years since Yan Di had ascended the Immortal Bridge as it would not have been easy for him to forge a high-grade Sacred Artifact.

Yet, Broad Creed Mountain’s wealth was presently just too abundant.

Yan Zhaoge had supplied all the remaining dragon corpses in the Myriad Dragon Palace to Yan Di and provided many additional treasures too.

With that, in a mere few years, the Heavenly Dragon Sabre had been reforged at the level of a high-grade Sacred Artifact!

Protected by the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud, Yan Di currently had no need to think about his defence at all.

Combined with his sword, he displayed the true intent of his martial dao to the point of perfection.

Even with Lian Zulin’s sufficiently quick reaction time as she immediately drew on a Sacred Artifact to protect herself, caught off guard, she was still injured by Yan Di’s descending sabre!

An uproar inevitably arose amongst those who witnessed this.

Despite the seeming discrepancy between them, it was actually Yan Di who was an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint who had ultimately been victorious in that exchange!

Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud above his head, sabre horizontally before his chest, Yan Di raised his head towards the heavens and roared, “Human Exalts-worthy of your reputations indeed.

This fight is an enjoyable one! Come, again!”

Lian Zulin retreated, a heavy expression on her face.

She had originally thought that facing an opponent of the mid Immortal Bridge stage, she would be able to end the fight with her cultivation base alone regardless of whether her opponent was bare-handed or wielded a weapon.

Even if the other party was supremely talented and possessed outstanding strength, in having been able to walk to this day, how was she, Lian Zulin, not a genius amongst geniuses herself

At the end of the day, however, she had still been forced to use her weapon.

Otherwise, she would have been hurt even more badly.

As Lian Zulin raised her left hand, the fresh blood that it was soaked in was especially striking.

She again executed the transformation of red yang of the Bright Yin Yang Change that signified ‘life’.

Where the red mirror-light shone, her wounds instantly began to heal and recover.

Yet, while her flesh and blood were healing up, a scar remained which was also distorting non-stop!

It resembled a furious dragon buried beneath the skin of her left hand as it struggled to break free and escape.

That was Yan Di’s sabre intent which still remained within Lian Zulin’s body.

With her cultivation base of the tenth level of the Martial Saint realm, she was actually unable to effectively suppress that tyrannical, rampaging sabre-intent while she was continuing to battle.


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