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HSSB103: Domineering!


That giant whose entire body was flickering with a glow fiercely struck out with a Heaven Striking Palm.

Its entire being resembled the sun having taken humanoid form, illuminating the heavens and the earth.

However, the newcomer’s sword was faster! Tougher! More domineering!

As it chopped down, the clouds and the wind were extinguished, the sun without light!

As both parties clashed, the entire sky was filled with broken streams of light, that others were unable to view directly with their eyes.

At this moment, even with his vision that was bolstered by the twin qis of ice and fire, Yan Zhaoge felt a slight stabbing pain in his eyes as he was unable to properly view the exact battle situation.

But very quickly, a massive boom resounded between the heavens and the earth, resembling a person treading heavily onto the ground when taking a step backwards.

It could clearly be felt that the surrounding air was no longer as unbearably hot as before.

The flickering glow dimmed somewhat as everyone saw that shockingly, the giant that Pan Botai had transformed into, had been sent into retreat by the force of that impact!

Pan Botai said coldly, “A junior who doesn’t know the immensity of the heavens and the profundity of the earth.

Having no tiger in the mountain, has actually caused you little monkey to become wildly arrogant!”

Accompanied by his words, the golden giant abruptly raised its right hand, its palm facing the sky.

As that giant slammed down with its palm, that palm began emanating infinite light.

The emaciated Elder beside Yan Zhaoge blurted out, “Light Illuminates All!”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge’s heart shook slightly.

Ranking first amongst the Sacred Sun Clan’s Seven Great Sun Arts!

Light Illuminates All, all beneath the heavens a brilliant white!

While just consisting of a single, independent palm technique, it could already be considered a peak martial art.

Without any other moves to form a combo with, without any variations in its technique; just this one palm, independently forming a tome.

But this palm stood at the head of the Sacred Sun Clan’s direct lineage Seven Great Sun Arts, presiding over the Heaven Striking Palm, the Twilight Dark Moon, the Divine Sword of Dawn as well as those other peak martial arts!

Pan Botai having slammed down with this palm, only a vast expanse of whiteness could be seen before the eyes of everyone present.

Other than light, no other object existed.

However, engulfed by this world of light, Yan Zhaoge could not feel any semblance of warmth from it whatsoever.

The heavens and the earth were no longer unbearably hot like before, yet caused all hearts to palpitate even further.

The light was boundless and endless, vast and majestic.

While no fierce killing intent such as that from the West-tilting Heaven Incinerating Blade could be felt from it, it was filled with an immense force that could not be withstood, that could sweep through all its enemies unopposed.

Like Mount Tai crushing an egg, it easily pressured down upon the other party till not even a speck of dust remained.

But just when this infinite light illuminated all of the heavens and the earth, dazzling the entire world, a hint of incongruity suddenly appeared.

Within the vast expense of whiteness where there was but only light, a black line appeared.

Lying horizontally within the world of white, that black line whose two ends could not be seen as it stretched infinitely out into the distance looked extremely jarring to the eye.

Yan Zhaoge now felt like the world before him resembled a sheet of white paper.

This black line did not exist as a line drawn onto the blank sheet of paper.

Rather, that sheet of white paper was itself being ripped apart from its centre!

Afterwards, the two segments barely piecing themselves back together, the world that resembled a sheet of white paper, however one looked at it, just seemed so awkward!

That terrifying concept, that infinite world of light that illuminated the heavens and the earth that suppressed all things, disappeared as a result!

Accompanied by the existence of the black line, the very sky seemed to be distorting!

Like a sheet of white paper that had been ripped apart, it split into two segments where that rip was, one side moving upwards and the other downwards, sliding past each other.

The next instant, the light had mostly dissipated, other scenes finally appearing before the eyes of those present.

But the heavens and earth still gave off the feeling of being distorted and superposed as, within the air, a mark of what had just transpired still remained.

A terrifying scar!

The giant that Pan Botai had transformed into let out a muffled groan as it retracted its palm.

On its palm, a long, vertical crack appeared, looking absolutely shocking to the eye as the palm seemed to have almost been split into two.

The wind and the clouds in the surrounding area turned illusory, as from the sky above, true sunlight descended, as though paving a stairway.

There, a person materialised, his movements appearing neither fast nor slow.

But with a single stride, he was already by Shi Tie’s side, facing Pan Botai.

Swivelling his head, he said to Shi Tie, “Senior apprentice-brother, it’s been tough on you.”

From a distance, fresh blood oozing out from the corner of his mouth, the Twilight Lord stared fixatedly at the person who had just arrived, “…Yan Di!”

The newcomer’s features were strikingly similar to Yan Zhaoge’s, with a sixty, seventy percent resemblance.

From the outside, he looked not much older than thirty, only a faint bit of grey at his temples.

He was strikingly handsome, his aura untameable and domineering as his entire person resembled a heaven-rending blade.

He was precisely the First Seat Elder of Broad Creed Mountain’s Martial Inheritance Hall, hailed as invincible under the heavens amongst those of a similar cultivation, Yan Di!

And his having sliced apart the heavens and fragmented the earth just now in repelling Pan Botai’s domineering sword-intent, indicated one thing.

Yan Di was not just invincible at his own cultivation level-even against the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster Pan Botai, a longtime Elder and expert of the Sacred Sun Clan, he had actually still held the upper hand!

Hearing Yan Di’s words, a faint hint of a smile was revealed on Shi Tie’s face, “It’s fine.”

From the ground, Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “It’s me who’s caused additional trouble for you and eldest apprentice-uncle.”

“Family Head!” Ah Hu knelt down on one knee, as the other Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners in the vicinity also bowed in respect to Yan Di, “We greet Elder Yan!”

With a raise of his hand, Ah Hu and the rest were lifted up by the airborne Yan Di.

He waved dismissively at Yan Zhaoge, “Between father and son, why use the word ‘trouble’”

“This time, you took the initiative to bear things on your own, being willing to accept the risk that it entailed.

It’s more like you’ve gained me face.”

“As for you killing Xiao Shen and Pan Botai coming to take revenge, there is naturally me to take care of things for you.”

“Taking care of it for you is naturally something that I should do.

However, letting senior apprentice-brother bear the burden for both of us-now that isn’t right.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Naturally, we have to properly give our thanks to eldest apprentice-uncle.”

“Yan Di…” A golden light shone, as on the giant’s brows gradually materialised the figure of an old man, a livid expression on his face.

His brows tightly knit, at this moment, his eyes weren’t even seeing Yan Zhaoge, so completely focused was he on Yan Di.

The latter had actually been able to break through the lockdown of the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler and arrive here.

Didn’t that mean that…

“Broad Creed Mountain’s Sacred Artifact not having moved, how did he do it Even if Yuan Zhengfeng himself charged in to rescue him, alone, he should only be able to ensure his own  personal safety at most, let alone secure his escape”

A bad feeling rose up within Pan Botai’s heart.

He abruptly raised his arm upwards, the giant moving alongside him as it directly grabbed the sword hovering above its head.

That sword which had originally only been four feet long abruptly increased in size, instantly transforming into a massive blade that seemed like it could split the very heavens apart.

On that blade, numerous sun patterns lit up!

With that sword in hand, Pan Botai’s aura instantly surged once more!

The surrounding area once again turned scorching hot.

The golden giant remained towering tall into the heavens as above its head, seven golden suns appeared once more, surrounding and protecting it!

The massive blade cut down!

The strongest West-tilting Heaven Incinerating Blade that Yan Zhaoge had ever seen appeared!

The Yan Di who was directly facing that blade laughed loudly, “Already nearing twilight; that setting sun shall descend for good!”

As he laughed, Yan Di waved his hand, his fingers stretching into the air.

He made a drawing motion within the air, which rippled like flowing water as he did so.

Now, a sword flickering with a faint purple light appeared before everyone’s eyes.

As Yan Di brandished his purple sword, from it, a ringing sound that caused everyone’s ears to be shaken to the point of near deafness resounded!

The entire sky seemed to let out an enraged howl at this moment!

Against Pan Botai’s West-tilting Heaven Incinerating Blade, Yan Di similarly hacked out with his sword.

Thousands, tens of thousands of spirit symbols and sigils appeared, forming numerous symbol arrays in mid-air.

The numerous symbol arrays stacked upon one another in layers, forming a heavenly altar.

The heavenly altar shone with a purple light, as it itself also clearly took on the form of a sword.

As its shocking sword-intent merged into the sword in Yan Di’s hands, the heavens and the earth shuddered!

As that sword struck out, the heavens and the earth seemed to once again vaguely show signs of ripping apart and superposing!

Like the scroll of a painting, it split cleanly apart from its centre!

The extremely domineering West-tilting Heaven Incinerating Blade, with the momentum of the sun plummeting towards the ground.

Was, in front of this even more domineering knife, as fragile as paper!

As the golden light was extinguished, the giant that Pan Botai had transformed into let out a low, enraged roar, forced into retreat!

As though rapidly approaching its twilight years, the setting sun plummeted all the way downwards!


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