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HSSB1029: Skill shocking an Exalt!


Yan Zhaoge’s palm flipped the sky, causing the entire world before him to be overturned.

A corner of the spatial boundaries of the World beyond Worlds vaguely seemed to distort and break apart now.

Such a violent force caused the eyelids of his ally, the Northeastern Exalt Liu Zhenggu, to twitch madly, “This is a palm that can be unleashed by a martial practitioner of the early Immortal Bridge stage”

Such a force which reversed extremities and overturned the heavens and earth caused those comets which flickered with a four-coloured glow to be forcibly locked down in mid-air, unable to move.

The glow wavered unceasingly on the surface of the comets.

The water ripples first broke apart before the yellow earth turned to dust.

This was followed by the purple light being extinguished before the white qi dissipated too.

“Even the Cyclic Heavenly Seal should not have such great power that can allow an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint to break Southern Zhuang’s Earlier Heaven Four Virtues!” The gaze of the Western Exalt Lang Qing flickered as he saw this, “That palm has the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture as the foundation and the profundities of many other supreme martial arts integrated within!”

At first glance, Lang Qing could already recognise the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture, the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture, the Taiji Yin Yang Palm and the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture, all of which had miraculous uses.

There also seemed to be the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts of the Dim Radiant Sect’s orthodox tradition

And this was not all.

There were definitely other supreme martial arts within too!

Yet, how old was Yan Zhaoge this year

In a mere few decades, how had he been able to simultaneously comprehend and cultivate in so many supreme martial arts, also having such high attainments in then

Even the Western Exalt Lang Qing who was greatly knowledgeable and a hegemon of an area felt disbelief at this moment, “Fallen Deity…is it”

Having lost the power of the four Virtues, those shooting stars lost their momentum against Yan Zhaoge’s Cyclic Heavenly Seal.

Beneath the martial true intent that grasped the powerful might of extremities, the flames were successively extinguished as they instead turned icy cold.

The comets all turned into ice at this moment before being shattered into smithereens!

Where the world had been unbearably hot a moment ago as it resembled a hell of blazing fire, it had transformed into a land of ice and snow at this moment.

Beneath the effects of the ice and snow, even that fiery phoenix seemed to have lost its vitality.

The Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen might be the one who understood Yan Zhaoge’s abilities the most out of everyone present.

He changed his stance, the fiery phoenix soaring high into the air once more, bolstered by four Virtues as it sought to forcibly lift up the collapsing sky, locking down the reversal of extremities.

Yan Zhaoge did not change his palm attack as he simply formed a sword seal with his other hand, pointing towards Zhuang Shen.

An azure dragon roared as it surged into existence.

If it was only this, Zhuang Shen would still not mind it.

Yet, from the body of that azure dragon was emitted mournful streaks of purplish-red sword-glows that were baleful beyond compare as they extinguished all vitality.

The next moment, fresh blood seemed to spurt out from the body of the azure dragon beneath every single one of its scales.

Its flourishing vitality was transformed into extreme death qi at this moment, the death qi condensing into a sword which targeted Zhuang Shen!

This was none other than Yan Zhaoge’s self-created martial art, Slaying Azure Dragon!

Ever since having learnt of this sword art of Yan Zhaoge’s from the fortunate survivors of the battle of Vast Spirit Mountain back then, Zhuang Shen had paid extra attention to it.

Now that he was personally facing it himself, he still felt it to surpass his expectations, “What a fierce, brutal sword art.

It clearly is of the Jade Clear lineage, yet why is it as vicious and ferocious as the Prime Clear lineage’s Immortal Slaughtering Sword!”

It was not just Zhuang Shen who thought this as the Eastern Exalt Daoist Oneheaven frowned too.

As compared to Wutong Slope’s Phoenix True Form Scripture, the Longevity Scripture of his Clear Light Locale’s lineage would be at even more of a disadvantage against this Slaying Azure Dragon.

“His Cyclic Heavenly Seal from earlier did not employ explosive arts which concentrate and blaze one’s power like An Instant’s Thunder.

That was the strength that he has from a normal attack!”

This was what Daoist Oneheaven was even more disturbed by.

He himself was proficient in An Instant’s Thunder which could allow him to temporarily erupt with shocking power.

Thus, when seeing Yan Zhaoge clashing with Zhuang Shen head-on, he had inevitably suspected this somewhat.

Yet, seeing Yan Zhaoge simultaneously unleashing palm and sword at this moment, Cyclic Heavenly Seal with one hand and Slaying Azure Dragon with the other, both possessing extraordinary power, Daoist Oneheaven knew that his earlier guess had been wrong.

This youth before him who was far, far younger than he was could truly forcibly resist an Exalt like Zhuang Shen when only at the seventh level of the Martial Saint realm!

Seeing Yan Zhaoge’s Slaying Azure Dragon, Zhuang Shen’s gaze turned serious.

A strand of white qi shook about his body as he merged with the figure of the fiery phoenix, suddenly transforming into a slender fiery thread which evaded Yan Zhaoge’s Slaying Azure Dragon.

The fiery thread rotated amidst space before slicing over towards Yan Zhaoge’s body.

Space was sliced into two by this powerful fiery thread at this moment, crimson about its edges.

Space itself seemed to blaze in its entirety with the spatial fissures unable to easily heal.

This Heaven Parting Flowing Fire Slash was the peak killer move of the Phoenix Wings Heavenly Net Sabre.

In the whole Wutong Slope, there was only the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen alone who had mastered it.

Yan Zhaoge retaliated with a Slaying Azure Dragon which clashed with Zhuang Shen’s Heaven Parting Flowing Fire Slash head-on.

Having been unable to gain the upper hand in the slightest from that exchange, Zhuang Shen did the same old thing as that fiery thread that he had transformed into traversed space, attempting to evade Yan Zhaoge’s sharpness once more.

Yet, the Heaven Swallowing Earth Devouring Box suddenly appeared within Yan Zhaoge’s hands.

As the sword box was opened, black light was emitted in all directions as an ancient bronze sword emerged from within.

Yan Zhaoge caught the ancient bronze sword, drawing a circle in mid-air.

Black light circulated as that circle transformed directly into a black hole, a terrifying suction force emanating from within which locked that slender fiery thread in place!

By now, Yan Zhaoge was already able to completely exert the power of high-grade Sacred Artifacts.

The sword-intent of the Evil Sword Taotie merged with Yan Zhaoge’s Slaying Azure Dragon.

Not only was an immense suction force emitted from that terrifying black hole, a purplish-red blood glow also flickered within as it was fierce and baleful beyond compare.

It this black hole had originally like a massive beast opening its mouth, seeking to swallow the heavens and devour the earth, not only did it seek to devour its foe now, it wished to bite it to shreds too!

The fiery thread expanded, regaining the form of a fiery phoenix.

A sabre appeared in Zhuang Shen’s hand as well with patterns like phoenix feathers along its blade.

He raised his sabre, chopping towards the black hole.

Like Lian Zulin, Zhuang Shen possessed more than just a single high-grade Sacred Artifact.

Weapons and martial practitioners teamed up to unleash even greater power.

The glow of high-grade Sacred Artifacts like the Bright Barbaric Daoist Robe and the Phoenix Cry Crown lit up on Yan Zhaoge’s body too, facing off against Zhuang Shen and not giving him any respite whatsoever.

Seeing the Phoenix Cry Crown which had originally belonged to Zhang Shuren, Zhuang Shen’s face turned colder.

The silhouetted phoenix of flame spread its wings before abruptly folding them in, chopping towards Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge pointed out with a sword, intercepting Zhuang Shen’s attack.

Then, he raised his palm with a great golden sun rising slowly into the air, all-encompassing radiance appearing as it was like the great sun in the overhead sky!

Illuminated by the magnificent sunlight, even the Exalts felt like it was unbearably hot as it was as if their bodies were burning.

This was precisely the monarch-ish existence amongst Sacred Artifacts, the Extreme Yang Seal!

Before the battles of Vast Spirit Mountain and Circumference Mountain, when Yan Zhaoge’s personal strength had still not been widely known, many people had been wary of him as they believed that his strength would be completely different once he had ascended the Immortal Bridge.

The reason was this Extreme Yang Seal here!

Now that Yan Zhaoge had attained the Immortal Bridge stage, he could sufficiently exert the power of the Extreme Yang Seal.

Meanwhile, at its peak, this monarch of Sacred Artifacts only needed a little effort to easily slay an expert of the ninth level of the Martial Saint realm!

Even though the likes of Zhuang Shen and Lang Qing had already accomplished the Human Exalt stage, it would definitely suck greatly if they were to suffer a blow from the Extreme Yang Seal!


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