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HSSB1034: The river flows again


The Heaven Emperor had a mild expression on his face as with his left hand behind his back, he flicked his right sleeve.

The lofty Northeastern Exalt Liu Zhenggu was instantly captured by his Heaven Earth Within Sleeve.

An Exalt was instantly suppressed just like that!

The Heaven Emperor’s action appeared natural and without any major upheaval in the least as even ordinary mortals who did not cultivate in martial arts were able to clearly see his movements.

Still, no one was able to react to it in time at all.

This seeming contradiction intermingled in its profound concept.

Those of Broad Creed Mountain were all overcome by a feeling of helplessness and despair.

What was the gap between mortals and Immortals

This was the strength of an Emperor, a True Immortal.

While True Immortals might be stably on undefeated ground as they descended into the mortal realm, they might not be completely invincible.

There were actually still exceptions to this rule.

There were indeed unparalleled geniuses in this world such as Long Xueji and Chen Qianhua who were able to combat Emperors as Human Exalts.

With how Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di had shone today, many believed that they too would grow to be such powerful existences in the future.

Still, people like these were extremely rare at the end of the day!

Besides these unique cases, the gap between mortals and Immortals was generally insurmountable.

When Immortals descended into the mortal realm, they were invincible!

Whether against one or versus many, they were simply invincible regardless.

Quantity lost all meaning as a True Immortal could crush numerous Human Exalts all simultaneously.

The Heaven Emperor’s right sleeve did not cease in its movements in the slightest after trapping the Northeastern Exalt Liu Zhenggu as it swept across the air.

The magnificent sun dimmed as the world seemed to have gone from daylight into dark night at this moment.

The radiance of the Extreme Yang Seal no longer shone in mid-air as it was sent directly flying by the Heaven Emperor’s sleeve.

He flicked his sleeve once more towards the Dim Radiant Wheel which instantly flew away too, with the radiance within its nine slots dimming.

Seeing this, the hearts of those atop Broad Creed Mountain all sunk to the very bottom.

The Heaven Emperor strode over neither swiftly nor slowly, looking at Cao Jie.

“The next time Kunlun Mountain establishes the Ten Directions Heart’s Will Formation will be around a hundred years later.”

“Over the years, the vitality of Daoism has gradually been recovering with many outstanding youngsters appearing as we are gradually coming to see this bear fruit,” The Heaven Emperor said mildly, “This humble Daoist’s disciple, Qing Shuzi, was one of them.

Sadly, though, he is no more.”

“Ignoring Qing Shuzi, there are still three others who can potentially become Exalts in the near future.

Bar any major incidences, it should be very difficult to find a deficiency in Exalts again.”

The Heaven Emperor slowly raised his hand, pointing out towards Cao Jie, “At least, if we were to lose you alone, that should not be much of a problem.”

Now, Yan Zhaoge stepped out before him, walking over to face the Heaven Emperor.

The Heaven Emperor said mildly, “Whoever this humble Daoist kills first makes no difference to me.

Still, Cao Jie, are you going to hide behind a member of the junior generation That is not like you.”

The Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie did not speak as he just looked over at Yan Zhaoge.

When the Heaven Emperor had appeared earlier, Yan Zhaoge had sent a message to him and Liu Zhenggu via sound transmission.

“I have a method that I have fifty percent certainty of.

Still, it can only be used when the Heaven Emperor attacks me.

When facing the Heaven Emperor, there is no need to forcibly clash with him.”

While Cao Jie did not know what Yan Zhaoge was planning, he could only place his trust in him now.

While Liu Zhenggu was currently suppressed, there was no real threat to his life.

Seeing that Cao Jie did not answer, the Heaven Emperor was unconcerned as his gaze shifted to Yan Zhaoge before him.

“This is the location of my sect’s headquarters.

With the Southeastern Exalt having graced us with his presence, he is a guest.

As a host, there is no reason to let a guest stand at the forefront and block a calamity for our sect,” Yan Zhaoge faced the Heaven Emperor directly.

While the Daoist before him looked casual and rather ordinary, not bringing any pressure to anyone, Yan Zhaoge could vaguely sense that his soul seemed to be quaking slightly.

He inhaled deeply, simultaneously pushing out his hands as the Extreme Yang Seal and Dim Radiant Wheel both flew back to him.

He simultaneously circulated the Extreme Yang Scripture and Dim Radiant Twelve Arts, nourishing the treasures which he held.

The Extreme Yang Seal and the Dim Radiant Wheel shook slightly, gradually regaining their glow and vitality.

However, they still appeared sorely inadequate before an Emperor.

Seeing this, the Western Exalt Lang Qing shook his head, “The Great Calamity led to the deterioration of Daoism.

Now, we have finally regained some vitality as the time of our flourishing has already come.”

“This might be the best era for geniuses with potential.”

“An outstanding youngster like you would normally be taken care of by the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors for the sake of Daoism’s future as they might even aid in your growth.”

“Even if you were rather arrogant or had committed some mistakes, they would still tolerate this.”

Lang Qing’s gaze fell on the Dim Radiant Wheel as his mood was rather complicated, “Sadly, you obtained the relic of Yin Tianxia.

Fortune exists in peril and peril exists in fortune.

You thought that obtaining the embryonic Immortal Artifact was a blessing as you benefited extremely greatly.

But in truth, you do not know that you lost much more as a result.”

“While the other Majesties have not personally come to settle this with you, you have offended the Heaven Emperor.

There is no one who can save you, and also no one who will.”

He glanced at the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud above Yan Di’s head, “I would not find it strange if the Brocade Emperor agreed to help Cao Jie.

Still, I have never understood why he was willing to help you.

I know now that this was because of the Taiyi Fist.

Sadly, he could not rush here in time today.”

The Heaven Emperor had a relaxed expression on his face that was not severe at all as he looked silently at Yan Zhaoge.

He appraised Yan Zhaoge, fully taking in this youth who had first wrecked his plans before killing his disciple.

“An outstanding youngster indeed,” The Heaven Emperor said, pointing outwards no longer towards Cao Jie but towards Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge instantly felt as if an enormous mountain was weighing down upon him as every part of him from his fleshly body to his soul seemed about to be crushed to smithereens by it now.

That heaviness seemed indescribable even by bearing the weight of an entire world.

It felt like this could not be resisted as he lacked the strength even to evade.

There was virtually no part of his entire body which could move at all.

Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes, an indiscernible glow flickering within.

Now, however, the Heaven Emperor knit his brows slightly as his finger that was tapping out in mid-air halted momentarily.

Everyone present was taken aback as they felt greatly puzzled.

Still, the expressions of Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di, Cao Jie, Lang Qing and the others soon changed slightly.

They could vaguely sense an immense change occurring with the spiritual qi flow of the heavens and the earth.

The source of the change was not the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory’s Royal Reed Sea where they were currently at as it instead originated from the west.

Heading further west from the border at the western part of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory where the Royal Reed Sea was located, one would arrive in the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, at Circumference Mountain.

There, the spiritual qi of water suddenly erupted, instantly exploding outwards as it was virtually comparable to the Royal Reed Sea that was filled with water everywhere.

“That is…the Dynasty River!” Zhuang Shen who was seated in the meditative position amidst space abruptly shot to his feet, “The disrupted Dynasty River has recovered”

The sudden change surpassed even Yan Zhaoge’s predictions.

The Dynasty River flowed again at Circumference Mountain.

This would not be of any use for things in the Royal Reed Sea at all.

With the Heaven Emperor having descended and the Brocade Emperor yet to arrive, Yan Zhaoge and the others would not be able to retreat to Circumference Mountain now even if they so wished to.

Still, why had the Dynasty River recovered

What was the underlying cause, and what did this entail


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