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HSSB1036: Yan Zhaoge’s counterattack


The ice shattered as the Female Emperor Jie Mingkong’s real body finally appeared before everyone.

Her eyes was still closed as she simply extended a palm, wielding it like a sabre as she chopped out amidst space.

Along with this strike, the chilly air was retracted as the surrounding space was icy cold no longer.

Still, endless sharpness broke through the world up ahead with the momentum of splitting apart the heavens and earth!

Bright light surged, hacking through the gloomy space as a brand new world seemed about to be created, the heavens and earth split apart.

While the woman’s palm had been clear like jade a moment ago, it was dim and blurry now.

Subtle streams of qi surged from the various acupoints of her palm, intermingling as they vaguely condensed to form an illusory silhouette.

Enveloped by the illusory silhouette, the slender palm seemingly transformed into an object which resembled a banner whilst also an axe!

From the Female Emperor’s attack shockingly emanated the concept contained within the Heaven Opening Scripture of the Primordial Heavenly Scriptures of the Jade Clear lineage.

She wielded her palm as a sabre, literally seeking to break through chaos, redefining earth, water, wind and fire, opening up the heavens and earth of creation once more!

Yan Zhaoge had once witnessed an attack by Mars Halberd before.

After the blurry darkness had been split by the brilliant light, boundless flames had appeared which had been between earlier heaven and later heaven, possessing infinite vitality as well as might.

Meanwhile, as the Female Emperor’s sabre split the dim darkness now, infinite flowing water appeared.

This water also existed between earlier heaven and later heaven, seemingly containing endless vitality and warmth yet also secretly containing endless cold and deathly peril.

Where the flowing water passed, the reversing extremities and the distorted space by the Heaven Emperor’s sleeve were stained by the light of water.

The figure of the black snake immediately regained its original size as it lifted the jade chariot, flying out from the area enveloped by the Heaven Emperor’s sleeve.

Seeing this, the Heaven Emperor was unconcerned as his figure swiftly shifted through space.

With the legacy of Ten Thousand Longevity Mountain’s Five Minor Locale’s Primordial Suppressing Immortal and the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture of the Primordial Heavenly Scriptures of the Jade Clear lineage which he cultivated in, he had extremely high attainments in the principles of space and time.

With just a thought on his part, he had already surpassed the Female Emperor’s obstruction and arrived before Yan Zhaoge!

The Female Emperor who was garbed in wide-sleeved white clothes was like an Immortal descended into the mortal world as with her eyes still closed, she left that jade chariot and pursued the Heaven Emperor.

While she did not cultivate in the Spatial Heavenly Scripture like the Western Exalt Lang Qing, as an Emperor who had already pushed open the door to Immortality, she would not be any slower than him!

Her palm that was white as jade was clenched into a fist, flickering with icy-blue light as it struck towards the Heaven Emperor’s back.

The Heaven Emperor did not stop, turn, evade or block.

He forcibly took this punch of the Female Emperor’s head-on with his back.

At the instant at which the blow contacted, patterns like the long river of time appeared within the eyes of the Heaven Emperor.

He was enveloped by the long river of time as time in the surrounding space then flowed in reverse!

The reversing time forcibly rewrote the fact of the Heaven Emperor being struck by the punch of the Female Emperor as the scene before everyone’s eyes regained the look of there still being a distance before this punch made contact.

Of everyone present, besides the Female Emperor who was also a True Immortal, there were only Yan Zhaoge who cultivated in the Peerless Heavenly Scripture and Yan Di who was guarded by the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud who were able to detect some of this.

In the eyes of others, Cao Jie and the other Exalts included, their minds only wavered slightly as they did not register ever having seen the Female Emperor successfully strike the Heaven Emperor with a punch.

The Female Emperor Jie Mingkong snorted lightly, abruptly opening her palm that was clenched into a fist.

Changing her fist into a claw, the Female Emperor’s hand turned the long, formless river of time into something which possessed a form, grabbing hold of it as she would a belt.

A feeling of coldness rampaged as roiling cold qi dispelled the miraculous nature of that long river of time, seemingly reducing it into ordinary flowing water.

Then, the water was frozen into ice.

The long river of time formed by the Immortal qi of the Heaven Emperor was instantly frozen into a glacier.

Meanwhile, the Female Emperor’s second punch fell upon him!

The Heaven Emperor exhaled slowly, still not halting and turning as he forcibly took a punch of the Female Emperor’s once more.

He was unable to dispel this punch.

Green qi flickered across his pale face.

His right sleeve shook with a flow of qi circulating as a figure few out from within.

This was none other than the Northeastern Exalt, Liu Zhenggu, who had previously been suppressed by the Heaven Emperor’s Heaven Earth Within Sleeve.

The Heaven Emperor had been injured by the Female Emperor and forced to let him out.

Still, the Heaven Emperor capitalised on this chance, not halting in the least as he instead accelerated towards Yan Zhaoge!

The Heaven Emperor disregarded even suffering an injury simply to see Yan Zhaoge dead.

Streams of green qi surged out from his back where the Female Emperor had struck him.

It was as though the seed of a tree had sprouted, a seedling breaking out from the soil as it instantly grew into a massive tree that towered into the heavens.

Green light intermingled, resembling the entanglement of tree branches as it swept along the arm of the Female Emperor, obstructing her advance.

The Female Emperor knit her brows slightly as the massive tree of lush greenery before her instantly transformed, turning straight into an entire forest which surrounded her.

Trees that towered to the heavens connected to one another, obscuring the heavens and concealing the sun with spiritual qi circulating to form a sealed off world.

Simply destroying these trees alone would be insufficient for the Female Emperor to quickly extricate herself.

The forest before her was a massive formation!

A casual formation established by the Heaven Emperor was an even more powerful formation than the inferior version of the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation that Yan Zhaoge had previously set up at Circumference Mountain with the help of the river water of the Dynasty River.

Having temporarily tied up the Female Emperor’s footsteps, the Heaven Emperor continued traversing space as he instantly arrived in front of Yan Zhaoge.

Despite still being rather confused due to only just having escaped, as the Northeastern Exalt Liu Zhenggu saw this, even though he knew that he was not the Heaven Emperor’s match, he still strove to rush to Yan Zhaoge’s aid.

“It just happens that there are four of you…” The Heaven Emperor’s gaze swept across Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di, Cao Jie and Liu Zhenggu, “Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation, is it Of no use whatsoever.”

Ignoring the fact that there were no formations besides the Immortal Exterminating Formation which allowed Martial Saints to slay Immortals, the Heaven Emperor would be unconcerned even if this was not the case.

In the current World beyond Worlds, he, the Heaven Emperor, was ranked number one amongst the Five Emperors in the dao of formations!

Qing Shuzi and Daoist Leading Mist who had died within the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation had not been able to inherit his attainments in formations.

Still, the late Daoist Shi who had merely listened to him talking about formations before had been extremely outstanding in the dao of formations amongst all the Immortal Bridge Martial Saints of the World beyond Worlds.

Aside from Daoist Shi’s unordinary talent in formations, the Heaven Emperor’s guidance had been a major factor in this as its significance could not be ignored.

The Heaven Emperor possessed an incomplete version of the formation diagram of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation in the first place.

If the four of them were to establish this formation in front of him now, he could break it with a snap of his fingers.

Whether or not the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation was there made no difference to the Heaven Emperor.

It was the same for other formations as well.

If the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation was in front of him now, if it was not controlled by other Emperor-level experts, the Heaven Emperor would still be able to move straight past it as if it had never existed in the first place!

Now, he was only concerned about the Female Emperor behind him who might charge out from the impromptu formation that he had set up at any time.

Therefore, the Heaven Emperor did not waste time on words as he pointed out with a finger straight towards Yan Zhaoge’s forehead once more!

Within the forest, the Female Emperor’s face was cold as frost as she sensed these variations outside of the formation.

“Do not play these little games, Heaven Emperor,” Her eyelids suddenly quivered lightly as her closed eyes looked set to open.

Still, she soon made an inquisitive noise as she instead detected that something was not right.

The Heaven Emperor who was staking it all on this one move also discovered this abnormality.

For Yan Zhaoge who had previously been standing there quietly, unrelated to the fight as he could only wait for the conclusion of this battle between the two Emperors, light was flickering about his body at this moment, scattering between the heavens and earth!


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