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HSSB1037: Earth Mother Dao Ritual, Later Earth Text!


With the descent of the two Emperors, the conclusion of the battle seemed like it would be decided by victory and defeat between them.

When the Heaven Emperor temporarily shook off the Female Emperor at the price of suffering an injury, everyone felt despair rise within their hearts.

The Heaven Emperor pointed towards Yan Zhaoge as immense pressure appeared once again, virtually suffocating him.

He could even hear the blood of his entire body erupting and booming, his bones creaking.

His body seemed like it would be crushed into a puddle of sludge in the next instant.

Beneath this extreme pain, Yan Zhaoge had a serious expression on his face.

Still, his gaze remained calm and bright, neither hurried nor flustered.

The Extreme Yang Seal in his hand emitted blazing sunlight which seemed infinite and endless as it was infused ceaselessly into the Dim Radiant Wheel.

Of the twelve slots of the Dim Radiant Wheel, eleven of them were dim and lustreless at this moment as only one surged with dazzling radiance.

That radiance seemed endless and eternal as it illuminated the myriad heavens.

Bolstered by the power of the Extreme Yang Seal, the eighth of the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts, the art of Perpetual Brightness, demonstrated shocking power.

Even during the reign of the Dim Radiant Sect, besides the Dim Radiant Emperor Yin Tianxia himself when he had been at the Human Exalt stage, there were no other Martial Saint experts who would be able to display such a powerful art of Perpetual Brightness.

Yan Zhaoge’s execution of the art of Perpetual Brightness with the Dim Radiant Wheel at this very moment had already reached the peak that was possible for Martial Saints.

The immeasurable, eternal radiance did not ripple in the least as it illuminated the world all around.

Such sturdy radiance seemed to have condensed into a solid form and sealed off the entire world as one could only sigh in wonder.

Yet, while such power stood at the peak of the human realm, it still could not surpass it at the end of the day.

The Heaven Emperor’s finger continued advancing forward unceasingly.

The pressure that was on Yan Zhaoge continued to rise unceasingly.

Now, however, a change suddenly occurred within the Royal Reed Sea which had previously been messed up terribly as the battlefield.

Streams of light suddenly surfaced at the bottom of the sea, simultaneously converging towards the western region of sea in the Spirit Inheritance Region before finally falling on Broad Creed Mountain all at once!

Those streams of light ultimately transformed into a profound, complex sigil.

The sigil was massive beyond compare as it enveloped the entire Royal Reed Sea, even extending towards the surrounding lands.

Its lustre was golden and black, holy and heavy, distant and vigorous.

At the instant when this sigil appeared, those of the Royal Reed Sea felt as if they could finally distinguish the heavens and the earth again.

The great earth up above that was formed of the Heaven Emperor’s Immortal qi still existed there.

Yet, it emanated the feeling of the sky now.

The heavens and the earth became distinct once more as it was no longer two earths, one on top and one below.

This was because the actual earth down below had become incomparably heavy and solid at this moment, far surpassing the one up above.

Contrasting the two, one would naturally feel that above were the heavens whereas below was the earth.

As soon as the Heaven Emperor saw that sigil, a shocking glow appeared within his eyes.

The concept contained within that sigil was precisely the existence he had been seeking!

This was the concept of the dao tradition of the Earth Queen of Daoism’s Four Imperials!

He had schemed for many years and ordered King Xuanwen, Daoist Shi and Shen Lingzi to come to the Royal Reed Sea to establish the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation in the hope that he would be able to find it without alerting anyone to it.

This place contained words written by the Earth Queen!

These words had already merged entirely as one with the heavens and earth of the World beyond Worlds.

The text was here in the Royal Reed Sea and yet hidden away formlessly as it would be difficult to locate and excavate it.

Even the Heaven Emperor would need a long time to find it.

Therefore, he had tasked this to Shen Lingzi and the others.

Who knew that this would ultimately fail at a crucial moment due to Yan Zhaoge and Cao Jie, the Southeastern Exalt.

This time, he had resolved himself to reside at this place for a longer period of time after having taken care of Yan Zhaoge and the others, patiently searching for it then.

Yet, never would the Heaven Emperor have thought that the object might first be netted by Yan Zhaoge.

The problem was that even he as an exalted Emperor had been unable to do this.

Yet, how had Yan Zhaoge, an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, caused the text of the Earth Queen’s to resurface within a mere few years

The Heaven Emperor was both shocked and enraged as his expression finally changed abruptly at this moment.

Gazing over, he saw Yan Zhaoge bathed within that glow.

Numerous characters of radiance came together to form belts of light which coiled around Yan Zhaoge’s body.

Guided by Yan Zhaoge, the power of the Extreme Yang Seal and the Dim Radiant Wheel had descended, forming a strange mechanism which induced such changes in the Royal Reed Sea down below.

More importantly, through this mechanism, the power of the Heaven Emperor’s attack that was directed at Yan Zhaoge was unceasingly channelled downwards into the great earth down below.

A wound surfaced on the exterior of the Heaven Emperor’s body.

No blood could be seen on the wound as it instead flickered with radiance.

This was neither an injury inflicted by the Female Emperor from earlier nor an actual wound.

Instead, it was a wound of principles which entailed that deficiencies existed within the concept of the martial art that the Heaven Emperor cultivated in.

Yan Zhaoge raised his head, looking calmly at the flickering wound on the Heaven Emperor’s body as he chanted a sutra.

“Nine Splendour Jade Imperial, Seven Treasure Royal Room.

While bearing Heaven’s orders, handling yin managing yang.

Dao extends into glory, virtue accumulates smooth subtlety.

Efficate Art Vast Heaven, foundational beauty of earth, accessories of form in mother’s benevolence.

Disregarding weapons is reliance, all mountains battle, sorrow and desire, holiness and benevolence, Heaven Efficate Bearing Art, Later Earth Queen Divinity.”

The contents of the scripture being chanted by Yan Zhaoge were none other than the treasured ones of the Later Earth Queen Divinity, known to all Daoism.

Still, as this occurred alongside the ritual which he was currently executing, the Heaven Emperor was shocked, “…Earth Mother Dao Ritual!”

As these words were said, the Female Emperor was surprised as Cao Jie, Liu Zhenggu, Zhuang Shen and Lang Qing were taken aback even more greatly.

“Unlike the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation which is still circulated, this ritual was completely discontinued and lost following the Great Calamity!”

“Even the Earthly Sovereign does not possess that!”

The Heaven Emperor stared fixatedly straight over.

If he was versed in the Earth Mother Dao Ritual, executing it in concert with the Heaven Efficate Bearing Formation, he would long since have located this hidden text more than a century ago!

“Many questions can perhaps be solved when you think back to their source,” After the ritual was successfully completed, Yan Zhaoge smiled as he looked at the Heaven Emperor, “Why are you so persistent regarding this place I believe that there must be a reason for this.”

“You, Heaven Emperor, have the foundation of the dao tradition of Five Manor Locale that was left behind by the Primordial Suppressing Immortal of legend.

A pity that it is incomplete and deficient.”

“In order to remedy this deficiency, besides continuing to search for the dao tradition of Five Manor Locale, you have also set your eyes on the dao tradition of the Earth Queen, also having learnt of this text which is located here.”

Yan Zhaoge spread his hands apart, smiling, “This Yan is untalented, inadvertently having obtained the Earth Mother Dao Ritual.

I had long since finished preparations for the Heaven Efficate Bearing Formation.

It is just that wanting to truly unearth the text of the Earth Queen, your strength is still necessary as only then can it go smoothly.”

The Heaven Emperor had calmed down by now as he looked at Yan Zhaoge, “So what The text of the Earth Queen would be useless in your hands.

Unearthing it would simply end up benefiting this humble Daoist instead.”

“Give it to me then!” With that, he ignored Yan Zhaoge as he abruptly spread his palm that became incomparably massive, seemingly encompassing the entire Royal Reed Sea and capturing that sigil!


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