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HSSB1038: Stomping on the shoulders of an Emperor


The Heaven Emperor caught the sigil that enveloped the Royal Reed Sea with his palm.

Yan Zhaoge said in no rush at all, “Its use is indeed limited in my hands.”

“I cannot take it out of the Royal Reed Sea.”

“It would not be of much help in my cultivation.”

“I am also unable to stimulate it to deal with other enemies.


Yan Zhaoge raised his head to look at the Heaven Emperor, “It is basically still sufficient to receive you, Heaven Emperor, here in the lands of the Royal Reed Sea.”

Amidst his words, streams of light congregated beneath his feet with black and gold intermingling before rising upwards.

With the sigil which was formed of the text by the Earth Queen as its foundation, a silhouette was gradually condensed in the air above the Royal Reed Sea.

It seemed just like the blurry idol of some person.

As the Heaven Emperor’s palm descended on that silhouette, his strength was instantly obstructed.

His eyes grew solemn as he discovered that his strength was being forcibly directed into the great earth down below.

“Return to the soil, earthing back to the primordial…” After a brief pause, the Heaven Emperor abruptly changed his stance!

His gaze seemed to transform into the eternal long river of time at this moment.

While his foundation was the dao tradition of Ten Thousand Longevity Mountain’s Five Manor Locale of legend, delving into the profundities of thick earth and familiarising him with the variations in space, aside from that, the Heaven Emperor also had high attainments in the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture.

Still, as he was about to reverse time, that wound on his body which shone with radiance flickered intensely.

At the same time, the sigil that enveloped the Royal Reed Sea down below suddenly dimmed somewhat.

Yet, the silhouette that was birthed from that sigil was unprecedently bright as never before.

A majestic and heavy force was birthed within and infused within the open palm of the Heaven Emperor.

The Heaven Emperor’s body jolted abruptly as he retracted his palm, focusing on Yan Zhaoge and the sigil down below.

“Immortals descended into the mortal realm are virtually invincible.

True Immortals of Daoism are mighty indeed,” Yan Zhaoge formed a seal with his hands, bringing them together before his chest, “With my current cultivation base, even if the Dim Radiant Wheel were an actual Immortal Artifact that was already completely refined successfully, I would still probably be unable to withstand you.”

“Still, I only brought out the Dim Radiant Wheel and Extreme Yang Seal to supply sufficient spiritual qi as is needed to maintain the Earth Mother Dao Ritual.”

“The Later Earth Text of the Earth Queen that you have always been looking for, Heaven Emperor, is what I really prepared for this day.”

Yan Zhaoge said neither hurriedly nor slowly, “There is only you who can kickstart this mechanism as it would only work against you too.

Against other people, it would be useless.

Still, this would simply be unnecessary against others in the first place.”

Zhuang Shen’s expression was sunken and heavy as he gazed at Yan Zhaoge as veins vaguely seemed to be throbbing on his forehead.

The faces of Lang Qing, Lian Zulin and Daoist Oneheaven were also sunken as water.

The Female Emperor’s descent had surpassed all their predictions.

Yet, the fact that Yan Zhaoge was actually able to withstand even the Heaven Emperor when facing him alone was even more of an unexpected thing!

Behind the Heaven Emperor, the dense forest of towering trees was chopped down in great quantities as her eyes closed, the Female Emperor walked out from within.

“I had originally intended to slowly search for it after killing you lot,” The Heaven Emperor’s expression remained the same, “Now, it is merely doing these two things at the same time.”

With that, he flicked his sleeve which extended out towards Yan Zhaoge and the Later Earth Text.

Amidst illusory space and time along with the shifting of causality, he sought to capture the two all at once.

Still, Yan Zhaoge ignored this, meeting the possibility of myriad variations with passivity as he simply concentrated on maintaining the Earth Mother Dao Ritual.

His true essence and the power of the Extreme Yang Seal and Dim Radiant Wheel were supplied to the ritual in an endless stream, sent within the sigil formed of the Later Earth Text.

The sigil flickered with light once more.

Yan Di who had previously seemed unrelated to what was going on now emitted a low roar.

The Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud above his head flew up, leaving him and landing on the sigil.

Affected by this, a change occurred with the sigil once more as the phenomenon of chaos actually surfaced within it.

The power of the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud combined with that of the Later Earth Text as the illusory silhouette in the air above the Royal Reed Sea actually formed illusory scenes amidst space as well.

The Heaven Emperor’s Heaven Earth Within Sleeve was actually unable to do anything to Yan Zhaoge now.

At the same time, the Female Emperor had already arrived before the Heaven Emperor yet again as he was forced to back off.

Still, he did not lose heart as he shifted space, seeming omnipresent as he continued launching attacks at Yan Zhaoge.

Still, all his attacks were dispelled by the power of the Later Earth Text without exception.

The majestic force of his attacks would be directed into the great earth before instantly being sent back at him!

“You should understand now, Heaven Emperor,” Yan Zhaoge smiled, “The fiercer your attacks, the stronger the retaliatory force that is sent back at you.”

The Heaven Emperor did not speak as he transformed into countless selves, attacking towards the sigil in an endless combo with no time difference in his attacks at all.

He attempted to surpass the rate at which the Later Earth Text could retaliate with a sufficiently high frequency of attacks.

In the end, however, every single attack was returned without having been diminished in the least!

With the final full-powered strike of the Heaven Emperor’s, just those aftershocks alone virtually ripped a corner of the World beyond Worlds as it affected the entire southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “For some things, you really have to experience them first to believe them.”

The sigil formed of the Later Earth Text resembled the deepest, densest earth as it reduced the Heaven Emperor’s hopes to nothingness yet again.

It was not merely that as that tyrannical, vigorous force was completely sent back at the Heaven Emperor.

Having previously been wounded by the Female Emperor, the Heaven Emperor was slightly too slow to react as he was not in time to dispel this blow, only being able to forcibly resist it.

His figure quivered in mid-air as green qi surfaced on his pale face again which did not fade for a long time!

The Heaven Emperor gazed at Yan Zhaoge who was enveloped by radiance at the centre of the ritual down below.

Currently, everyone was speechless within the Royal Reed Sea.

Everyone was just dazedly watching this scene, unable to speak.

That was an Emperor who had pushed open the door to Immortality, becoming a True Immortal!

Entering Immortality from mortality entailed ascending the heavens in a single step, stomping all mortality beneath one’s feet.

Even tenth level Martial Saints who were known as Human Exalts would be instantly suppressed when facing the Heaven Emperor.

Human Exalts were still ‘human’ at the end of the day, hard pressed to withstand true Immortals.

Yet, this Emperor was currently totally helpless in colliding with an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint.

Even the gazes of the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie and the Northeastern Exalt Liu Zhenggu who were fighting alongside Yan Zhaoge were no longer the same now as they looked at him.

They had both actually vaguely been aware that there was something that was very important to the Heaven Emperor here in the Royal Reed Sea.

Still, it was very difficult to extract as even with the Heaven Emperor’s cultivation base, the time that would have to be depleted in doing so would number into the centuries.

How was one to extract and retrieve it

After having done so, how was one to make use of all its profundities in resisting an Emperor

These were conundrums sufficient to stump every single person here.

Yet, the young man enveloped within that radiance had solved all these conundrums.

Thus, he had also just completed a shocking feat which would shake the world!

After sensing the profundities of the Later Earth Text, the Female Emperor no longer attacked as she simply quietly ‘spectated’ the clash between Yan Zhaoge and the Heaven Emperor off by the side.

While her eyes were closed, she was cognisant about everything.

Even if the Heaven Emperor had not been injured from clashing with her, so long as the Later Earth Text was present, he would still be unable to take down Yan Zhaoge and take down Broad Creed Mountain.

Even without her, even without the Brocade Emperor, Broad Creed Mountain would still have a chance to survive today’s battle towering, unwavering and intact!

Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain were destined to shock the heavens again this very day.

By stomping on the Heaven Emperor’s shoulders, Yan Zhaoge had caused his reputation to blaze even more gloriously!

What left the Heaven Emperor even more despondent was the fact that the Later Earth Text which Yan Zhaoge was using to stomp on him was precisely the existence he had been yearning for all this time!


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