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HSSB1039: The arrogant, domineering Yan Zhaoge


The Female Emperor Jie Mingkong had no attention of joining forces with Yan Zhaoge and attacking the Heaven Emperor.

While her eyes were closed, her ‘gaze’ was still shifting about Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di and the Heaven Emperor.

Her icy cold features which had always seemed frozen ever since she had showed up defrosted slightly at this moment as the hint of a smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.

“Heaven Emperor, you are bullying the weak as the strong in the first place.

Since you failed once, you would not be shameless enough to try this again, right” The Female Emperor said indifferently.

The Heaven Emperor stood atop the air, the green qi on his face finally fading after a long time as his injuries were temporarily suppressed.

If he did not launch any attacks, the Later Earth Text would naturally not retaliate.

“The item down below concerns this humble Daoist’s cultivation.

This humble Daoist must definitely have it,” The Heaven Emperor said calmly, “Moreover, Broad Creed Mountain’s Yan Zhaoge killed this humble Daoist’s most favoured disciple, Qing Shuzi.

I cannot let it go just like that no matter what.”

The Female Emperor replied, “Even if I were not here, you would still be unable to do anything to this Broad Creed Mountain.”

The Heaven Emperor said, “With Brocade Fu not here and you not acting, victory and defeat would still remain in question.”

“That’s right, with you the main attacker and Zhuang Shen and the other three assisting you,” The Female Emperor’s eyes were closed as she raised her brows slightly, “Yan Zhaoge would have to preside over the ritual to resist you, with it only being effective against you.

Yan Di, Southeastern Cao and Northeastern Liu would have to battle three against four, this inevitably being harder too.”

“Still, if they were to concentrate solely on defending, they would still be able to last for a long time.

The only thing they would have to worry about is you patiently setting up a formation to entrap this Royal Reed Sea, slowly grinding down Broad Creed Mountain over time.”

The Female Emperor chortled, “As a True Immortal, would you not feel ashamed to use this method against Martial Saints”

While the Heaven Emperor was more badly injured than before, he had already calmed down, “Be it strength or strategy, since they have the ability to hinder this humble Daoist, I will naturally think of them as opponents of the same level.

So, how would this have anything to do with shamelessness”

“The ritual is only maintained with the power of the Dim Radiant Wheel, the Extreme Yang Seal and Yan Zhaoge himself.

With the Dim Radiant Wheel not a complete Immortal Artifact, it will ultimately be depleted before you,” The Female Emperor said mildly, “Still, do not feel too happy.

Although Fu Yunchi has been hindered for some reason, if this drags on, he will surely show up sooner or later.”

The Brocade Emperor sighed as he looked at the sigil formed of the Later Earth Text, “Right, and so victory and defeat in this Royal Reed Sea is ultimately difficult to predict.”

Gazing at Yan Zhaoge, he said, “Truly an outstanding youngster indeed.

Before today, this Daoist would really never have thought that things might end up like this.”

“Thanks for the compliment, Heaven Emperor,” Yan Zhaoge replied mildly, “It is true that at the present time, things have only turned out like this because we are in the Royal Reed Sea.

Without the text of the Earth Queen’s, I would probably be unable to withstand even a single blow of yours.”

Yan Zhaoge raised his head, meeting the Heaven Emperor’s gaze, “Still, if you cannot take me down today, there will come a day when without needing to push open the door to Immortality, outside of this Royal Reed Sea, you will similarly be unable to do anything to me at all.”

“Forgive this Yan for my impudence, but this day is not far.”

While Yan Zhaoge’s tone was casual, as if he was just chatting normally with the Heaven Emperor, all was deathly silent between the heavens and the earth.

Everyone stared dazedly at Yan Zhaoge as there was only a single thought within their minds.

Arrogant! Domineering!

Yet, just remembering how Yan Zhaoge had battled the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen earlier, everyone felt from the bottom of their hearts that what this youth said was not impossible.

No, it was not merely that it was not impossible.

Instead, it was sure to become reality!

As an early Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, he had been at the upper hand against a Human Exalt.

Even though he had used a supreme treasure like the Extreme Yang Seal, this was still a feat that shocked the world.

With his strength being as high as this, his potential should be similarly shocking.

It was true that the higher one’s cultivation base, the slower they advanced and the greater the difficulty of their cultivation as the time they spent would be greater as well.

Still, considering Yan Zhaoge’s age and his cultivation speed all these years, everyone was certain that this youth would definitely attain greater heights.

Also, it would be a meteoric rise to prominence!

The name of Fallen Deity was well deserved.

With that, no one thought him to be arrogant any longer.

As long as he did not venture outside and cultivated in peace within the Royal Reed Sea, there would definitely eventually come a day where just as he had said, not yet having become an Immortal, he would still not fear Emperors.

Gazing at Yan Zhaoge, the Heaven Emperor’s gaze flickered slightly.

Facing his gaze, Yan Zhaoge spoke casually, “Three Sovereigns Five Emperors, Exalts of Ten Territories.

While many may know vaguely of your goal, they are unclear on the specifics.”

“This has to do with your cultivation, and obstructing one’s path in the dao is akin to killing one’s parents.

Therefore, they did not interfere in this.

The Brocade Emperor merely lent the Southeastern Exalt a hand, never having entered into this too deeply on his own accord.”

“Still, after learning about the truth behind the matter, I instead felt it to be rather strange.

Heaven Emperor, why were you unwilling to candidly reveal this matter publicly, thus solving it”

“With the resurgence of Daoism following the Great Calamity, it is precisely the time to strive forward.

I believe that the other Majesties also hope that you can remedy the deficiencies, thus advancing further.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at the Heaven Emperor, “Is there some other reason besides this”

The Heaven Emperor showed no reaction whatsoever as he hovered in mid-air.

“While I am unclear even now on what taboo I actually broke when I obtained the Dim Radiant Wheel,” Yan Zhaoge continued, “With none of the others amongst the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors supporting you in your attack on Broad Creed Mountain this time, can I interpret this as meaning that your actions too, Heaven Emperor, actually concern some sort of taboo as well”

Hearing his words, the Heaven Emperor’s gaze finally hardened.

The Female Emperor instead smiled, “An outstanding youngster indeed.”

“The Heaven Emperor’s actions do not concern any taboo.

It is just that we are somewhat doubtful about them.

Because of that, we are simply observing, neither hindering nor supporting him as we see what exactly he wants to do.”

“As for why I have come…” The Female Emperor’s smile gradually faded as she ‘scanned’ the Heaven Emperor, Zhuang Shen, Lang Qing and the others with her closed eyes, “My attendant already said it at the start.

While I myself am willing to come, it is still more at someone’s behest that I came.”

As soon as these words were said, the expressions of Lang Qing and the others changed again.

The Female Emperor was a loner as she had never asked anything of others or helped anyone.

If she had come at someone’s behest, even the other Emperors might not be able to do so within the World beyond Worlds.

There were only the Three Sovereigns who could request her to act!

The Heaven Emperor was taken aback by Female Emperor aiding Broad Creed Mountain as he could not understand it.

He had initially attacked before the Female Emperor’s dao attendant could finish speaking in order to avoid the scenario of the name of one of the Three Sovereigns popping up.

If that happened, whether he attacked or not, someone would inevitably lose face.

If he feigned that he was unaware of this, only coming to ask about it afterwards, it would not hurt the face of anyone as there would be a lot of space to manoeuvre and a lot of room for discussion.

It was just that the events which had occurred thereafter had completely exceeded his predictions.

“Heaven Emperor, rather than thinking about how to conquer the Royal Reed Sea, you should first think more about yourself,” The Female Emperor said coldly.

Everyone’s hearts jolted as they simultaneously gazed towards the west.

Someone was currently approaching from that direction.

That was the direction of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory’s Circumference Mountain.

Yan Zhaoge and the others realised, “The recovery of the impeded flow of the Dynasty River was this person’s handiwork…”

While the Heaven Emperor was not concerned about the newcomer’s cultivation base, the martial concept that emanated from him caused his expression to change slightly as he seemed to have thought of something.


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