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HSSB1041: Not just a single great backer!


Grand Simplicity, the head of the Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations, represented the primordial, original state of the universe as it had no brightness and no form, being silent and formless.

Even the boundaries of space and time were blurred.

There was no before and no after, no beginning and no end.

Looking at the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud above Yan Di’s head, the Heaven Emperor’s gaze was solemn as many of his previous doubts were simply resolved just like that.

What remained was more of despondence.

Yan Zhaoge did not speak as listening quietly to the conversation between the Female Emperor and the Heaven Emperor, many of his previous doubts were alleviated and his guesses verified.

Why had the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud come to seek out his father on its own accord, and why did Yan Di feel a sense of closeness and familiarity with it

This was because it was an existence which had been born alongside him in the first place!

The first time Yan Zhaoge had seen the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud, its strange form had been different from that of the Grand Simplicity that he knew of.

It was as if it had stepped from earlier heaven at the commencement of the universe into later heaven.

The reason was actually that this Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud had been born alongside Yan Di like a baby’s swaddling clothes, having descended from an earlier heaven womb as they were born into later heaven together.

After his birth, due to some unique reasons, Yan Di had been resting in the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud all along.

The concept of time was blurry within the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud as the rate of flow of Yan Di’s life was virtually stagnant.

Meanwhile, two thousand years had passed in the outside world in a flash.

And one day, things had ripened as Yan Di had truly arrived in the mortal world.

How had this come to pass

Yan Zhaoge could not be certain.

Still, from the information currently on hand, it should be that his grandparents, Yan Xingtang and Di Qinglian, had met with an unfortunate incident.

In consideration for her son’s safety, the pregnant Di Qinglian had temporarily entrusted him to the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud.

At the same time, his father, Yan Di, had also inherited the legacies and hopes of his grandparents!

In the past, Yan Zhaoge had not been aware that Yan Xingtang of the Jade Clear direct lineage had actually married Di Qinglian of the Prime Clear direct lineage that year.

Otherwise, he would long since have guessed this.

Why was that so

The purer and more refined his father’s domineering, rampant martial true intent that presided loftily over all lifeforms, the more Yan Zhaoge had felt this to be familiar.

The Heaven Opening Scripture of the Jade Clear lineage’s Primordial Heavenly Scriptures.

Defining the primordial gulf and splitting the heavens and earth into existence, setting earth, water wind and fire and manifesting new creation.

The Immortal Exterminating Sword of the Prime Clear lineage’s Numinous Treasure Four Swords.

One sword breaking all arts, sturdy and indestructible, breaking through all, the conclusion of principles of the myriad heavens as it signified the descent of the art of the end along with the conclusion of all creation.

The former opened the heavens and split the earth while the latter destroyed the heavens and extinguished the earth.

As the two forms merged, there was a beginning and an end, forming the momentum of a great dao in the progress of creation itself.

The momentum lies with me, I am unstoppable, sturdy and indestructible, sweeping through all that stands in my way.

The combination of the Heaven Opening Scripture and the Immortal Exterminating Sword which had already possessed shocking power in the first place displayed even more formidable might now.

Yan Zhaoge wanted to give a thumbs up to his grandparents whom he had never met before.

They had thought of a wondrous idea, one that was both insane and genius at the same time.

More miraculous was the fact that not only had they thought of it, they had even brought it into reality!

What had helped them to accomplish all this was a treasure that they had inadvertently obtained, the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud.

Just the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud alone was still insufficient.

They themselves would not be able to complete this martial art or cultivate with it.

They would have but a single chance of success with a child of their own.

This was a crystallisation of the efforts of the family of three as only Yan Di could cultivate in such a miraculous martial art.

This was perhaps the final bestowment of Yan Xingtang and Di Qinglian on their son.

It was precisely because this martial art had been born alongside Yan Di that Yan Di had continually been stagnant within the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud.

It was only when two thousand years had passed in the outside world that it had attained grand completion and he had been born into this world with a unique martial art that belonged just to him and him alone.

As for his descent into the Eight Extremities World, there was no way of telling whether it was a coincidence or had been premeditated.

Yan Di was born with this martial art as what was emphasised was the concept and not the stances.

It made no difference whether he cultivated in the sword or in the sabre.

It was just that as a result, the Heaven Emperor, Lang Qing, Zhuang Shen and the others had all been completely thrown off by this!

Due to the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud, Yan Di’s appearance had been affected as well such that the Heaven Emperor who had seen an image of the Exalted Gold Luminary before had not noticed any sign of this.

Still, these descendants of the Sword Sovereign’s lineage would not have gotten this wrong.

Knowing about the events of back then and the miraculous uses of the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud, they would not end up overlooking this due to his age.

Yan Di’s name itself already spoke volumes.

Also, his martial concept and his connection with the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud were the best proof as others would not be able to falsify this.

“Now that I think about it, the Roving Jade Heavens had no malicious intentions in giving me the Immortal Trapping Sword.

This was because of grandmother,” Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “…It really feels pretty good to have connections in high places.”

Back in the Eight Extremities World, while there had been rivals like the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall, as one of the six great Sacred Grounds there, Broad Creed Mountain had been rather powerful too.

Yet, after coming to the World beyond Worlds, everything had to be fought for from scratch.

As the vanguard, Yan Zhaoge had really spent quite a bit of effort on this.

Still, for a lazy guy like him, the line he loved to hear most was still this.

“Oi, Yan Zhaoge, isn’t it just that you have a good father”

Now that he could relive his old dream, Yan Zhaoge was in an extremely good mood.

In contrast, the Heaven Emperor, the Western Exalt Lang Qing and the Eastern Exalt Daoist Oneheaven etcetera all felt bitter at this moment.

They finally understood why the Female Emperor Jie Mingkong had made a move.

It might be more because of the Sword Emperor.

Still, the Female Emperor had been being honest when she had said that she was willing to assist them in the first place.

The higher echelon experts of the World beyond Worlds all knew that the Female Emperor was descended from the lineage of the Exalted Water Luminary of the Kunlun Nine Luminaries!

“My Master has an aloof personality and seldom made good friends.

He was only on rather good terms with the Exalted Gold Luminary amongst the Kunlun Nine Luminaries that year,” Jie Mingkong said mildly, “Because of this past relationship, even if I had not been asked by the Sword Sovereign, I would still have come here to stop you, Heaven Emperor.”

The Heaven Emperor was like a stone statue that hovered in mid-air at this moment.

Yan Zhaoge had discussed many of his guesses with Yan Di before.

Now, Yan Di was able to get to the bottom of many previous doubts too.

His mood was rather more complex.

Taking a deep breath to compose himself, Yan Di thanked the Heaven Emperor before cupping his hands towards Bai Tao and the other two.

Bai Tao hurriedly said that he should not do so, to which Yan Di said, “Like the Heaven Emperor and these Exalts, this Yan has only just learnt of this matter.

My emotions are difficult to calm right now.

I hope that I can have a chance to meet the Sword Sovereign when he returns to the World beyond Worlds.”

“Suddenly hearing about this now, it is only natural that you are feeling like this,” Bai Tao nodded understandingly.

The black-clothed youth beside him suddenly said, “If Master was here, he would surely not want you, senior apprentice-uncle Yan, to address him by his title.

Instead, he would rather you call him senior apprentice-brother.”

Yan Di smiled and was just about to reply when Lang Qing said unresignedly from the side, “I hope that the Sword Sovereign and Female Emperor can reconsider this.

Not only has Yan Zhaoge obtained the Dim Radiant Wheel, Yan Di’s wife, Yan Zhaoge’s mother, is none other than Xue Chuqing, that descendant of the Bright Connection Emperor Hu Xinyue!”

“The things that are related to this matter are far beyond what you imagine!”

The black-clothed youth cut him off, raising a hand as a streak of light flew into the air.


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