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HSSB1043: An Exalt perishes


One sword opening the heavens, breaking through all that stood in its path.

While there was only this single sword, the Heaven Emperor’s trio showed no intention of doing further battle as they hurriedly left.

The intent of destruction was not apparent amidst the broken space as yin and yang were distinctly separated along with the birth of the four phenomena, as if a whole new world was now to be born.

“This is the Illusory Jade Heaven Opening Sword It is well deserving of its reputation indeed,” After gazing at the sword-light as it vanished into the distance, Yan Zhaoge retracted his gaze.

The Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen was still standing there calmly at this moment.

He had a rather strange expression on his face as he looked at Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di, as if he was seeing them anew for the first time.

Yan Zhaoge was looking at Zhuang Shen too.

The Southewestern Exalt Bai Tao said, “Southern Zhuang, you…”

Zhuang Shen’s snowy white hair scattered in the wind, “I am unable to tell if obtaining the Later Earth Text or killing all of you is viewed to be more important by the Heaven Emperor.”

“Still, for me, Zhuang Shen, while it may have been that phoenix bone that was more important before, this has already long since ceased to be the case.”

“The Heaven Emperor was willing to leave because having become a True Immortal, he still has hope,” Zhuang Shen said mildly, “So long as the Earthly Sovereign and the Concealed Sovereign are willing to make a move and suppress the Sword Sovereign together, he will still have a chance.”

Still, after today’s battle, Zhuang Shen already knew that he no longer had a chance remaining like the Heaven Emperor.

Being a True Immortal, the Heaven Emperor was still lofty and exalted.

While Zhuang Shen too acknowledged that as time passed, with the strength and potential of Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di, so long as they attained the Human Exalt stage, they would have no need to fear the Heaven Emperor, that still required time at the end of the day as it was not actually set in stone.

Yet, in the case of him, Zhuang Shen, the current Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di could already compete with him, a Human Exalt.

Meanwhile, this father and son was one a seventh level Martial Saint, the other an eighth level Martial Saint.

Just thinking about this, Zhuang Shen’s heart would feel heavy.

He had the ominous foreboding that if he could not defeat them today, it would be even more impossible for him to do so in the future.

Martial practitioners at the level of Zhuang Shen would definitely be filled with confidence, firmly believing in their own strength as they would not lightly be convinced of the superiority of others.

Still, feeling a sudden premonition regarding something that was related to himself at his current cultivation level, these would be very accurate rather than baseless most of the time.

This was especially so as he saw the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud above Yan Di’s head, which caused his hopes to be dashed for good.

If he could obtain Tang Yonghao’s phoenix bone from Golden Court Mountain and obtain the true intent of the dawn mist of moral virtue, he would be able to simultaneously cultivate the Five Virtues.

With the Earlier Heaven Five Virtues, he would be impenetrable by all arts, existing alongside the heavens and the earth as he could only be extinguished when they were destroyed.

This was one of the peak defensive methods of Daoism as it possessed extremely shocking defensive power.

While it was merely the addition of a single Virtue, it would be just so much stronger than with the current Zhuang Shen who was bolstered by four Virtues.

Yet, Grand Simplicity that was at the head of the earlier heaven Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations of the Grand Clear lineage could restrict the cohabiting Five Virtues!

With that, he could really only sigh that fate was playing terrible tricks on him.

Zhuang Shen exhaled slowly, gazing at Yan Zhaoge, “I came here today to settle the enmity between us once and for all.

Either you die or I perish.”

“With things having developed to this extent, they have completely surpassed my predictions.

Yet, there is ultimately no difference.”

“If you are stronger, you will kill me.

If I am stronger, I will kill you,” He said slowly, “Aside from these, I have never considered a third way to end this today.”

Yan Di now spoke, “Since you have these intentions, my Broad Creed Mountain will face you properly as martial practitioners.”

He flew into the air, arriving before Zhuang Shen, “My son killed your son.

Since you want revenge, let us two fathers bring an end to this matter.”

A slight disturbance arose amongst the guests atop Broad Creed Mountain who had come to view the ceremony.

Yan Di undoubtedly meant that he wanted to duel this Exalt to the death.

No one was concerned about whether Yan Di was strong enough to do so.

This had already been proven by the earlier battle.

Many people were surprised that Yan Di was actually still willing to do so even with the Female Emperor, Cao Jie and Liu Zhenggu present and Broad Creed Mountain holding the advantage.

These experts, however, did not appear surprised by this as they actually all nodded.

The Northeastern Exalt Liu Zhenggu looked at the Female Emperor Jie Mingkong and her entourage, “If the Heaven Emperor had not acted, I believe that the Female Emperor would not have appeared either”

“After this battle, I will personally attend and offer congratulations to Broad Creed Mountain in their opening ceremony,” The Female Emperor had a mild expression on her face as she did not deny Liu Zhenggu’s words.

While the Sword Sovereign would look out for the descendants of his Master, he would not simply protect them heedlessly.

If one was not tempered by experiences, they would not grow.

Of course, the goal of these tempering experiences was to grow and not to send one to their death.

When a threat which clearly surpassed the tolerable limits appeared, the current number one sword of the World beyond Worlds which had been sheathed for many years could be relied on to be unsheathed once more.

If he himself was not in the World beyond Worlds, he would request others to help on his behalf.

The Female Emperor had had similar considerations in lending a hand because of the relationship between their predecessors.

If no existence like the Heaven Emperor had made a move, the Female Emperor would also not have intervened.

It was just that looking at the Later Earth Text that flickered with radiance at this moment, the Female Emperor too was filled with admiration.

She had not thought that even without her appearing, Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain would still have had a fighting chance.

As a result, she felt greatly admiring of Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di.

It was the same for the three descendants of the Sword Sovereign’s lineage as well.

Zhuang Shen turned to look at Yan Di, replying slowly, “That’s fine too.”

Yan Di nodded before brandishing his sabre and cleaving towards Zhuang Shen.

Zhuang Shen went forth to meet him, sparks flying as their sabres collided.

Above Yan Di’s head, streams of qi expanded within the cloud of chaos which resembled a blossoming lotus.

As the battle continued, the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud suddenly expanded and surrounded the two.

What remained before everyone’s eyes was only that blurry cloud and specks of light that flickered within.

Yan Zhaoge ended the Earth Mother Dao Ritual, looking up and gazing at the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud.

Enveloped by the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud, Zhuang Shen had no way of undergoing nirvanic rebirth.

Still, the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud that was in this state was also no longer able to offer Yan Di protection.

Yan Di’s fighting style was just like always.

Clashing head-on in a battle of life and death, deciding victory in a single battle rather than slowly exchanging blows with his opponent.

While people said that Zhuang Shen was proficient in defence and weaker at offence, this was only in relation to other Exalts.

The attack of a Human Exalt was always deadly and fatal to most ninth level Martial Saint experts.

Looking from the exterior of the chaotic cloud, all appeared peaceful, with no ripples being visible whatsoever.

Still, everyone knew that the battle unfolding within must be perilous to the extreme.

Finally, the cloud expanded as that lotus of chaos slowly reopened.

Bright golden light arose from within, transforming into a pillar of light which shot into the heavens.

Within the pillar of light stood a figure, his white hair scattered and his features handsome as there was a golden Wutong tree that was dense with greenery above his head.

This was precisely the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen.

All those atop Broad Creed Mountain had shocked, uncertain looks on their faces whereas Yan Zhaoge, Jie Mingkong, Liu Zhenggu and the others all smiled in unison.

The next moment, the golden Wutong tree above Zhuang Shen’s head began swiftly shrivelling up with its branches and leaves falling, transforming into a golden rain of light and splattering all around as it filled the sky.

With the border as their centre, half the domains of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory and the southern Blazing Heaven Territory were bathed amidst a golden rain of light at this moment.

Yan Di’s figure now arose from the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud, arriving before Zhuang Shen.

Zhuang Shen’s lips twitched slightly.

Then, without being able to emit any sound, he too transformed into a rain of light that gradually dispersed.

An Exalt thus perished right there and then.


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