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HSSB1044: Father and son, Duo Fallen Deities they are


Yan Di was somewhat silent as he looked at the vanishing Zhuang Shen before him.

Meanwhile, the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie and the Southwestern Exalt Bai Tao had rather complex expressions on their faces as well.

The two of them had both had quite a number of conflicts with Zhuang Shen who occupied the southern Blazing Heaven Territory before.

Seeing their longtime enemy perish at this moment, they simply shook their heads slightly.

Yan Zhaoge walked over to Yan Di’s side and cast an inquiring gaze at him, to which he nodded, saying, “This does not affect the upcoming ceremony.”

He looked at the Female Emperor, Cao Jie, Bai Tao and Liu Zhenggu, cupping his hands towards them, “Since that is so, the enmity between our sect and the southern Blazing Heaven Territory’s Wutong Slope is at an end for now.

As for whatever remains, we can speak of it in the future.

Our opening ceremony today continues as scheduled.”

“Everyone, our Broad Creed Mountain is honoured at your presence, having prepared some meagre wine to enjoy for you who have come from far away.

Please make yourselves at home.”

The Female Emperor Jie Mingkong straightforwardly said, “I already intended this in having come here today.”

Yan Di and Yan Zhaoge exchanged glances, the two tacitly guiding the important guests into their seats together.

Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone flew away from the Mountain.

Just as that black-clothed youth had said, since they had come, how could they leave without leaving anything behind

In borrowing the sword of the Sword Sovereign to injure the Heaven Emperor and those others, Yan Zhaoge had not merely wounded them.

Looking over amidst space, the Northern Ocean Clone saw three treasured-lights flickering in three different directions.

One of the treasured-lights was comparatively dim as it originated from a massive, sooty-looking orb.

This treasured orb was raised atop a palm and connected to a shoulder that had been hacked off.

It was clearly the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment within the hand of Daoist Oneheaven.

This Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment was extremely massive and relatively complete, amounting to more than half of the whole thing.

Still, having experienced that earlier eruption, this Sacred Artifact fragment was currently devoid of energy as it seemed as though it had fallen into a deep slumber.

Seeing this, the Northern Ocean Clone smiled satisfiedly before reaching out and collecting it.

On the other side, there was another treasure.

While it flickered with a lustrous radiance, it seemed transparent and formless in itself as it hovered silently amidst space.

After nearing it, going by its contours that flickered with light, this treasure looked like satin.

“So it is Splendid Gem Thousand Yarn,” The Northern Ocean Clone identified it by its characteristics.

This object originated from the Western Exalt Lang Qing, being an extremely rare and precious treasure.

This object was produced neither in the World beyond Worlds nor in the Eight Extremities World, the Vast Ocean World, the Floating Gate World and the various other lower worlds.

It had not been produced even in the great thousand worlds of pre-Great Calamity times.

This was a special material which could only be found amidst endless extradimensional space.

Growing neither in soil nor in water was a treasured tree which grew amidst primordial space itself, receiving nutrients from space as transparent, formless strands of silk were born.

Collecting these strands of silk, refining them and selecting one in a thousand before putting them all together one by one, one would have obtained a limited amount of Splendid Gem Thousand Yarn.

The treasured tree itself was extremely rare in the first place.

In order to obtain a foot of Splendid Gem Thousand Yarn, the collection of silk from over a hundred such trees would be needed.

After the silk had been harvested, the treasured tree would wither away and die.

This Splendid Gem Thousand Yarn of Lang Qing’s had probably consumed upward of ten thousand of these treasured trees.

There was probably only Lang Qing who could collect such a great amount of Splendid Gem Thousand Yarn in the World beyond Worlds, the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors aside.

Also, even if Lang Qing wished to harvest and collect so much of this, a lengthy period of time would still be required.

Also, this treasure was an extremely rare artifact forging material.

Lang Qing’s Splendid Gem Thousand Yarn was of extremely high quality in the first place.

Even then, if it was further refined, it could be used as one of the materials for forging an Immortal Artifact too.

Yan Zhaoge naturally accepted this with glee.

After collecting the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment and the Splendid Gem Thousand Yarn, the Northern Ocean Clone looked at the final item.

This should have come from the Heaven Emperor.

It was a small, intricate jade flask.

While it did not look very remarkable, since it was something that the Heaven Emperor kept on him, Yan Zhaoge would naturally not underestimate its utility.

The Northern Ocean Clone carefully kept the jade flask before turning and returning to Broad Creed Mountain.

Atop Broad Creed Mountain, Yan Di was currently at the main seat within the great hall on Heaven Rising Peak.

After offering prayers to Broad Creed Mountain’s ancestors, he said, “Sound the drum.”

Yan Zhaoge was naturally the one who was sounding the drum at this moment.

As he struck the golden bell, Broad Creed Mountain’s opening ceremony could be considered as having officially commenced.

The youngsters who were waiting at the foot of the mountain as they prepared to follow the rites for entering Broad Creed Mountain’s lineage began successively ascending the mountain as prompted.

The great battle earlier had been at too high a level as it was not something they could spectate.

Still, this did not hinder these youngsters who were soon to enter the sect from knowing the eventual conclusion of the great battle.

Three Sovereigns Five Emperors, Exalts of Ten Territories.

These words had been embedded deeply within the hearts of all those in the World beyond Worlds for many long years.

Those who had a desire to cultivate in martial arts would generally all have heard of them.

While they had once thought this to be incomparably distant, it was now right before their very eyes.

Amongst the honoured guests who were viewing the ceremony, in the foremost position was one of the Five Emperors, the Female Emperor who was an Immortal descended into the mortal world after having pushed open the door to Immortality in the past.

While the Brocade Emperor had not come as had been rumoured, the solitary Female Emperor was probably rather more difficult to invite.

Aside from the Female Emperor, there were also a grand total of three of the Ten Exalts, the Southeastern Exalt, the Northeastern Exalt and the Southwestern Exalt who were attending.

A personal disciple of the Sword Sovereign of the Three Sovereigns had also arrived.

Next, accompanying the Southeastern Exalt in viewing the ceremony were also the martial practitioners of Golden Court Mountain that had always been the hegemon of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

All the prominent powers of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory who presided over a region had sent representatives over to offer their congratulations.

In Broad Creed Mountain’s official opening ceremony this time, the guests had arrived on a scale that had truly never been seen before in the World beyond Worlds for the past several centuries.

If one said that this extraordinary lineup was due to their connections, that earlier incident had sufficiently displayed Broad Creed Mountain’s strength.

The Lord of Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope, the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen who ruled over the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, had first been defeated by a disciple of Broad Creed Mountain, Yan Zhaoge, before being slain right there and then in a one versus one battle by Broad Creed Mountain’s Chief, Yan Di, afterwards.

Three Sovereigns Five Emperors, Exalts of Ten Territories.

They were experts of legend who were deeply rooted in the minds of those who lived in the World beyond Worlds.

One of the Ten Exalts, Zhuang Shen, had just perished before Broad Creed Mountain at the hands of Yan Di.

In just this short time that had passed, this incident had already caused waves in the southern and southeastern Territories as it would also definitely spread rapidly throughout the rest of the World Beyond Worlds.

The shock of an Exalt’s death naturally far surpassed the arrival of three Exalts come to offer their congratulations.

What was even more shocking, beyond the shadow of a doubt, was the fact that one of the Five Emperors who were above the Ten Exalts, the Heaven Emperor, had actually been repelled and denied by Broad Creed Mountain.

Even if the Female Emperor had not arrived, even without the descent of the Sword Sovereign’s mighty authority, the Heaven Emperor would actually still not have been able to gain any advantage in the Royal Reed Sea.

As a martial practitioner of the mortal realm, Yan Zhaoge had withstood an Emperor of the Immortal realm.

This feat was destined to enter the annals of history, becoming a legend!

All this caused those youngsters who were about to enter Broad Creed Mountain to feel extremely excited and spirited as they felt honoured as well.

Those guests who had come to view the ceremony were naturally filled with admiration as well.

Someone could not help but murmur, “A lineage’s father and son, Duo Fallen Deities they are.”


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