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HSSB1046: Shallow water cannot sustain true dragons


Yan Zhaoge’s current strength and fame within Broad Creed Mountain were so high it was insane.

Even if he went to a vital department like the Assignment Hall, the Disciplinary Hall or the Martial Inheritance Hall, it would still feel like it was a waste of his talents.

The only possible exception was if he was to take over Broad Creed Mountain in the near future, becoming their new Chief.

In that case, he would have to familiarise himself with their usual affairs, hence gaining experience.

Otherwise, with Yan Zhaoge’s current cultivation base and strength, what he should really be doing was continuing to cultivate and improving his abilities.

It could be said that this was still a world where power reigned over everything else.

In a clash between two forces, when the peak experts were battling and victory and defeat was uncertain, only then would things fall to the strength and quantity of those slightly inferior experts.

This principle similarly applied to Yan Di.

Therefore, since Yan Zhaoge had no official affairs to handle, what he was intending to do next was naturally something that would be paid attention to on a vast scale.

It would be fine if he remained in the Royal Reed Sea to cultivate.

If he headed elsewhere, however, the eyes of the whole world would effectively be on him.

When he had taken a trip to the southern Blazing Heaven Territory previously, he had overturned the entire state of affairs there.

It would really be difficult for one not to pay attention to him now.

Originally, while Yan Zhaoge had mightily withstood the Heaven Emperor, causing him to meet with failure at Broad Creed Mountain, out of considerations for his own as well as Broad Creed Mountain’s safety, he would still have to stay and defend Broad Creed Mountain.

Only when he could resist a True Immortal without the assistance of the Later Earth Text of the Earth Queen in the Royal Reed Sea would he be able to leave.

Everyone believed that that day would come for sure as it was not even so far away.

Still, before that happened, Yan Zhaoge had to remain stably stationed in the Royal Reed Sea.

Still, this had all changed along with the appearances of the Female Emperor Jie Mingkong as well as the Southwestern Exalt Bai Tao and co.

As a descendant of the Exalted Gold Luminary and the junior apprentice-nephew of the Sword Sovereign, one of the World beyond Worlds’ Three Sovereigns, Yan Zhaoge would be able to easily and freely traverse the World beyond Worlds in most situations.

With the Earthly Sovereign and Concealed Sovereign not yet having expressed their stance on this matter, the Heaven Emperor too would dare not make any reckless moves.

With that, Yan Zhaoge did not have to stay and defend Broad Creed Mountain as he could instead act freely.

With Yan Di’s background having been revealed, the identities of he and Yan Zhaoge as well as their relationship with the Sword Sovereign and the death of the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen were set to be the most shocking news in the World beyond Worlds in recent years.

Still, while it might seem strange, after Yan Zhaoge had withstood the Heaven Emperor and Yan Di had slain the Southern Exalt, most people did not find the idea to be very difficult to accept at all.

Despite feeling rather envious regarding Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di’s good fortune, that was all that there was as no one felt as though Broad Creed Mountain had merely risen through luck alone.

Most people were thinking that this was only to be as expected as descendants of legends.

They were more concerned about what Broad Creed Mountain would be doing now.

It was clear that the shallow waters of the Royal Reed Sea were already hard pressed to sustain a true dragon like them.

The strength that Broad Creed Mountain had displayed in their opening ceremony today surpassed even that of Golden Court Mountain.

What they would be doing from here on out was a question that was weighing on everyone’s minds.

This was especially so for Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope who had already been tragically drained of talent during the battle at Circumference Mountain that year as they had completely lost their pillar of support with the death of the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen.

The heavens of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory would inevitably be changing.

Would Broad Creed Mountain make use of this chance to advance west, becoming the new hegemons of the south

“What exactly are the thoughts of the Earthly Sovereign and the Concealed Sovereign on this”

As the opening ceremony ended, the various guests departed.

Those who remained were all peak figures who shared a close relationship with Broad Creed Mountain.

Stroking his lower chin, Yan Zhaoge asked, “While the Earthly Sovereign is still in extradimensional space, the Earth Exalt is in the World beyond Worlds.”

“The Concealed Sovereign himself is in secluded cultivation at Kunlun Mountain’s Restful Immortal Valley.”

The Female Emperor had already resealed herself in ice by now.

While she knew all that was going on in the outside world, she would again no longer speak.

Yan Zhaoge looked towards the trio from Jade Capital Crag, “Does this mean that the two Sovereigns have tacitly consented to senior apprentice-uncle Yue’s decision”

“They have generally always kept peace with one another all along,” The Southwestern Exalt Bai Tao said, “As long as you and senior apprentice-uncle Yan are okay, Master will not make things difficult for the Heaven Emperor.”

Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di, Yuan Zhengfeng and the others of Broad Creed Mountain exchanged looks as they thought, “The Sword Sovereign and the Earthly Sovereign probably do not see eye to eye in many matters!”

Meanwhile, the Earthly Sovereign had likely been in the know regarding Yan Di’s matter too.

The Earthly Sovereign’s lineage should not have been aware of the specifics, only knowing that the late Exalted Gold Luminary had descendants who were still of this world.

There might have been an agreement slash compromise between the Sword Sovereign and the Earthly Sovereign to ensure that Yan Di’s growth was not intervened with.

While the Sword Sovereign had not supported the decision of the Earthly Sovereign with regard to the matter of the Dim Radiant Emperor Yin Tianxia from back then, he had not stood in opposition to it too.

The Kunlun Nine Luminaries had gradually become legends wherein few amongst the World beyond Worlds’ middle and lower tier martial practitioners as well as ordinary citizens knew of them.

Here, some entity must definitely have manipulated things to diminish overall awareness on this matter.

Despite the Sword Sovereign’s respect for his Master, the Exalted Gold Luminary, he had still not been outwardly opposed to such a thing.

This was probably part of said agreement too.

Now, more than two thousand years later, Yan Di had finally truly been born into this world from the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud, having grown into an adult and returned to the World beyond Worlds.

How would the global situation of the World beyond Worlds develop from here on out

“The Concealed Sovereign would not intervene unless Master slew the Heaven Emperor,” Wang Pu said, “It should be said the Concealed Sovereign is indifferent to the vast majority of all beneath the heavens.

Generally, he tacitly supports the Earthly Sovereign’s decisions, seldom voicing an opinion of his own.”

It was not that the Earthly Sovereign had very deep ties with the Heaven Emperor or something like that.

Instead, all Emperors of the Immortal realm were extremely precious to Daoism who had declined greatly following the Great Calamity.

Bar some unique circumstances, the Three Sovereigns would do their best to preserve their lives.

On hearing this, Yan Zhaoge pondered in silence.

After listening to all this, he really felt increasingly curious about the situation regarding the Dim Radiant Emperor Yin Tianxia and the Bright Connection Emperor Hu Yuexin.

As those of Broad Creed Mountain as well as Wang Pu and the others were there too, Yan Zhaoge did not bring up the matter of his mother and the Immortal Court for the time being as he decided that he would ask it in private later on.

Wang Pu now said, “Due to his past ties with Grand Master, it is likely that the Concealed Sovereign will help neither side.

Still, whatever decision the Earthly Sovereign will make is still difficult to say.”

His voice turned more solemn somewhat, “While no one from the Southern High Peak’s Qilin Cliff directly intervened this time, Qilin Cliff was still standing behind the Heaven Emperor and Zhuang Shen somewhat.”

“The treasure that broke the flow of the Dynasty River earlier was very likely the Later Heaven Breath Soil of the Earthly Sovereign’s lineage!”

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows lightly, “Oh Later Heaven Breath Soil”

Wang Pu explained, “When we set off from Kunlun Mountain, we discovered abnormalities in the flow of spiritual qi of the earth veins at the Screen Moat Snowy Mountain where the Dynasty River’s source is that actually impeded its flow.”

“After checking it out at the Screen Moat Snowy Mountain, we discovered that the source of the river was blocked.

After dispelling this, the Female Emperor discovered that the treasure that impeded the flow of the Dynasty River had undergone special care such that it immediately disappeared without a trace after being dispelled.”

“Still, there are few treasures with such efficacious uses.

With even the Female Emperor being unable to preserve it, its owner is virtually certain.”

Wang Pu said, “As we have no solid proof in hand, everyone can only act ignorant on the surface.”

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin as he pondered.

He suddenly had a speculation.

Could the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng be planning something else


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