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HSSB105: Good people don’t live long, calamities endure a thousand years


At this moment, the people of the Sacred Sun Clan all felt extremely pressured.

Of the current six great Sacred Grounds, the Turbid Wave Pavilion seldom interacted with the outside world, not leaning on or towards any other power.

The Heavenly Thunder Hall and Jade Sea City had Martial Saints but no Sacred Artifacts, while Broad Creed Mountain and Infinite Boundless Mountain had Sacred Artifacts but no Martial Saints.

While the Sacred Sun Clan had a rather close relationship with the Heavenly Thunder Hall, Jade Sea City had engaged the latter’s attentions even as it sent over the Sacred Artifact it currently had possession of, the Extreme Yin Crown, by way of the Earth Domain.

Now, Infinite Boundless Mountain had adopted the attitude of keeping out of the current conflict, content to see how things would play out.

Huang Guanglie not having left seclusion, the Sacred Sun Clan was placed in an awkward predicament.

“While hindered by his old injuries, Yuan Zhengfeng will face extreme danger if he enters seclusion in an attempt to ascend into the Martial Saint realm, if he succeeds, Broad Creed Mountain’s strength will skyrocket.”

The Twilight Lord said slowly, “At that time, even if senior apprentice-uncle Huang were to be successful in his improvements, with Yuan Zhengfeng also having upped levels, the situation would still be the same as it is now.”

“While our Sacred Sun Clan holds the upper hand, we are unable to completely suppress Broad Creed Mountain.”

In deciding on the Clan Chief’s successor, many factors had to be considered.

Just in terms of martial prowess alone, Yan Zhaoge’s father, Yan Di, was the old Clan Chief’s most prided disciple.

Having someone proper to succeed him was also one of the greatest assurances for Yuan Zhengfeng, bearing great risks as he headed into secluded cultivation.

If Yan Di fell, not only would Broad Creed Mountain’s most promising senior generation be crippled, at the same time, a shadow would also be cast over Yuan Zhengfeng’s heart, influencing his decision.

Even if Yuan Zhengfeng remained firmly set on attempting his breakthrough, with the worries hanging over his mind increasing, the chances of him succeeding would naturally decrease.

The World Illuminating Lord spoke, “This time, we’ve lost.

Now, let’s focus on how we can reduce our losses.”

Looking at that Jade Sea City Elder, Pan Botai’s gaze was cold and gloomy, “Jade Sea City has only temporarily gained a little.

With the third Extreme Yin Bout on its way, they won’t be staying so full of themselves for long.”

Now, infinite light lit up in the distance, containing power even stronger and more abundant than that of Pan Botai, the World Illuminating Lord, the Twilight Lord and the rest of the Sacred Sun Clan experts added together.

It was as though there was a formless boundary separating the heavens and the earth; one side was as per normal, whereas the other had completely transformed into a world of light.

A majestic force that caused everyone to avert their eyes dazzled the heavens, illuminating the lands beneath.

The expressions of Yan Di, Shi Tie and that Jade Sea City Elder did not change, as they looked silently in that direction where the world was entirely engulfed by white light.

The white light instantly flashed past, as, closely following it, a bright moon slowly appeared on the horizon.

Its moonlight seemed truly able to compete with the true sun in the sky in terms of brilliance.

As the bright, clear moonlight descended, the suns formed of the intents of Pan Botai and the others seemed to dim.

Beneath the cold, tranquil moonlight, the heavens and the earth instantly turned cool.

Having just appeared on the horizon, the moon had already attracted everyone’s attention.

Because that was precisely the power manifestation of the Sacred Artifact, the Extreme Yin Crown.

While that world of white light, was the manifestation of the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler, another Sacred Artifact.

Like the great sun rising and setting, measuring the height of the heavens.

However, the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler was currently of no mind to entangle with the Extreme Yin Crown, also not paying any attention to Yan Di and the others as it just swept over Pan Botai and the other Sacred Sun Clan experts, carrying them along as it escaped into the distance.

“Their reaction was very fast ah; if Huang Xu had just hesitated slightly, he would have been trapped between the Extreme Yin Crown and your clan’s Clear Qi Robe,” the Jade Sea City Elder curled his lips.

Striding forward, his figure was enveloped and tucked away by the bright, clear moonlight.

Shi Tie said to Yan Di, “Junior apprentice-brother, you sit over the East Heaven Region and talk with Zhaoge; I’ll accompany the Extreme Yin Crown in their pursuit.”

Yan Di nodded, “Senior apprentice-brother is too kind.”

Shi Tie also flew into the air, integrating within the bright, clear moonlight as they pursued the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler carrying Pan Botai and the others, having escaped far into the distance.

With Sacred Artifacts within the air, Yan Zhaoge could clearly feel the entire world shaking alongside them.

As a resonance was faintly formed between the Sacred Artifacts, Yan Zhaoge could feel that other than the Extreme Yin Crown and the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler, there was still an extremely strong existence in the distance, causing these very heavens and earth to shake.

It did not even have to be asked for it to be known that that should be his Grand Master, Yuan Zhengfeng, rushing over with Broad Creed Mountain’s Clear Qi Robe, his target being the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler.

The two sides, one pursuing, one escaping, were gone in an instant, disappearing into the horizon.

However, where Yan Zhaoge was, he could still feel the very air being pressured to the point of trembling.

Shi Tie and the others having left, Yan Di gathered the Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners present, assigning them tasks to carry out.

The Sacred Sun Clan would inevitably be chased out of the Eastern Tang and, by extension, the entire East Heaven Region this time.

With that, the Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners who were battling it out in the various lands began expelling their enemies in an all-out rush.

Moving personally with the Clear Qi Robe, Yuan Zhengfeng pursued the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler alongside the Extreme Yin Crown, chasing it all the way back to the Fire Domain.

Broad Creed Mountain and Jade Sea City would naturally send martial practitioners to follow up with the seizing of resources and the occupying of territory.

“While resources and profits are still easy to talk about, wanting to run a circle round and occupy territory will be a little hard,” Yan Zhaoge gazed into the distance in the direction of the Fire Domain, “As long as the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler is not destroyed, when Huang Guanglie leaves seclusion, they will definitely get back what we will now be seizing from them.”

Landing on the ground, Yan Di said mildly, “Huang Xu’s reaction was not slow as he immediately retreated.

However, this was still within our predictions.”

“Being able to leave the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler behind, being able to force Huang Guanglie out of seclusion; those would naturally be best.

However, the Sacred Sun Clan definitely won’t be a sitting duck for that.”

“However, not having perished this time, they should at least have left a layer of skin behind.

Before Huang Guanglie leaves seclusion, they will not dare to lightly cause trouble again.”

His hands behind his back, Yan Di similarly gazed into the distance, “This way, Master will be able to go into secluded cultivation in peace, at the very least not having to worry about outside enemies invading and harassing us.

Also, what we’ll gain will be beneficial to the clan’s development.”

Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, “The Extreme Yin Crown, at the end of the day, is not solely owned by Jade Sea City.”

Yan Di said, “If we helped Jade Sea City to forcibly keep the Extreme Yin Crown, Infinite Boundless Mountain would inevitably be pushed towards aligning with the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

Even Turbid Wave Pavilion wouldn’t agree to it.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “That’s how it is.”

And even in the scenario where Jade Sea City held sole ownership of the Extreme Yin Crown, their relationship with Broad Creed Mountain might also not be as close as it currently was.

“Actually, this time, it was rather dangerous.

If any small part of it did not go to plan, the results could have been completely different,” Yan Di swivelled his head to look at Yan Zhaoge, “Just like the Sacred Sun Clan; just having a loophole in a tiny part of their plan detected by you, they were instead schemed against by us.”

While he didn’t finish his words, Yan Zhaoge knew that Yan Di was actually feeling a little apologetic.

While Yan Zhaoge himself had wanted to take this risk, if Yuan Zhengfeng and Yan Di had been insistent on the contrary, he could just have left the Eastern Tang and returned to Broad Creed Mountain.

With the Sacred Sun Clan’s scheme already having been detected, it would inevitably fail, just that Broad Creed Mountain also wanted to make use of this opportunity to themselves scheme against the Sacred Sun Clan.

This had required Yan Zhaoge to continue acting out his role in the whole show.

Yan Zhaoge chuckled, saying cheekily, “That’s right, that’s right; you don’t know, but there were quite a few times just now when I was nearly shocked to the point of my soul no longer inhabiting my body.

You should really reward me nicely a little.”

Ever since having crossed over to this world, Yan Zhaoge had always been carefully and painstakingly trying to integrate into it.

Although meeting those who were acquainted with his body’s former owner was the most-nerve wracking for him, it was also the most helpful in allowing him to properly integrate into this world.

In the long time that had passed, other than Ah Hu, the person that Yan Zhaoge had had the most contact with was this super awesome father of his.

Whom he was the most familiar, and, from a certain perspective, also shared the deepest relationship with.

“Good people don’t live long; calamities endure a thousand years,” Seeing Yan Zhaoge’s rascally look, Yan Di slanted his eyes, “Us fellas still have a long time to live, huh.”

“Rest assured; having managed to launch a counterattack into the Fire Domain this time, our clan will have gained quite a lot, and part of it will definitely fall to you and you alone.”


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