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HSSB1053: Head of the Ten Exalts


Behind Wang Zhengcheng, a man in brownish-yellow garb replied, “Yes, Master.”

He paused momentarily before venturing, “Still, this disciple fears that he may already have lost his courage after what happened in the battle at the Royal Reed Sea.”

“First not speaking of how powerful Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di are, even if they were perfectly average, there is still the Sword Sovereign to consider…”

Wang Zhengcheng did not take offence at his disciple’s doubts, “This might not be the case for those unrelated parties, but he will definitely be concerned.”

“The disciple of the Bright Connection Emperor, the Master of that Snow Crane Xue Chuqing, perished at his hands back then.

While the Yan father and son and the Sword Sovereign are not aware of this, that Snow Crane herself is.”

“What exists between them now is merely a conflict.

Still, when the Snow Crane reunites with her family, this would have become death enmity then.”

Wang Zhengcheng sighed, “While it was also by accident that he killed her back then, a conclusion must eventually be reached to the matter.

There is no way for him to not guard against them.”

The man in brownish-yellow garb realised, “So it was actually like this.”

Wang Zhengcheng said, “Off you go then.”

“He is a cautious person and surely knows not to let news of this get out.

It is just that whether we can successfully intercept that Snow Crane before she meets with the Yan father and son must still depend on how much preparations we have made and also what comes to pass.”

“Yes, Master.

This disciple will set off now,” The other party bowed and took his leave.

Wang Zhengcheng simply continued gazing towards the southeast as he sighed emotionally after a time, “And these two just had to be related…”

No one could know if he was referring to the relationship of Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di with the Sword Sovereign or that between they and Xue Chuqing.


Southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, Extreme Southern Lands, Duckweed Sea.

While this place was filled with azure waves, the surface of the sea was deathly still as there were no ripples in the slightest.

The surface of the sea was full of floating duckweed, causing it to resemble a moist land of greenery.

A figure flew across the air above the sea.

The newcomer had handsome features with a smile that constantly hung at the corners of his lips, making him feel amiable as he gave off a feeling like a refreshing spring breeze.

He had a refined, elegant bearing as there seemed to be no fault that could be found from his manner at all.

This was none other than the Earthly Young Master, Chen Kunhua.

While attending Broad Creed Mountain’s opening ceremony, he had not done anything in the least, merely having silently spectated everything that had happened just like any other guest.

After the opening ceremony had ended, he had taken his leave with most of the others, showing no abnormalities whatsoever.

Those who understood the enmity between Yan Zhaoge and Xia Guang and Three Foot Mountain as well as the relationship between Chen Kunhua and Three Foot Mountain only felt this to be slightly inconceivable.

Some also believed that the Earthly Young Master had been intimidated by Broad Creed Mountain’s powerful might.

As a result, even if he had been planning something at first, he had dared not act recklessly in the end.

After all, while Chen Kunhua was also a famed expert of the World beyond Worlds’ younger generation, his strength was inferior to that of those Exalts, much less the Heaven Emperor.

Even these bigwigs had been repelled at Broad Creed Mountain, with the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen having lost his life there too.

It was only natural that Chen Kunhua had maintained his silence.

Anything else would simply have been pointless.

Perhaps there might still have been a chance if his elder brother, the Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua, had come.

Still, with the appearances of the Female Emperor as well as Nie Jingshen’s group as the Yan family’s relationship with the Sword Sovereign had been revealed, everyone felt that the eventual result was probably still something that could not have been changed even if the Upper Exalt had arrived.

The Earthly Young Master himself already stood absolutely no chance.

Some even thought that he was probably considering how to get closer to Broad Creed Mountain, improving his relationship with them.

Therefore, they felt that how normally he had behaved during the opening ceremony was perfectly natural.

Yet, after the opening ceremony had ended, Chen Kunhua who had looked like he was normal before had become slightly abnormal.

He did not return north to the central Jun Heaven Territory as he instead headed south, arriving in the region of the Duckweed Sea in the southern domain of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

The floating duckweed down below was something that even Chen Kunhua dared not step on lightly with his cultivation base of the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm.

Even if the feather of a goose fell onto the water of the Duckweed Sea, it would instantly sink as the same applied for tiny particles like dust too.

Chen Kunhua sped along till a massive isle appeared before him as only then did he descend.

This was the location of the headquarters of a peak sect of the Duckweed Sea that was known as Overgrown Jade Island.

Their Chief was an eighth level Martial Saint as he could be considered a major figure of the entire southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Overgrown Jade Island had numerous disciples and as many experts as there were clouds.

While it was located within the Duckweed Sea, it had never lost its vigilance as it possessed strong defences despite its peaceful and harmonious appearance.

It was just that this clearly meant nothing at all to Chen Kunhua.

As he journeyed, it was like the martial practitioners of Overgrown Jade Island could not see him, being totally unable to sense his presence at all.

If those who were familiar with the situation of the Duckweed Sea saw this, they would gradually come to find it strange.

The most powerful experts that could be seen were only Seeing Divinity Martial Saints right now, with the true leaders of the sect, their three Immortal Bridge Martial Saints, nowhere to be seen.

Chen Kunhua did not find this to be any strange at all as he passed through the courtyard, arriving at the back mountain of Overgrown Jade Island.

This was the location where the peak experts of Overgrown Jade Island entered secluded cultivation.

Chen Kunhua opened the door to a sealed cave manor with practised familiarity, entering within.

It was just that after having entered, Chen Kunhua no longer appeared so laid-back as he instead drew himself to his most vigilant, alert state.

He was going to meet a certain person next.

If he could choose, Chen Kunhua was actually not very willing at all to interact with that person, even though they had grown up together, even though a major part of his glory and ease in the World beyond Worlds these past years could be attributed to him.

Chen Kunhua would still keep a respectful distance away from that person nevertheless.

Still, it was necessary to meet him this time.

Entering the depths of the cave manor, lewd sounds could instantly be heard from within.

Chen Kunhua was not unfamiliar with these noises as he recognised them as originating from acts that occurred between men and women.

Passing through the corridor and arriving at the chamber in the depths of the cave manor, light appeared before Chen Kunhua’s eyes.

A stone table and stone chair were arranged simply within the chamber.

Still, besides these, there was a conspicuous object which was clearly not of this place, instead having been brought in from outside.

It was a wooden armchair that was a symbol of seniority.

A man rested lazily in the wooden armchair, leaning back against it with a lackadaisical look on his face which expressed that there was nothing which might be able to catch his interest at all.

He looked no older than twenty on the outside as he was dressed completely in purple.

His features somewhat resembled that of the Earthly Young Master Chen Kunhua.

This was none other than the World beyond Worlds’ current number one Martial Saint, the Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua.

Still, this Heavenly Young Master who was at the head of the Ten Exalts looked rather ludicrous and sloppy.

While his features were handsome too, they were less radiant than that of his younger brother, Chen Kunhua.

It was just that the brilliant Earthly Young Master was just standing obediently by the side, completely servile at this moment.

Those lewd, bewitching noises were still resounding endlessly even now.

They came from next door.

Listening carefully, one would discover that be they male or female, amidst their extreme pleasure, within these voices were also mixed despondence, pain and even fury.

The purple-clothed youth ignored this completely as he finally turned to look at his brother, asking him lazily, “You’re back”

He looked down at people when speaking to them as it was as if the whole world owed him money.

Chen Kunhua earnestly answered, “Yes, elder brother.”

“Wait a moment.

I am nearly done with things here.

If this still does not go well, I also cannot be bothered to try finding ninth level Martial Saints to continue it with,” The purple-clothed youth waved a hand.

Chen Kunhua bowed slightly and stood silently by the side, waiting along with him.


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