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HSSB1054: Because I find it interesting


The intense emotions from next door finally descended from their peak.

The purple-clothed youth who sat in the armchair finally seemed to slightly have the mood for something as he got up and walked towards the stone chamber next door.

Chen Kunhua was expressionless as he followed after him.

Things were all messed up inside as it was still not over yet.

The male side was a middle-aged man with rather authoritative-looking features.

It was just that his face was full of defeat and despondence at this moment.

If the martial practitioners of Overgrown Jade Island were to see him now, they would probably be shocked.

This middle-aged man was clearly none other than the Chief of their Overgrown Jade Island.

He was a mid Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, a local hegemon of the Duckweed Sea.

Yet, he was like a wooden puppet at this moment as his body was totally no longer his to control.

As Chen Qianhua and his brother entered, endless fury surged within his dazed eyes, yet he was totally helpless.

Looking at the woman there, he was filled with even more embarrassment and maddening fury.

That woman clearly looked like she had been forced and unwilling too.

Still, her appearance was different from that of ordinary people.

While she had a graceful body which evoked one’s fantasies, red blood-light streaked across her purple skin, forming brilliant yet strange demonic patterns which would shake the minds of others.

Within her eyes, no white or pupils could be seen.

It was completely pitch black within her eye sockets.

Yet, these eyes birthed a strange, demonic charm which drew one within, hard pressed to extricate themselves from it.

She exuded an extreme intent of seductiveness from her entire body which no normal woman would be able to achieve.

She was clearly not attempting any such actions as she seemed filled more with a sharp, evil air from the outside.

Yet, endless, wild lasciviousness could be sensed from her.

This allure seemed to directly take effect on one’s soul as it would be difficult for anyone to stabilise their minds even if they were trying to control themselves.

Seeing this woman, the Earthly Young Master Chen Kunhua sighed inwardly, “Nine Underworld True Devils truly possess some special characteristics!”

The face of the Chief of Overgrown Jade Island was pale and deathly ashen at this moment as he felt so embarrassed and furious he wished he were dead.

This woman was, shockingly, a devil from the Nine Underworlds!

Also, it was an extremely powerful Nine Underworlds True Devil.

Not relying on its powers of bewitchment, it would still possess sufficient strength to battle an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint!

The devils of the Nine Underworlds were of various shapes and sizes, possessing myriad variations.

There were those who evoked restlessness and madness in others and those who bewitched others too.

This female devil could bewilder the minds of others, wresting away their essential qi with their lives being drained away in an instant as they mated.

It was just that this female devil clearly appeared furious as well at this moment.

Amidst that bewitching aura, the sinister, vicious intent of chaos and icy coldness grew increasingly prominent as it virtually totally suppressed her seductive appearance, revealing how unstable her mental state currently was.

During that earlier union, her power had been suppressed as she had been unable to wrest away the essence and qi of the man across from her.

She had only been able to helplessly tolerate it as they had mated just like an ordinary husband and wife, having had to bear the life essence of the man in the end.

Simply thinking of this, the Chief of Overgrown Jade Island too wished that a rift could open in the ground and swallow him up.

A martial practitioner like him who cultivated in qi and refined their essence would be able to consciously keep from leaving behind their bloodline if they did not wish to do so.

Yet, he had been unable to control himself just now as he had only been able to helplessly see himself get wasted in the end.

This had wholly been due to that purple-clothed youth!

Chen Qianhua totally ignored the gaze of the Chief of Overgrown Jade Island which seemed as though flames were about to shoot out from it as he instead looked towards that female devil.

The other party’s power of bewitchment seemed not to exist for him at all as after glancing over at her a few times, he regained that totally bored, lackadaisical look, “She’s not pregnant.”

“It looks like the union between man and devil cannot produce any offspring.”

His younger brother, Chen Kunhua, sighed, “Elder brother, didn’t you already try this with those two other Immortal Bridge Martial Saints of Overgrown Jade Island earlier”

Chen Qianhua had a completely disappointed look on his face, “I should still give this a few more tries to see how it goes.”

“Why are you so persistent regarding this, elder brother”

“Offspring from two human beings, how rare is that Offspring from man and demon-there have also been quite a few examples of these over the course of history,” Chen Qianhua said casually, “Still, there has never been offspring from union of man and devil.

I have a bit of interest in this.”

Chen Kunhua forced a smile.

Everyone knew that fallen practitioners aside, the naturally born devils of the Nine Underworlds were all nourished and birthed naturally from the qi of extreme yin and evil of the Nine Underworlds.

Offspring could not be produced from the merger of yin and yang even amongst devils themselves.

He could not help but blurt out, “Elder brother, why do you always love to do such troublesome whilst also totally meaningless things”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Chen Kunhua actually already regretted it.

The purple-clothed youth before him seemed not to be concerned about this at all as he casually replied, “Because I find it interesting.”

“You should know that interesting things are so precious and hard to come by.

This world is such a dull place.

I can only find some pleasure for myself.”

He left the room without so much as a backward glance.

The Chief of Overgrown Jade Island and that female devil were completely thrown to the back of his mind as he was already totally not concerned with it.

He always simply did as he pleased.

Behind him, Chen Kunhua sighed once more.

His elder brother was just like he had always been.

Still, he could not always let him do as he pleased.

Along with the advancement of his cultivation base, his elder brother who had always acted as he pleased had been doing more and more ludicrous things.

However much the Three Sovereigns and Five Sovereigns cherished talent, they would probably feel dissatisfied with and wary of him somewhat.

The titles of Heavenly Young Master and Upper Exalt were still rather glorious, hence allowing him to obtain the approval of most people.

Still, whatever the actual situation was, they had to put on a show up front at the very least.

With that, things were much better for him as the Earthly Young Master.

Chen Kunhua shook his head, not following his brother immediately as he instead came before the Chief of Overgrown Jade Island and that female devil.

He soundlessly raised and brought down his palm, with the lives of human and devil brought to an end at once.

Devils would be reborn in the Nine Underworlds, but that was unimportant.

It was already sufficient so long as they were silenced.

Only now did Chen Kunhua leave the stone chamber whereupon he saw his elder brother seated again on the wooden armchair with a totally lazy look on his face.

Chen Qianhua naturally knew what his brother had done.

Still, he didn’t care.

Whether they were killed or not meant nothing to him.

“So you went to Broad Creed Mountain.

How did it go”

“They were stronger than I expected.”

Chen Kunhua narrated the entire course of events from Broad Creed Mountain’s opening ceremony.

Chen Qianhua listened on lazily.

Only when he heard about the Earth Mother Dao Ritual, the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud and Yan Di’s origins did his eyes light up slightly.

“I like unexpected events like these,” The purple-clothed youth smiled as he got up and stretched lazily, “It has been a long time since I met anyone so interesting.

If not for the fact that I have one matter on hand that I am even more interested in, I would really like to have some fun with them.”

Chen Kunhua looked at his elder brother upon hearing this as he was met with a mysterious smile, “Aren’t you curious as to why the Brocade Emperor failed to show up all throughout”

“Was it your handiwork, elder brother”

“No, it was Zhuang Shen’s,” Chen Qianhua said with a leisurely expression on his face, “Zhuang Shen was boring his entire life, but who would have thought that he would do such an interesting thing before his death.

It is a pity that I did not notice it earlier.

Otherwise, there may have been more pleasant surprises if I had headed to Broad Creed Mountain and rescued him.”

Chen Kunhua felt rather curious, “What exactly is up with the Brocade Emperor”

Chen Qianhua smiled, “He’s gone crazy.”

Chen Kunhua was rendered dazed right there and then.

“You never would have thought, right” Chen Qianhua laughed loudly, “Me too! That’s why I find it interesting!”

“How could I not go take a look for something like that”

Amidst his laughter, he transformed into a streak of rainbow light, directly traversing numerous mountains as he disappeared from Overgrown Jade Island.


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