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HSSB106: Striking the hot iron still requires one to be tough


After the father and son duo had stopped laughing, Yan Zhaoge retracted his smile, “When our family immigrated over to the Heaven Domain…”

As Yan Zhaoge narrated all of what had happened during his clash with Yan Xu, Yan Di’s face sunk, as Yan Zhaoge could clearly see a dense balefulness within his eyes.

After a long time, Yan Di said slowly, “This matter still cannot be considered over.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, following up with a sound transmission with his aura-qi, “Last time, the spirit pill I mentioned to you that should be able to cure Grand Master’s injuries-there’s been some progress regarding it.”

Yan Di’s expression didn’t change, but his gaze turned focused, “How’s it going”

“The characters in that book recording down clues about this pill are extremely rare and ancient, and deciphering them is rather difficult,” Yan Zhaoge answered, “However, a considerable portion of it has already been deciphered, and I have also dispatched people to gather all the required medicinal ingredients first.”

“As long as a basic level of proficiency is achieved, the remaining contents of the pill formula should be deciphered at a much higher rate.”

Yan Di spoke, “Other than martial arts, you have liked studying many miscellaneous things since young, especially being infatuated with research on ancient characters of before the Great Calamity.

Your considerable talent in this area is now proving to be useful.”

“Work hard on it; if Master can make a full recovery, his chances of becoming a Martial Saint will be extremely high.”

As he said this, Yan Di looked into the distance, “The wind has been getting stronger and the tides more violent.”

The great battle that had played out in the lands of the Eastern Tang was a beginning, while also an end.

If one said that it was a beginning, it was because it had led to a large scale war that enveloped the surrounding five thousand kilometres in all directions, involving both the Heaven and Fire Domains.

The conflict between the two Sacred Grounds, Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan, had risen to a whole new level, no longer only limited to the local rivalry and antagonism of the past.

Other than the Eastern Tang Kingdom as well as the rest of the East Heaven Region, the South and West Heaven Regions had also been affected.

In the other places where their two Domains shared a common border, full-out wars erupted; and other than the Heaven and Fire Domains, even the Wind Domain was affected by all this.

If one said that it was an end, it was because that battle in the Eastern Tang had roughly set the course of the overall battle situation.

The Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler finally successfully managed to retreat to the clan’s World Illuminating Peak, whereupon they relied on the grand formation guarding their clan as well as the geography of the Fire Domain to withstand the invading Broad Creed Mountain and Jade Sea City.

Due to this, the Sacred Sun Clan also managed to grit their teeth and stay tolerant, not alerting their Grand Elder, the East Coming Martial Saint Huang Guanglie, who was currently in the midst of secluded cultivation.

However, during the chase, in order to escape, the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler had suffered a great blow to its vitality.

Their upper echelons having fallen at a disadvantage, the other garrisoned forces of the Sacred Sun Clan stationed in many places were also steadily forced into retreat.

The various mid-tier powers closely affiliated to both sides also began clashing intensely.

Naturally, the subordinate powers of Broad Creed Mountain won a grand and complete victory.

In this time’s large-scale conflict, the Sacred Sun Clan could only swallow the bitter fruit and retract their claws and fangs.

On the World Illuminating Peak, a few of the Sacred Sun Clan’s upper echelons were seated.

Pan Botai looked at the World Illuminating Lord, “How is the Chief”

The World Illuminating Lord answered, “With the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler suffering a blow to its vitality, the Chief was also injured.

However, his injuries are still not too serious.”

Pan Botai’s face turned green, “Broad Creed Mountain…Jade Sea City…what you did today, I will definitely pay back tenfold in the future!”

“Although our Sacred Sun Clan was plotted against this time and suffered a great loss as a result, it has not actually damaged us at a fundamental level,” The East Rising Lord said, “When the old Clan Chief leaves seclusion, we can immediately go and settle things with that Broad Creed Mountain and Jade Sea City!”

The World Illuminating Lord shook his head slowly, “If we want to take back what we lost this time, it will be very easy; but if we want to completely settle things with Broad Creed Mountain, we cannot take them lightly.”

“Yuan Zhengfeng will most likely be entering secluded cultivation in an attempt to break through into the Martial Saint realm this time.

With those old injuries of his, his chances aren’t good.”

“While it’s fine if he fails, if he actually succeeds, Broad Creed Mountain’s power will also rise as a result.”

“Having miscalculated this time, it will be very hard for us to create disruption for him anymore.”

The Twilight Lord said, “First, ensure that in the upcoming Extreme Yin Bout, we wrest the Extreme Yin Crown back!”

“With the Extreme Yin Crown, our current predicament will be immediately improved, and with Yuan Zhengfeng intending to go into secluded cultivation, we will also have another chance.”

The World Illuminating Lord nodded, his expression turning somewhat grave, “What I’m afraid of now is them making use of the powerful momentum they currently possess to exclude my Sacred Sun Clan disciples from the Extreme Yin Bout.”

The East Rising Lord raised his brows, “On what basis”

The World Illuminating Lord gazed over, “If they managed to convince Infinite Boundless Mountain and Turbid Wave Pavilion, what do you think”

The East Rising Lord sucked in a deep breath, “The old Chief going into secluded cultivation has brought them all pressure.”

Pan Botai said, “Contact Infinite Boundless Mountain and Turbid Wave Pavilion, and, if necessary, promise them some things, in order to ensure the Extreme Yin Crown!”


Mountain Domain, on the road back to Infinite Boundless Mountain.

Gazing back into the distance, Zhao Hao was already no longer able to see the mountains and the rivers of the Eastern Tang.

His gaze was slightly cold, as he remained silent and unspeaking.

Currently, the arrogance between his eyebrows had faded somewhat, though not because of the Martial Grandmaster of Infinite Boundless Mountain standing beside him.

It was because in the events that had transpired in the Eastern Tang this time, he had once again suffered a setback at the hands of Yan Zhaoge.

While he put no one in his eyes, his powers of discernment and judgement were both not weak.

Within the Sealing Dragon Abyss, Yan Zhaoge had been able to rouse the King of the Eastern Tang Kingdom, Zhao Shicheng, within such a short period of time.

The efficiency and speed of this left even him shocked and sighing in wonder.

Once could still be attributed to coincidence, but having it happen a consecutive time, Zhao Hao could not help but question where the problem lay.

He began attaching more importance to Yan Zhaoge within his heart, yet did not even consider avoidance as an option.

On the contrary, towards the Yan Zhaoge who had continuously spoiled his good plans, Zhao Hao began truly welling up with a killing intent for the first time.

Unable to remain in the Eastern Tang any longer, he had to follow those of Infinite Boundless Mountain back to their clan, losing much of his freedom in the process.

This caused an oppressive feeling to weigh down upon his heart.

And all of this had its roots in Yan Zhaoge’s actions.

Zhao Hao had originally already been averse to Broad Creed Mountain that was behind Yan Zhaoge.

Now, his feeling of antipathy towards it was so fundamental that it could no longer be added on to.

“Time, I need time; just give me a little more time and it’ll all be good!”

“Yan Zhaoge, Broad Creed Mountain…we have only just begun,” Zhao Hao retracted his gaze, looking elsewhere.

He had no wish to join Infinite Boundless Mountain, but since the situation dictated that it should be so, he would try as much as possible to obtain for himself the best possible treatment there, also achieving a higher position.

Zhao Hao was not going to slowly climb up the ranks like any ordinary new disciple, being at the beck and call of others.

Beside him, Infinite Boundless Mountain’s original Principal Elder in the Eastern Tang, Elder He, was currently following behind a middle-aged man.

“Following this war, the Sacred Sun Clan is now completely unable to gain a foothold in the Eastern Tang.

Having already thoroughly offended the Sacred Sun Clan, Broad Creed Mountain will also not want to stand at odds with our clan any longer,” The middle-aged man said, “However, remaining in the Eastern Tang, you will still have to keep a low profile for the time being.”

He looked at Elder He, “Guarding the industries as well as influence our clan currently possesses there will already be enough.”

Elder He nodded, “I understand; may First Seat Elder rest easy.”

That middle-aged man also glanced back in the direction of the Eastern Tang, “When Huang Guanglie leaves seclusion, the Sacred Sun Clan will no longer have to play this kind of little games-they would be able to just directly crush their opponents with their power.”

“At the end of the day, striking the hot iron still requires one to be tough; our clan also needs to develop as fast as possible.”

Zhao Hao suddenly said, “Gentlemen, this Infinite Boundless Mountain’s development that you speak of-perhaps it lies right before your eyes.”

“Hmmm” The middle-aged man and Elder He swivelled their heads over in unison to look at him.

Pointing in the direction of the north, Zhao Hao said in a casual manner, “Cloud Portent Mountain.”

The eyes of the middle-aged man and Elder He simultaneously burst forth with a brilliant light.


The former Earth Domain, the current Hell.

Within the darkness, a faint streak of light could vaguely be seen.

No figures were visible, yet voices could be heard.

“Han Sheng, has fallen within the hands of Broad Creed Mountain.”

“A person who never succeeds in what he does yet is accomplished with past misachievements.”

“What Han Sheng knows is still limited, though, not affecting the wider scheme of things.

It’s just that the lead for discovering the historical remains of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint has also fallen into Broad Creed Mountain’s hands.”

“No matter; there are still feasible methods.

We’ll wait till sufficient preparations have been made in the other matters, waiting silently till the opportunity comes.”



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