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HSSB1060: Hidden Sea Sword, Wind Thunder Manor


In the eyes of others, since Yan Zhaoge’s plan could be actualised, Jade Capital Crag would definitely have been in the know about it.

Thus, it was not important if people actually went to watch over the location or not.

Even if they were totally unfamiliar with the area, with Yan Zhaoge himself going to set things up, he would definitely be able to establish a solid foundation.

Not mentioning his backer, the Sword Sovereign, his own strength alone was already sufficient to sweep through any single place in the central Jun Heaven Territory outside of Kunlun Mountain.

Therefore, his requesting of someone to come from Jade Capital Crag was more to express a stance.

If he benefited from this venture, he was willing to have Jade Capital Crag enjoy the fruits of this too.

“If it truly is inconvenient for a senior apprentice-brother from Jade Capital Crag to appear in person, I wonder if senior apprentice-brother Wang has any sect that you can trust and are closer to within the central Jun Heaven Territory” Yan Zhaoge added, “Requesting their participation is fine too.”

Wang Pu shook his head, “There is no need for that.

Which part of it is inconvenient”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “It would naturally be best if a senior apprentice-brother from Jade Capital Crag assists us.

Still, to pick things up quickly and for greater momentum with news being spread quickly, we would still require the participation of the local powers.”

“That’s easy,” Wang Pu said, “Follow me.”

The two left Dragon Butterfly Valley and returned to the Northern High Peak’s Jade Capital Crag.

Wang Pu brought Yan Zhaoge to a secluded chamber, knocking on the door.

A young man who looked around thirty on the outside emerged from within.

“What wind has blown you over, senior apprentice-brother Wang, junior apprentice-brother Yan” The young man smiled, greeting them.

His name was Qiu Jiahai and he was an early Immortal Bridge Martial Saint who was acclaimed as the ‘Hidden Sea Sword’.

He was naturally older than Yan Zhaoge.

Still, he was extremely young relative to his current cultivation level.

The other party was comparatively amicable and slick and flexible in his actions as others would virtually be unable to sense that this was a domineering sword cultivator.

Amongst the various disciples of Jade Capital Crag, he was the one who was on the best terms with martial practitioners of the outside world, having the most connections.

Still, he was actually tough on the outside as well as the inside, just that his sharpness was constantly hidden within.

Despite appearing casual and easygoing most of the time, he was firm and resolute with regard to his principles.

This was why he possessed the nickname of the Hidden Sea Sword.

It described how he was endlessly able to accept and bear others like an ocean, yet still possessed the sharpness of a sword that was concealed within.

When Yan Zhaoge had first arrived at Jade Capital Crag, Wang Pu and Nie Jingshen had introduced him to the people there.

Thus, he naturally knew Qiu Jiahai too.

From this, he knew that Wang Pu was indeed acting with him and Broad Creed Mountain in mind.

Of the people of Jade Capital Crag, Qiu Jiahai was the best candidate to assist in the plans that he would be implementing thereafter besides Wang Pu himself.

“I will have to bother senior apprentice-brother Qiu to help with some matters,” Yan Zhaoge cupped his hands, chuckling.

Qiu Jiahai smiled, “Nah, it will be no trouble at all.

Just say it.”

On hearing the intentions of Yan Zhaoge and Wang Pu, a quizzical look first appeared on Qiu Jiahai’s face before he asked, “Oh, junior apprentice-brother Yan actually still possesses such methods”

Still, he smiled soon afterwards, “Well, compared to the Earth Mother Dao Ritual, the Internal Crystal Furnace is really nothing at all.”

Qiu Jiahai nodded straightforwardly, “Alright, I will assist you in this.

When will you be starting”

“First, we must find a power within the central Jun Heaven Territory, outside of Kunlun Mountain.

With that as a basis, it will be convenient for our commencement and initial expansion as well as the broadcasting of information,” Yan Zhaoge said, “I wonder if senior apprentice-brother Qiu has a sect that you are familiar with”

Qiu Jiahai looked at Wang Pu who smiled, “You have better connections than I do.

I will leave this matter to you then.”

“We will naturally have to find someone we trust who is also reliable,” Despite being familiar with everyone to the point that he could easily say their names out loud, Qiu Jiahai still considered this very carefully for a time.

Many choices immediately flashed through his mind as he made his selection, ultimately choosing a single power.

“How about the Wind Thunder Manor” Qiu Jiahai asked Wang Pu.

Wang Pu thought for a moment before smiling, “It could not be any more suitable.”

He said to Yan Zhaoge, “The Wind Thunder Manor is a major power of the eastern Connected Cloud Mountain Range of the central Jun Heaven Territory.

Its current manor lord, Heng Xianda, is also someone who has wide-ranging connections.”

He said to Yan Zhaoge, “The Wind Thunder Manor is renowned beneath the heavens for artifact forging.

It has branch altars in various areas within the central Jun Heaven Territory with stores laid out everywhere, even having branches in the other eight Territories of the World beyond Worlds.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “I too heard the famed name of the Wind Thunder Manor in the southeast.

Still, their branch altar that is in the southeast is in the northwest of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

The Royal Reed Sea does not have one.”

Qiu Jiahai similarly smiled, “The Wind Thunder Manor has a long history.

It was established over a thousand years ago, having always been on good terms with our Jade Capital Crag ever since.

They are definitely fully trustworthy.”

This was actually the most important point.

There were also other choices which had advantages in other areas.

Still, after considering it over and over again, Qiu Jiahai still recommended the Wind Thunder Manor in the end.

“It is indeed the most suitable choice,” Yan Zhaoge nodded, “If senior apprentice-brother Qiu is free enough to, how about we pay a visit to this Wind Thunder Manor together now”

Qiu Jiahai said, “Of course.”

The two took their leave of Wang Pu as Qiu Jiahai led the way and Yan Zhaoge accompanied him east.

Leaving the lands of Kunlun Mountain and heading eastwards, they traversed a vast area of territory and gradually arrived in the vicinity of the Connected Cloud Mountain Range that was in the eastern region of the central Jun Heaven Territory.

Not long after entering the Connected Cloud Mountain Range, the heavens before them dimmed.

The sky was filled densely with thunderclouds as streaks of lightning and thunder unceasingly traversed the area.

In the distant horizon, the phenomenon of violent thunder gradually appeared, dense bolts of thunder and lightning descending from the skies like torrential rain as they unceasingly chopped towards the mountain peaks down below.

The perils therein were virtually comparable to that of the endless magnetic storms within the Clear Scenic Region of the Royal Reed Sea.

“That is where the Wind Thunder Manor is located,” Qiu Jiahai pointed at the ocean of thunderbolts in the horizon, “The descendants of the Wind Thunder Manor are proficient in artifact forging.

Thunder from the heavens is employed to help them in this, being quite a unique method.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “The Splendid Thunder Metal Forging Art is an ancient art of pre-Great Calamity times.

I wonder if that which the Wind Thunder Manor possesses is the complete version”

Qiu Jiahai nodded solemnly, “The Splendid Thunder Metal Forging Art of the Wind Thunder Manor’s Heng Family is the complete legacy.

After being analysed by descendants for many years thereafter, it vaguely appears as if it has been refined and perfected yet further.”

“That is quite remarkable then,” Yan Zhaoge’s eyes lit up slightly.

In this world, it was not that things from the past were always better than things from the present, the new being inferior to the old.

A small portion of techniques were indeed already at the maximum of what was achievable.

They could only attain new heights if they completely broke free of the great dao of this world.

Most of them were still constantly in the midst of being improved and refined though wrong turns could be taken and actions might be repeated.

It was just a pity that the glorious civilisation of Daoism had been greatly damaged during the Great Calamity as many techniques that had already attained considerable heights had been discontinued.

Thus, the people of post-Great Calamity times could only resume their footsteps from the ruins of the past.

As a result, some things of the current generation appeared rough and undeveloped as compared to those from pre-Great Calamity times.

This problem was manifested much more clearly in the Eight Extremities World, the Vast Ocean World and the other lower worlds.

Meanwhile, the situation was much more optimistic in the World beyond Worlds.

Yan Zhaoge had a complete version of the Splendid Thunder Metal Forging Art of pre-Great Calamity times.

Still, if the Wind Thunder Manor’s Heng Family had really been able to improve that past technique, Yan Zhaoge was very interested in taking a look at it.


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