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HSSB1061: Conquest


As Yan Zhaoge and Qiu Jiahai approached the vicinity of the rampaging thunder, out of propriety, they halted as Qiu Jiahai reported his identity.

Soon, the thunderbolts began to gradually weaken as they were ultimately quelled.

While the sky was still densely filled with dark clouds, the terrifying thunderbolts from earlier which had seemed as if they could destroy the heavens and extinguish the earth had already disappeared.

Between some mountains, a large manor appeared before the eyes of Yan Zhaoge and Qiu Jiahai.

The manor hovered in mid-air with thunderbolts down below that appeared solid as they were manifested as pillars which supported it.

“This Heng has failed to welcome you who have come a long way.

Please take no offence,” Amidst these words, the door of the manor opened as a tall old man emerged from within, walking towards Yan Zhaoge and Qiu Jiahai.

Many others followed him out too as they grandly stood in line to receive Yan Zhaoge and Qiu Jiahai.

That old man was actually a late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint.

Yet, while he had grandly come out to greet these two youngsters who were so much younger than him at this moment, all the martial practitioners of Wind Thunder Manor who were present did not find this to be strange in the least.

The old man was the current Lord of Wind Thunder Manor, Heng Xianda.

Not considering Kunlun Mountain, this old man could be considered a major figure of the central Jun Heaven Territory.

“It has been a long time, Mister Qiu,” He first greeted Qiu Jiahai who he was acquainted with before his gaze fell on Yan Zhaoge, “You must be the Yan Family’s Fallen Deity.

This old man, Heng Xianda, greets you.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, cupping his hands, “You are polite, Manor Lord Heng.

It was me who arrived unannounced today.”

Heng Xianda led the two inside the manor and got them seated and served with tea before he asked curiously, “I wonder what the two of you have come for”

“So it was like this…” Heng Xianda was rather taken aback after Qiu Jiahai had explained their intentions in coming this time as he looked towards Yan Zhaoge.

Honestly speaking, Heng Xianda was not all that concerned with the Internal Crystal Furnace.

First not mentioning how his Wind Thunder Manor already had an Internal Crystal Furnace, the martial practitioners of Wind Thunder Manor were virtually all proficient in artifact forging.

The branch altars of Wind Thunder Manor that were scattered throughout the World beyond Worlds actually formed a network which they used to sell various weapons of all kind.

High-grade Sacred Artifacts and mid-grade Sacred Artifacts aside, Wind Thunder Manor sold the excess weapons that they forged with they had an abundance of.

They would even trade away mid-grade Sacred Artifacts occasionally.

As for high-grade Sacred Artifacts, Wind Thunder Manor was one of the few powers besides Kunlun Mountain that could make it such that all their Immortal Bridge Martial Saints possessed one.

The weapons produced here were a well-known brand name within the central Jun Heaven Territory and even the entire World beyond Worlds.

If Yan Zhaoge wanted to make use of their network to pave the way for a store of his own, he would become a business competitor of theirs of a sort.

Of course, Heng Xianda would not refuse to cooperate due to his relationship with Jade Capital Crag.

Deep in his heart, he did not actually believe that Yan Zhaoge could truly create a major disturbance.

Granted, Yan Zhaoge possessed outstanding strength and shocking talent.

Still, martial cultivation was different from artifact forging, pill concoction and formations etcetera.

While they were related, they could not all be measured by the same benchmark.

When he first heard this, Heng Xianda thought that Yan Zhaoge had likely obtained some treasures by chance which he wished to sell.

“I wonder what else Mister Yan intends to sell besides the Internal Crystal Furnace This old man can contact buyers on your behalf,” Heng Xianda said, “There will probably not be a need to spread this throughout the entire World beyond Worlds.

Even if the quantity is large, if the products truly are good, you will be able to sell them for sure.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “The products are naturally all good.

They are great in quantity and wide in variety too.”

“The Internal Crystal Furnace is just one of them.

It is not just a single Internal Crystal Furnace or a dozen of them that I wish to sell.

Instead, it is many of them.”

He paused momentarily before emphasising again, “A whole bunch of them.”

Heng Xianda was instantly rendered dazed, “A whole bunch of…Internal Crystal Furnaces”

He regained his wits, shocked.

Yan Zhaoge had emphasised that there were a whole bunch of Internal Crystal Furnaces.

This meant that they did not number in the single or even double digits.

They would number into the hundreds at the very least!

Heng Xianda did not speak as he snuck a glance at Qiu Jiahai.

He was currently wondering whether he had offended Jade Capital Crag or Broad Creed Mountain in any way such that they were specifically coming to make things difficult for his Wind Thunder Manor now.

The greatest allure of Connected Cloud Mountain’s Wind Thunder Manor’s Heng Family for Yan Zhaoge and Qiu Jiahai was the fact that they possessed a network for the selling of weapons.

In other words, they could actually be considered a notable arms dealer of the World beyond Worlds.

In coming to borrow their sales network now, Yan Zhaoge was not becoming a business competitor but utterly decimating his business.

He was not going to sell weapons, yes.

Still, he was going to sell Internal Crystal Furnaces that aided one greatly in the forging of weapons!

With the power of the Internal Crystal Furnace, people would be able to forge artifacts of their own for sure.

How would there still be a need to buy the weapons of their Wind Thunder Manor

Heng Xianda felt that Yan Zhaoge was not here to establish a cooperative relationship at all.

Instead, he had come to find trouble with them!

Considering Yan Zhaoge’s strength and Jade Capital Crag’s might, those of Wind Thunder Manor felt rather furious yet dared not voice anything out loud.

The others of the Heng Family looked down at the ground while Heng Xianda gazed fixatedly at Qiu Jiahai.

Qiu Jiahai smiled.

He had not recommended Wind Thunder Manor to Yan Zhaoge with the knowledge that it would fail for sure as he was not finding trouble for Wind Thunder Manor too.

Instead, he had done so because when Yan Zhaoge had revealed his intentions, there had also been some other items besides the Internal Crystal Furnace.

Qiu Jiahai believed that after those of Wind Thunder Manor had heard about one of them, it would definitely not be this expression that remained on their faces.

Therefore, he remained totally composed and not flustered in the least.

Yan Zhaoge similarly ignored the expressions of the martial practitioners of Wind Thunder Manor as he continued, “Besides the Internal Crystal Furnace, there are also Ghost God Heavenly Brew, Vajra Thunder…”

Upon hearing the words ‘Vajra Thunder’, the ears of all from Wind Thunder Manor simultaneously twitched.

Their gazes collectively converged on Yan Zhaoge.

If it were anybody else, they would virtually be steamed alive by the heat of the gazes of those of the Heng Family.

Still, Yan Zhaoge remained wholly composed as he continued speaking, unperturbed.

Despite knowing that he was being rude, Heng Xianda was unable to hold himself back as he interrupted Yan Zhaoge, “Please wait, Mister Yan, please wait.

Forgive this old man’s rudeness, but you seem to have mentioned Vajra Thunder earlier”

“That’s right,” Yan Zhaoge did not mind this interruption, “I did mention Vajra Thunder earlier.”

Heng Xianda inhaled deeply, “Is that the Vajra Thunder that was the treasure of the lineage of Golden Thunder Mountain in pre-Great Calamity times”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “It is precisely so.”

Vajra Thunder was a treasure once possessed by Golden Thunder Mountain, a powerful sect of Daoism in pre-Great Calamity times.

It was greatly efficacious, being proficient in harming the weapons of others.

Once released, a streak of golden thunder would fly out and automatically home in on metallic objects before sticking to them and exploding.

It could inflict immense damage on the weapons of enemies.

Even most Sacred Artifacts would suffer a great blow to their vitality and have their spirituality diminished greatly, that is if they were not destroyed first.

If the one who had unleashed the Vajra Thunder attacked at this point in time, they would either possess the advantage in terms of weapons or gain the chance to completely destroy the weapon of their opponent.

If they had been evenly matched before, this would be able to influence the eventual battle result.

Still, the greatest value of this treasure with regard to Wind Thunder Manor was not its function, instead being the fact that it could assist in the cultivation of their martial practitioners!


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