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HSSB1066: Difficult to identify as friend or foe


Qiu Jiahai looked at Wang Pu, “Has the Concealed Sovereign been notified of this”

Wang Pu shook his head, “The Concealed Sovereign definitely already knows of the Brocade Emperor’s return.

Still, we are only guessing about the Brocade Emperor’s current state, having no actual proof of this.”

“Of the bigwigs who are currently in the World beyond Worlds, the Female Emperor will definitely not be involved in this,” Qiu Jiahai said, “That leaves…the Heaven Emperor”

He, Yan Zhaoge and Wang Pu exchanged glances, the three shaking their heads in unison.

It would already be great if that person did not stage a robbery amidst the fire.

Wang Pu said, “Whatever the case, the main thing now is to confirm what the Brocade Emperor is thinking and ascertain if junior apprentice-brother Yan’s guess is accurate.”

He looked at Qiu Jiahai, “Junior apprentice-brother Qiu, I will have to trouble you to make a trip to the south.”

Qiu Jiahai nodded, “Very well.”

Yan Zhaoge suddenly said now, “I should be the one to go.”

Wang Pu and Qiu Jiahai both looked at him, with the latter hesitating momentarily before he asked, “Junior apprentice-brother Yan, it couldn’t be that towards Red Lotus Fu, you…”

“Red Lotus Fu is outstanding and I admire her greatly.

Still, that’s all this is to it.

I have no intention of pursuing her,” Yan Zhaoge waved a hand dismissively.

He lightly rubbed his temple.

Back then, he had already thought about this when he had guessed that Meng Wan’s father should have an extraordinary background.

It was very difficult to say how the Brocade Emperor would treat this additional daughter of his who had suddenly appeared.

She could be too much of a stranger to him as the relationship between them thus remained distant.

The Brocade Emperor could dislike her for having caused him to plummet to his current dismal state.

Yet, it might also be that he would give her whatever she wanted in order to compensate her due to his guilt.

The first two possibilities would not affect him.

Still, Yan Zhaoge had to pay attention to the last one.

Meng Wan who hailed from the Sacred Sun Clan had never displayed clear hostility towards Broad Creed Mountain before.

All and any friction between them had stemmed from the battle between the two sides in the Eight Extremities World as she had no personal enmity with them whatsoever.

She was also close as sisters with Feng Yunsheng.

Still, the Sacred Sun Clan had been destroyed by Broad Creed Mountain at the end of the day.

It was fine when Meng Wan had lacked the capabilities, but what would she do after she had gained them

Meanwhile, what sort of attitude would the Brocade Emperor have towards this

The current Broad Creed Mountain was supported by the Northern High Peak’s Jade Capital Crag.

The problem was that the current Brocade Emperor was in an abnormal state and could not be judged by normal standards.

This was especially significant as the Sword Sovereign, Yue Zhenbei, had currently still yet to return to the World beyond Worlds.

Yan Zhaoge had no choice but to pay attention to this problem.

If some Martial Saint expert were to descend to the Eight Extremities World, Yan Zhaoge would not be concerned about it at all.

He would descend too, with both sides being suppressed at the third level of the Martial Saint realm together as anyone who came would not be able to return.

Still, when True Immortals descended to lower worlds, their cultivation bases would not be restricted by the dimensional boundaries of the heavens and the earth!

It would not be an exaggeration to say that if the Brocade Emperor descended into the Eight Extremities World, just one single loud cough on his part could simply reduce it all to nothing.

If he headed to the Eight Extremities World through the Royal Reed Sea, Yan Zhaoge would be helpless.

First not speaking of how the Brocade Emperor possessed an Immortal Artifact, even if he was bare-handed, the method that had been effective against the Heaven Emperor would not work on him.

Of course, this was the worst case scenario.

Meng Wan might not do anything to harm Broad Creed Mountain, and it was the same for the Brocade Emperor.

It was even the case that whether or not Meng Wan was currently still alive was unknown.

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge was currently rather curious as to what the Brocade Emperor was thinking.

Also, his father was currently leading members of the sect in expanding into the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

His path would coincide with that of the Brocade Emperor as he headed south.

Fortunately, Shi Jun and the others had already settled down at Jade Capital Crag, and his affairs at Dragon Butterfly Valley and Wind Thunder Manor were already settled too.

Wang Pu and Qiu Jiahai would be assisting him in the initial stages of preparations after this.

Yan Zhaoge did not mind departing from Kunlun Mountain at this moment.

After taking his leave of Wang Pu and Qiu Jiahai, Yan Zhaoge headed south for the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

As he travelled, news was unceasingly transmitted to him.

With Jade Capital Crag supporting him, the thing Yan Zhaoge was most satisfied with was that he was able to utilise its information channels a great deal.

While it would still surely be impossible for him to have full control over them, Wang Pu was still rather generous with him in this area.

Therefore, after Broad Creed Mountain’s opening ceremony, Yan Zhaoge had felt all at once like many things in the Worlds beyond Worlds which he had not understood before were no longer completely unbeknownst to him as there was more information which was accessible for him.

The latest news that had arrived was that the Brocade Emperor had arrived at Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope.

It was already a deserted location now.

The Brocade Emperor had remained there for a short while before immediately leaving, going around everywhere to search for those of Wutong Slope who had moved away!

“Is it because he wants to take revenge for Zhuang Shen’s actions or is it because of something else” Yan Zhaoge wondered.

As he left the central Jun Heaven Territory and arrived in the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, some more information came in.

The Brocade Emperor spread word that he was not going to find trouble for Mao Yuansheng and co.

He had only come to the south to look for someone, wanting them to tell him the person’s location.

The first name that immediately appeared in Yan Zhaoge’s mind was none other than Liu Xianting!

This was Meng Wan’s mother.

“I just wonder how this will end,” Yan Zhaoge traversed the Region of Thousand Lakes.

This was where the southern Blazing Heaven Territory bordered the central Jun Heaven Territory.

When Yan Zhaoge had rampaged through the south that year, this was where Peng He, Qing Shuzi and the others had believed he would leave the south through.

Going further south from the Region of Thousand Lakes, one would arrive at the Endless Mountain Range which Yan Zhaoge had once visited before.

As Yan Zhaoge continued heading south, yet more news was transmitted to him.

‘Phoenix Crying Southern Territory’ Mao Yuansheng had finally appeared.

He had left after a short meeting with the Brocade Emperor, who had indeed not made things difficult for him.

Also, after Mao Yuansheng had left, the Brocade Emperor had not stayed where he was as he had instead gone to the Flooded Flat Plains in the southeast of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

Finally, he had stopped by a huge lake in the northern region of the plains.

The Star Reflecting Lake was a famous scenic spot of the Flooded Flat Plains which was renowned throughout the entire southern Blazing Heaven Territory, being relatively well-known even in the World beyond Worlds itself.

After arriving at the Star Reflecting Lake, the Brocade Emperor had stopped and ceased to move.

His strength had completely sealed and locked down the heavens and earth about Star Reflecting Lake.

When everyone else got there, they were unable to approach, only able to watch on from the side while waiting for stronger experts to arrive.

The news transmitted by Wang Pu had already drawn the attention of the Southern High Peak’s Qilin Cliff as the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng had sent disciples over to take a look at things in the south.

Yan Zhaoge travelled southward, arriving in the Flooded Flat Plains.

Gazing over from far away, he saw a black hemisphere in the horizon which looked incomparably massive as it was affixed above the great earth.

Closer to it, one would discover that it was not pure black as it was half white and half black, resembling Taiji as the two colours intermingled.

This hemisphere was located at Star Reflecting Lake as the entire lake was currently enveloped by it.

Approaching the black and white hemisphere, Yan Zhaoge discovered that people were gathered on its outskirts in several groups as they observed it.

Yan Zhaoge was more familiar with two of them.

One of them was his second apprentice-uncle, Fang Zhun of Broad Creed Mountain.

The other was a personal disciple of the Brocade Emperor’s from Ingenious Flying Peak’s Red Lotus Cliff, He Xixing.

Fang Zhun had accompanied Yan Di in their conquest of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

He Xixing had come from Ingenious Flying Peak not long ago at Yan Zhaoge’s reminder as he had specifically come south to look for the Brocade Emperor of whom no news had been heard at all.

In the end, not long after he had arrived, the Brocade Emperor had returned to the World beyond Worlds, even having come straight to the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

Yet, He Xixing felt helpless at the fact that he had yet to meet his Master even once since his return.


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