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HSSB107: Borrowing a chicken to lay an egg


After that, Yan Zhaoge no longer had any need to remain in the Eastern Tang.

Whereas, Yan Di would still have to sit over the East Heaven Region, entering the Fire Domain and coordinating with Shi Tie and the others should the need arise.

“The pill formula that you’ve talked about should be a top priority,” Before they parted, Yan Di instructed Yan Zhaoge, “Decipher all the ancient characters as soon as possible, and carefully verify the medicinal principles contained within the pill formula.

To our clan, this is extremely important.”

“Who knows when Huang Guanglie will leave seclusion, but if when he does, our clan still does not have a Martial Saint, the pressure we will face will be even greater than previously in the Eastern Tang.”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge nodded lightly, “Time waits for no man; I suggested everyone taking the risk this time precisely because of this reason.”

“And especially with the third Extreme Yin Bout right around the corner; if the Extreme Yin Crown ends up in the hands of the Sacred Sun Clan, without even Huang Guanglie having to leave seclusion, the balance of power will already have swung towards them.”

Yan Di asked, “Jade Sea City’s Maiden of Extreme Yin has had her cultivation increase by leaps and bounds over the past year with the help of the Extreme Yin Crown.”

“In the contest between the Maidens of Extreme Yin, because of how the Extreme Yin Crown is, it is destined that the strong will only grow stronger.

If no unforeseen circumstances crop up, the previous victor of the bout would naturally have an advantage over the others.”

“You really think that the Sacred Sun Clan’s Meng Wan stands the best chance of winning”

Yan Zhaoge answered slowly, “I’ve have heard Feng Yunsheng’s careful description of her.

Meng Wan possesses both the innate martial talent of a martial practitioner as well as the inborn power of Extreme Yin as possessed by a Maiden of Extreme Yin, being extremely outstanding in both areas.”

“As for the Sacred Sun, their preparations for the Extreme Yin Bout are the most extensive amongst all the Sacred Grounds.

That was why they could have two candidates, Feng Yunsheng and Meng Wan prepared for the first Extreme Yin Bout, with Meng Wan obtaining the victory.”

Yan Zhaoge said while curling his lips, “Having so generously agreed to the Extreme Yin Bout that year, it was clearly because they were fully confident in their own abilities.

What seemed like a fair competition was actually just their idea to stuff the thing in their own pocket; who knows how they were laughing at us for being foolish in their hearts.”

“In the second Extreme Yin Bout, Meng Wan participated while injured; it was something no one could have predicted.

Otherwise, with all those advantages adding up together, the Extreme Yin Crown would almost definitely have been theirs.”

Yan Di said, “Then it’s still a fair competition; being able have more extensive preparations than others is a testament of their capabilities.”

“Unlike our clan; if not for your discovery this time, we would still not even have successfully found a single Maiden of Extreme Yin.”

“You swore earlier that you would be able to get Feng Yunsheng’s Extreme Yin Physique to recover.

You’ve also got to keep this matter in your mind; this should also be a top priority.”

Yan Zhaoge immediately nodded his head, “You can rest easy; I’ve got it covered.”

After a slight pause, he continued, “If this time’s Extreme Yin Bout really is so unsafe, we should really begin making plans for it as soon as possible.”

He looked towards the north, “The Turbid Wave Pavilion stays out of matters most of the time, whereas Infinite Boundless Mountain is rather active, liking to sit on the fence, just like how it was with them this time.”

“With the Mountain Domain and our Heaven Domain bordering each other, a little conflict existing between us would naturally be inevitable.

However, the Mountain Domain is also bordered to the Thunder Domain, with some tension similarly existing between the two.

In the Fire Domain, Infinite Boundless Mountain also has a little friction with the Sacred Sun Clan.”

As opposed to the tense relationship between Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan, the Mountain Domain Sacred Ground Infinite Boundless Mountain and Broad Creed Mountain were merely competitors.

While they did not share all that much of a harmonious relationship, they could also not be considered enemies.

With two neighbouring behemoths both fighting for some room to develop, some sparks would inevitably fly.

However, there were also times when the two would join hands, especially in recent years with the rising domineeringness of the Sacred Sun Clan.

However, the Sacred Sun Clan also generally believed in attacking their neighbours whilst befriending those far away.

Thus, most of the time, they would make the pose of placating Infinite Boundless Mountain as they tried to draw them to their side.

It was only that due to the fact that the Sacred Sun Clan’s traditional ally, Heavenly Thunder Hall, did not at all share a good relationship with Infinite Boundless Mountain, the Sacred Sun Clan had to take care that they did not overstep their bounds whilst doing so.

Within Infinite Boundless Mountain, this topic was also being hotly debated over.

“There are some who are hostile towards our clan, while also some who are close with us, therefore resulting in it being such an issue,” Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly, “If we up the chips with those of them who are close with our clan, allowing them to hold a greater speaking power, Infinite Boundless Mountain’s overall decisions would begin leaning towards us rather than the Sacred Sun Clan.”

Yan Di said mildly, ” That would mean that we would have to pay a bit of a price, taking a step back in certain matters.”

Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “Not definitely; perhaps we could borrow a chicken to lay an egg.”

“Oh” As Yan Di gazed over, Yan Zhaoge pointed to the north, smiling as three words left his mouth.

“Cloud Portent Mountain.”

Yan Di’s gaze flickered slightly, “What are your thoughts”

Yan Zhaoge answered, “Although junior apprentice-sister Feng was sent back to our clan, while remaining in the Eastern Tang, other than working on pill formulas as well as the Internal Crystal Furnace, I have still been researching on the matter of how to help her regain her Extreme Yin Physique, to my utmost abilities ensuring that no mistakes could possibly occur.”

“In the process of this research, I discovered that if we could find a precious land weak in yin and strong in yang, it could serve an extremely vital role.”

“Our Heaven Domain does not have such a place.

Thus, I set my sights elsewhere.”

At this, Yan Di nodded, “True, the Mountain Domain’s Cloud Portent Mountain is just such a place.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Thus, I gathered some information on Cloud Portent Mountain.

And, upon analysing it carefully, I discovered that some other profundities actually also seem to lie within.”

“I’ll return to the Mountain and perform some further careful research on it.

When you and Grand Master have also returned, we’ll discuss into it further then.”

Yan Di didn’t ask about it any further as he nodded, “You speedily return to the Mountain and carry out your preparations then.”

“Yes,” Yan Zhaoge bowed, and, after having finally handed over everything he had to in the Eastern Tang, returned to Broad Creed Mountain.

More than half a year having passed, finally returning to Broad Creed Mountain, Yan Zhaoge had the feeling that he was finally home.

“Greetings, senior apprentice-brother Yan!”

“Senior apprentice-brother Yan is back”

“This one greets senior apprentice-brother Yan!”

As the young disciples of the clan saw Yan Zhaoge, the feelings of respect and adulation within their gazes were now stronger than they had been before.

They already completely no longer seemed like they were looking at a role model of the same generation, but rather a figure who was on a completely different level from them.

The inside information on what had happened in the Eastern Tang, these young disciples weren’t privy to.

However, they knew that this senior apprentice-brother before them had leapt from the late inner aura stage to the late outer aura stage in but over half a year’s time.

The Sacred Sun Clan’s prominent figure of the junior generation, Chao Yuanlong, had met two terrible defeats at the hands of Yan Zhaoge, whereas Xiao Shen had even been killed by him directly.

Other than his martial prowess, Yan Zhaoge had even caused the Internal Crystal Furnace to resurface within this world, helping Broad Creed Mountain’s overall strength to experience a great leap forward.

Just these known achievements alone were sufficient for Yan Zhaoge’s position in the eyes of these junior apprentice-brothers and sisters to become completely different.

Yan Zhaoge was all smiles as he exchanged greetings with everyone.

Then, he first headed to the clan’s Assignment Hall.

According to the clan’s rules, in having been at the Eastern Tang this time, he had been on assignment.

Returning to the clan this time, the first thing he had to do was report on its completion.

At the same time, there was someone whom, by courtesy, he had to first meet.

Yan Zhaoge entered the Assignment Hall, reporting on his assignment.

Then, led by one of the Elders there, he arrived at the back hall.

Within the hall sat a middle-aged man with a scholarly air about him, currently looking through the clan’s documents, quickly handling their matters as appropriate.

Lifting his head, he gazed over, smiling gently, “Zhaoge, you’re back.”

Yan Zhaoge bowed calmly, “Second apprentice-uncle.”

This gentle, elegant middle-aged man before him who kept a three-inch beard, was Yan Zhaoge’s second apprentice-uncle.

The current First Seat of Broad Creed Mountain’s Assignment Hall, Fang Zhun.


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