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HSSB1069: The madman whose actions are hard to predict


Yan Zhaoge had spoken in an obscure manner, naturally referring to how the seed of trouble had been planted within Fu Ting from her learning the name of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord as this matter had still not been resolved in a satisfactory manner even now.

Hearing his words, the Brocade Emperor nodded before saying very naturally, “There was just no helping how she stumbled into the lands of the Immortal Court and heard the name of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.”

Yan Zhaoge’s pupils dilated abruptly as he broke out in a cold sweat, his hairs standing on end.

The Brocade Emperor had not actually conveyed this latest message to him via sound transmission.

Instead, he had blatantly said it out loud in front of so many people!

Moreover, while he had not spoken very loudly, his voice had spread far into the distance towards the surrounding world.

Without needing to spend any effort at all, the Brocade Emperor could let his own voice resound throughout half of the entire southern Blazing Heaven Territory!

He Xixing and Li Junxin who were standing beside them heard the Brocade Emperor’s words at once.

As the prided descendants of the Brocade Emperor and the Earth Exalt, they were privy to much top secret information.

They even knew about the opposing entities that were the Immortal Court and Buddhism.

However, even for late Immortal Bridge Martial Saints like them, the name of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord was an absolute taboo!

It was impossible that the Brocade Emperor was not aware of this.

Therefore, while He Xixing had heard of the Immortal Court before, it was just limited to this concept alone as he did not know about its specific details at all, much less the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

Now, however, he was rendered somewhat stunned right there and then.

As the name of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord flashed through his mind, even as he felt curious, a strange feeling also vaguely appeared within his heart.

While this feeling was totally baseless and indistinct, He Xixing just felt like something extra seemed to have appeared at the very depths of his soul.

Yet, trying to zero down on that feeling, there seemed to be nothing at all, as though he had been hallucinating it all.

Despite that, He Xixing’s lifeblood surged as he vaguely had a foreboding premonition now.

Meanwhile, Li Junxin who had also been paying close attention to the Brocade Emperor felt the same thing as He Xixing as he heard the name of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord at this moment.

As the voice of the Brocade Emperor spread, those in the vicinity of Star Reflecting Lake who were paying attention to this matter, having come over to gather news, naturally heard these words too.

Everyone felt bewildered, “Immortal Court, Immeasurable Heavenly Lord What are those”

Amidst their puzzlement, they also felt that some strange feeling now additionally existed within their hearts, undetectable at times whilst obvious at others.

On the mountaintop across the lake, Chen Qianhua blinked, shooting straight up from the wooden armchair as he burst into applause, “Magnificent indeed!”

Meng Wan who was seated beside the Brocade Emperor was also feeling slightly at a loss as to what was going on.

Still, like those others apart from Yan Zhaoge and Chen Qianhua, she had not realised what exactly this latest occurrence really entailed.

“This is why I hate madmen,” Yan Zhaoge touched his forehand with his left hand, next raising his right hand.

The Myriad Dragon Palace appeared, its gate now opening.

A black metal wheel rotated within, containing twelve slots of which nine were lit.

This was none other than the Dim Radiant Wheel.

The black metal wheel suddenly ceased to rotate, the radiance of the slots dimming as only one emitted a lustrous radiance.

The radiance surged up into the heavens, scattering in all directions within the sky to form a screen of light which expanded to overtake the sound waves emitted by the Brocade Emperor’s voice.

Finally, the screen of light transformed into a hemisphere which enveloped the entire surrounding region, preventing the Brocade Emperor’s voice from travelling outwards.

The sound waves that looked ordinary and formless visibly manifested at this moment, unceasingly striking at the screen of light before being reflected by it.

Fortunately, the Brocade Emperor did not attempt to break that screen of light.

He let his voice be blocked, not minding it at all.

He completely ignored Yan Zhaoge’s actions, seemingly wholly unaware of what might be wrought as a result of his earlier action.

This True Immortal continued speaking mildly, “Little Friend Yan, the sect that you hail from, Broad Creed Mountain, will be attempting to occupy the southern Blazing Heaven Territory after this, is it not”

“If that is so, I have something to request of you.”

He looked at the grave beside him before sighing, “I came to know Xianting here that year, falling in love and standing by each other.

Still, I let her down in the end.”

“Now that the dead are departed, I can only abide by her wish and have her buried here.”

“After occupying the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, I hope that your Broad Creed Mountain will not disturb her.

If you can help take care of things here, I will first thank you here.”

After saying so, he even half-bowed towards Yan Zhaoge in thanks.

Even though Yan Zhaoge had the background of the Exalted Gold Luminary and the Sword Sovereign supporting him, a True Immortal like the Brocade Emperor doing this was shocking within this world.

Let alone those by the shore in the distance, He Xixing and Li Junxin were both looking on in shock at the Brocade Emperor.

The corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth twitched as he did not feel honoured in the least.

With a strange expression on his face, he looked first at He Xixing and then at Meng Wan.

He Xixing could be said to be the Brocade Emperor’s most prided disciple at the present time.

Meng Wan was the birth daughter of the Brocade Emperor.

Yet, the Brocade Emperor had been wholly unreserved in mentioning the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord in front of them, next having acted as if nothing had happened at all.

One must know that it was not that the trouble hidden within He Xixing, Meng Wan and the others would simply disappear after they had attained the Human Exalt stage.

Only those who were already Exalts would not be affected after hearing the name of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

The problem would still exist for those who had heard it beforehand and become Exalts only afterwards.

“So long as they do not find trouble with us, our sect had no plans to relentlessly pursue and kill those of Wutong Slope in the first place,” Yan Zhaoge locked down sound from travelling into the outside world while conversing with the Brocade Emperor, “Moreover, the dead are departed.

We would naturally not make things difficult for a lover of yours, o Emperor.”

“You and Meng…” Yan Zhaoge paused briefly, looking towards the Brocade Emperor and Meng Wan.

The Brocade Emperor smiled, “Fu Mengwan.

This is the name that Xianting christened Wan’er with.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “If the Brocade Emperor and Miss Fu do not mind, our sect will send people to take charge of things here at Star Reflecting Lake, making sure that it is not disturbed by anyone.”

“In that case, thank you then, Young Master Yan,” Meng Wan rose, bowing towards Yan Zhaoge too.

She had a tranquil expression on her face at this moment with the attitude of simply awaiting and going wherever things led her.

Meng Wan would definitely not be able to feel calm for this most major upheaval in her life.

It was just that she could only go along with the flow and see where things led her now.

The Brocade Emperor now said, “I feel immense gratitude at Little Friend Yan’s assistance.

I will have to trouble your sect in the future then.”

“I would like to take a look at the land where Wan’er grew up in her youth.

Wan’er also rather misses her Master who raised her in the past.

I should properly thank her on her behalf too.”

“Everyone, you can leave then.”

With that, he nodded towards Meng Wan, holding her hand as he stepped forth, disappearing from the spot amidst endless purple qi that surged all round.

The Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua stared at Yan Zhaoge for a long time, a conflicted look appearing on his face as he seemed to be considering whether to stay behind and interact with Yan Zhaoge or to continue following the Brocade Emperor.

In the end, he glanced regretfully at Yan Zhaoge before turning and taking his leave as well.

The screen of light from the Dim Radiant Wheel did not impede the Brocade Emperor and Chen Qianhua from leaving.

Instead, it was maintained there.

As the two vanished, it remained with the intention of making sure everyone else stayed there.

He Xixing looked strangely at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge rubbed his temples, “Please do not be in a hurry to leave, Fellow Daoist He.

There are some things that you must first be told of.”


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