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HSSB1070: The Brocade Emperor descends to the Eight Extremities World

The faces of He Xixing and Li Junxin after learning the truth were exceptionally colourful portraits indeed.

Li Junxins first reaction was to look towards He Xixing.

After a stunned silence, an awkward He Xixing could only smile bitterly.

Yan Zhaoge exchanged looks with the two of them as they all just felt deeply helpless.

The name of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord was a forbidden entity for the entire World beyond Worlds.

All those who knew of it would keep their mouths tightly shut, not leaking this of their own accord.

Even the Heaven Emperor and Zhuang Shen had never even thought of resorting to this when they had been on irreconcilable terms with Broad Creed Mountain and Golden Court Mountain before.

On one hand, they were unwilling for orthodox Daoism to be harmed at the expense of the Immortal Court and the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

On the other, this sort of method could be used by both sides.

If they used it against others, others could similarly use it back against them.

Therefore, besides the Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua whose thoughts were difficult to predict, all the other peak experts of the World beyond Worlds shared this collective understanding and bottom line.

Perhaps because he was unconcerned about it or due to some other reason, the Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua had also never leaked information regarding the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord and the Immortal Court before.

Who would have thought that it would be the Brocade Emperor Fu Yunchi who was the first to infringe on this bottom line today.

Li Junxin had a heavy expression on his face as he said not a word.

Yan Zhaoge could basically empathise with him.

This was a classic case of the casual bystander ending up a tragic casualty.

“Todays events should be conveyed to the Earth Exalt as soon as possible,” Yan Zhaoge sighed.

Li Junxin nodded silently, saying after a while, “I will return to Qilin Cliff now and tell Master about this.

I will inform the Concealed Sovereign too.

I will leave it to the two of you to watch over things here for the time being.”

He calmed his emotions before turning and heading north.

Yan Zhaoge smiled wryly as he looked at He Xixing, “Can I request that Fellow Daoist He helps me watch over things here”

“The Brocade Emperor will be heading to none other than the lower world that my Broad Creed Mountain originates from, the Eight Extremities World, after this.”

“That place is currently subordinate to my Broad Creed Mountain.

Still, to ensure that the Brocade Emperor is shown due respect, it would still be better for this Yan makes a trip personally.”

He said, “I will invite the Southeastern Exalt to oversee and handle things over here.”

He Xixing cupped his hands towards Yan Zhaoge, “Of course, Fellow Daoist Yan.

This He will make sure that things all go well here.”

He had already calmed down completely at this moment.

Though he himself was also a victim, his future prospects potentially hindered, he had already regained his usual mature, responsible, self.

As a direct descendant of the Grand Clear lineage, He Xixing possessed outstanding strength.

Also being a late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, as he currently took charge over the area around Star Reflecting Lake, the people there were immediately put under his watch and kept from leaving.

With his presence, while those who were detained expressed slight dissatisfaction, they did still tolerate it.

As this matter concerned an Emperor, that they had been spying on this location to watch what happened was itself rather a taboo too.

Now that they had been detained by a disciple of the Brocade Emperor, awaiting further verdict, they could not really complain about it.

After taking his leave of He Xixing, Yan Zhaoge quickly headed east in rushing to the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

The wound of the sky that connected the World beyond Worlds and the Eight Extremities World was located in the Spirit Inheritance Region of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territorys Royal Reed Sea.

It was currently beneath the back mountain of Broad Creed Mountain.

For those who wanted to go from the World beyond Worlds to the Eight Extremities World, if they had no precise spatial markers to guide them, they would only be able to use the wound of the sky at Broad Creed Mountain.

These basic rules might not be applicable to a True Immortal any longer, though.

Still, who knew how the Brocade Emperor would travel to the Eight Extremities World.

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge could only rush back to Broad Creed Mountain in the Royal Reed Sea.

Moreover, the Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua seemed to want to join in the fun too.

As he had never actually interacted with him face to face before, Yan Zhaoges understanding of Chen Qianhua was limited to a few rumours.

After seeing him a little for the first time today, Yan Zhaoge could sense that he definitely was not someone to be trifled with.

“This times matter was already difficult to predict in the first place, and yet another unpredictable variable has been added in now,” Yan Zhaoge curled his lips, lightly rubbing his temple.

After much journeying, Yan Zhaoge passed by Circumference Mountain and returned to the Royal Reed Sea.

After returning to Broad Creed Mountain and seeing that things were all normal there, Yan Zhaoge was able to relax greatly.

He landed at the top of the Heaven Rising Peak and happened to meet Yuan Zhengfeng and Fang Zhun as they emerged from the great hall.

Seeing Fang Zhun, Yan Zhaoge felt inwardly relieved.

Thanks to his reminder, Fang Zhun had left Star Reflecting Lake prematurely, returning to Broad Creed Mountain.

It would naturally have been unrealistic to try to impede the Brocade Emperors footsteps.

Besides returning to inform his fellow martial practitioners of Broad Creed Mountain in the Royal Reed Sea, more important was that Fang Zhun had informed those who were in the Eight Extremities World about this, lest they accidentally provoke or offend the Brocade Emperor due to their ignorance.

After all, Meng Wan was travelling together with the Brocade Emperor, and many of Broad Creed Mountains martial practitioners would be able to recognise her as the Maiden of Extreme Yin of their fallen foe of the past, the Sacred Sun Clan.

In the end, Fang Zhun had managed to avoid this tribulation as a result, with tragedy not having befallen him like it had He Xixing, Li Junxin and the others.

“Zhaoge, that you have personally rushed back means that the Brocade Emperor will really be coming” Yuan Zhengfeng asked.

Yan Zhaoge gnashed his teeth, “The Brocade Emperor came ahead of me.”

He looked at Yuan Zhengfeng and Fang Zhun, “From the looks of it, he did not come here.

Even if he did, he did not alert us of his presence.”

“As the Brocade Emperor possesses a mighty cultivation base, if he wanted to hide himself, we would naturally be unable to discover him,” Fang Zhun shook his head, “Still, with his status and identity, he would not lower himself to the point of hiding himself and acting covertly before our sect.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Exactly.”

He paused for a moment before asking, “Then, what about the Upper Exalt”

While they had not interacted much, based on Chen Qianhuas earlier actions, Yan Zhaoge believed that he was likely to casually pass through Broad Creed Mountain in heading to the Eight Extremities World.

“The Upper Exalt has gotten involved too” Yuan Zhengfeng and Fang Zhun both shook their heads, “We havent seen him, at least.”

Yan Zhaoge pondered on this as he strode towards Water Ridge Peak.

The wound of the sky that led to the Eight Extremities World was precisely beneath this Water Ridge Peak.

“I recall that Meng Wans Master in the Sacred Sun Clan, Chen Mingying, joined Turbid Wind Pavilion that year” Yan Zhaoge confirmed things with Yuan Zhengfeng and Fang Zhun as they walked, “Is she still there now”

Fang Zhun nodded, “She is.”

After the Sacred Sun Clan had been felled by Yan Zhaoge that year, its martial practitioners had either died or dispersed.

Some chose to live solitarily or in hiding while others chose to join other powers of the Eight Extremities World.

Elder Chen Mingying could be considered a reputable expert of the Sacred Sun Clans senior generation as she was also Meng Wans Master.

Therefore, Broad Creed Mountain still paid attention to what she was currently doing.

In the battle in the underwater palace of the Clear Scenic Region that year, Feng Yunsheng had battled Meng Wan to decide on the ultimate wielder of the Extreme Yin Crown.

Back then, Feng Yunsheng had told Meng Wan that her Master, Chen Mingying, was still of this world.

If there was anyone whom Meng Wan was truly able to connect with in this world, there were two of them.

One was Feng Yunsheng, the other being Chen Mingying.

Meng Wan was only truly her most authentic self in front of them.

Now that she had a chance to return to the Eight Extremities World, Meng Wan would naturally go visit her Master whom she missed.

Yan Zhaoge came to the foot of Water Ridge Peak and opened the sealed wound of the sky, striding within.


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