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HSSB1071: Thoughts regarding the Sacred Sun Clan

Yan Zhaoge passed through the wound of the sky, the spatial boundaries illusory before him as the very heavens and earth changed.

In returning to the Eight Extremities World, he was suddenly obstructed.

Yan Zhaoge had left the high-grade Sacred Artifacts other than the Extreme Yang Seal in the World beyond Worlds.

However, the Dim Radiant Wheel could not be tolerated by this lower world too.

Were it a fully completed Immortal Artifact, it would be able to adjust its own power so that it could descend into the lower world, which it had been able to when there had only been one slot emitting light and it had still been weak previously.

Now, however, as nine slots flickered with light, the Dim Radiant Wheel was rejected by the heavens and earth of the Eight Extremities World.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge could only roll his eyes, leaving the Dim Radiant Wheel in the World beyond Worlds.

Over in the Eight Extremities World, this wound of the sky was located in the sky above where the Sacred Sun Clans World Illuminating Peak had formerly stood.

Descending into the Eight Extremities World, Yan Zhaoge felt that the spiritual qi flow there was extremely familiar and as it had always been before.

With his current cultivation base, even though he was being suppressed by the power of dimensions, he could still vaguely sense the spiritual qi flow and fluctuations of the entire world.

As compared to in the past, the spiritual qi was even more abundant in the current Eight Extremities World and better suited for martial practitioners to cultivate with.

This was all thanks to Broad Creed Mountain.

After having gained stable footing in the World beyond Worlds, Broad Creed Mountain had begun collecting some treasures which they had sent to the Eight Extremities World.

With the Heaven Domain as the centre, they had unceasingly influenced the earth veins and gradually evoked relatively sizeable though subtle changes within.

While it might not be all that evident now, the effects would only improve as time passed.

While there would ultimately be a limit to such an improvement as it would be incomparable to the World beyond Worlds no matter what, this was inevitably some great fortune for those of the Eight Extremities World.

From what Yan Zhaoge knew, those original few Martial Saints of the Eight Extremities World had all improved without exception over the past few years as many outstanding new experts had appeared too.

Although Yan Zhaoge was probably younger than many of these people, when placed before him, they could really only be considered newcomers to the cultivation world.

There were already people waiting for Yan Zhaoge at the location where the Sacred Sun Clan had formerly stood.

One was a late Merging Avatar Martial Saint, the other being a Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster.

The former was the current First Seat Elder of Broad Creed Mountains Disciplinary Hall in the World beyond Worlds, Xu Fei.

He was already at the peak of the Merging Avatar stage and only a step away from breaking through space and seeing true Divinity.

In terms of age, he was comparable to the late Phoenix Prince Zhuang Chaohui.

One had to consider Xu Feis starting point as well as the fact that only having come to the superior environment of the World beyond Worlds to cultivate in recent years, there was much potential in him that had still yet to be excavated.

While he was not like Yan Zhaoge who had all eyes on him in the World beyond Worlds, Xue Fei had already risen to prominence there too.

Having received a notification from Fang Zhun earlier, Xu Fei had descended to the Eight Extremities World specifically to help make the relevant arrangements.

The other person there was the current Chief of Broad Creed Mountain in the Eight Extremities World, Feng Chi.

Feng Chi and Yan Di had been inseparable friends back in their youth as they had entered Broad Creed Mountain to learn martial arts together.

While the current gap in their cultivation bases was immense, Feng Chu had always been a milder, composed person as he did not feel any out of sorts because of this.

Feng Chi had also been amongst those Yuan Zhengfeng and the others had decided should head to the World beyond Worlds initially.

Still, they had considered afterwards that they required a capable person to manage things back in the Eight Extremities World.

Because of the authority of Broad Creed Mountain in the World beyond Worlds, no one in the Eight Extremities World dared to encroach on the Heaven Domain.

Therefore, they would not require pure strength for intimidation.

They simply needed someone who was capable of competently overseeing things there.

In the end, Feng Chi had stayed behind, even having taken over the mantle at the head of the Eight Extremities Worlds Broad Creed Mountain.

His son, Feng Moyang, had already headed to the World beyond Worlds as he formed part of the important cornerstones for Broad Creed Mountain there like Xu Fei, Sikong Qing and Ying Longtu.

“Senior apprentice-uncle Feng, senior apprentice-brother Xu,” Yan Zhaoge greeted the two.

Feng Chi and Xu Fei both nodded to him, “Has the Brocade Emperor already descended”

Yan Zhaoge said, “He should have arrived before me.

I am heading to Turbid Wave Pavilion now.”

The size of the Eight Extremities World was already too small for the current Yan Zhaoge.

What had once been a long distance could be traversed in the blink of an eye now as the endless horizon zoomed by.

Yan Zhaoge had once visited the headquarters of Turbid Wave Pavilion before.

As he visited it again now, while the scenery was still the same, everything had long since changed from how it had been before.

The previous Pavilion Lord An Qinglin had successfully advanced to the second level of the Martial Saint realm in recent years.

She had passed her seat down to her disciple and focused simply on cultivating in peace.

As the Radiant Light Sect had been completely destroyed and Broad Creed Mountain had come to gain stable footing in the World beyond Worlds, the Eight Extremities World was already one where Broad Creed Mountain fully reigned supreme now.

Although the other major powers still had their autonomy, their relationship with Broad Creed Mountain had been continually changing.

As Broad Creed Mountains status had become increasingly transcendent, the attitudes of the other major powers had gradually begun to change as they became subordinate to Broad Creed Mountain.

The conflicts existing between them were more to see who would be superior beneath Broad Creed Mountains ultimate reign.

Turbid Wave Pavilion could be said to be in rather an advantageous position here.

Having already been notified by Feng Chi previously, An Qinglin and the current Lord of Turbid Wave Pavilion came out to greet them along with many of their Elders.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge, they all respectfully paid their respects to him.

Any feelings they once had had already long since dwindled into nothingness by now as only respect remained as they saw Yan Zhaoge at this moment.

“No need to stand on ceremony,” Yan Zhaoge had not the time to care about formalities as he cut to the chase, “Senior apprentice-uncle Feng has probably already contacted you regarding this matter.

I wonder where Fellow Daoist Chen, Chen Mingying currently is”

An Qinglin answered, “Junior apprentice-niece Chen is currently in the Pavilion.

No one has come to look for her, though.”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “That persons cultivation base is too high as somebody who has already pushed open the door to Immortality.

Here in the Eight Extremities World, he is not suppressed by the power of dimensions.

There is probably no one at all who can detect his coming and goings.”

Now that his cultivation base was suppressed to that of a third level Martial Saint, even Yan Zhaoge was currently hard pressed to rely on his senses to confirm if the Brocade Emperor had indeed arrived.

Nevertheless, he believed that the Brocade Emperor Fu Yunchi had already arrived for sure.

Therefore, he said, “This Yan must still bother you to lead the way to Fellow Daoist Chens lodgings.”

An Qinglin spoke no further as she immediately led the way.

They arrived outside a small courtyard.

Before even entering, they could already hear the voices of people as they conversed within.

Those of Turbid Wave Pavilion could not help but exchange looks.

Yan Zhaoges expression was as per usual as he raised his hand to call for the others to stop before walking over himself.

The door of the small courtyard was partially closed as gazing within, one could vaguely see that a few people were currently seated in front of a residence and beneath a massive maidenhair tree.

One of them currently seemed mild and composed, but was always the one who would first be noticed.

Snow white clothes and a red outer robe, handsome looks, transcendental grace and bearing.

This could be none other than the Brocade Emperor, Fu Yunchi.

Across from him sat a middle-aged woman.

Yan Zhaoge recognised her as Meng Wans former Master in the Sacred Sun Clan, Chen Mingying.

Meng Wan was seated quietly in a lower seat than the two.

Now, the Brocade Emperors deep, pleasant voice resounded, “Do you have any thoughts regarding the Sacred Sun Clan that you hailed from”


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