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HSSB1072: Feng Yunshengs whereabouts

Hearing the Brocade Emperors words, Yan Zhaoge curled his lips.

His previous worries had indeed not been unfounded.

If the Brocade Emperor were really to stand up for the Sacred Sun Clan and take revenge against Broad Creed Mountain, they would immediately be facing a great tribulation no inferior to when previously facing off against the Heaven Emperor in their opening ceremony in the World beyond Worlds.

More accurately, it would be a massive tribulation that was even more perilous than that.

The Heaven Emperor had no Immortal Artifact, but the Brocade Emperor did.

Even if the Brocade Emperor considered his status and did not use weapons, things would still be worse than back then.

Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain had prepared for many years beforehand to be able to deal with the Heaven Emperor during their opening ceremony.

Even if the Female Emperor, Nie Jingshen and Bai Tao had not arrived, Yan Zhaoge would still have had the Later Earth Text to rely on.

Yet, if the Brocade Emperor were to find trouble for them now, it would not be of any use against him.

Still, Meng Wan did not reply immediately on hearing the Brocade Emperors question.

She turned to look at Chen Mingying.

As compared to her father who had suddenly appeared before her and her mother who had already long since died and whom she had no memories of, Meng Wan was only truly close to her cherished Master, Chen Mingying, who had nurtured her and taught her ever since young.

Meanwhile, Chen Mingying also treated Meng Wan like her own daughter.

There was probably no one in this world who understood Meng Wan better than she did.

Therefore, from Meng Wans gaze, Chen Mingying knew that she had already come to a conclusion regarding this matter, just that she valued her opinion and wished to hear it.

Over the years, Chen Mingying had gradually come to gain a strong sense of belonging after having joined Turbid Wave Pavilion.

She was not a diehard factionist in the first place.

She would not have chosen to join Turbid Wave Pavilion after the fall of the Sacred Sun Clan otherwise.

So many years having passed, the shadow of the Sacred Sun Clan had become increasingly faint within her heart as it was more of nostalgia rather than hatred that she felt in her impressions.

Looking at Meng Wan, Chen Mingying asked gently, “Waner, you arent willing to make things difficult for Muge, right”

“Please, Master, while this disciple lost the Extreme Yin Crown in a battle with senior apprentice-sister Feng that year, I am true to my conscience when I say that I used my full strength back then,” Meng Wan said calmly, “That battle drew it all to a close.”

“It was also thanks to senior apprentice-sister Feng that this disciple learned that you, Master, are still of this world, also learning that you are at Turbid Wave Pavilion as only then was I able to meet you again today.”

“This disciple does not wish to compete with Broad Creed Mountain anymore.”

Chen Mingying nodded slowly, “Your father was asking for your opinion, Waner.

Your Master will respect your decision, whatever it may be.”

Meng Wan said, “This disciple thanks Master for your understanding.”

She turned to look at the Brocade Emperor, “The Sacred Sun Clan is already a thing of the past to your daughter.

Yet, it was ultimately where I originated from.

I do find it sad that it has vanished.”

“I hope that father will be able to lend a helping hand and arrange for the Sacred Sun Clan to be reopened in the World beyond Worlds, continuing its lineage.”

She was only mentioning the World beyond Worlds and not the Eight Extremities World because she wished for a permanent end to be put to the former enmity between the Sacred Sun Clan and Broad Creed Mountain.

“In the World beyond Worlds, there is a senior apprentice-brother Tang, Tang Yonghao, who was also formerly of the Sacred Sun Clan.

I heard you mention that he has entered the Southeastern Exalts lineage, Master,” Meng Wan said, “While conversing with him that year, he expressed a desire to extend the lineage of the Sacred Sun Clan and revive it.

With fathers support, there naturally would be no obstacle to this.”

The newly established Sacred Sun Clan in the World beyond Worlds would also be close with Golden Court Mountain as it would not be likely at all for a conflict to arise between them and Broad Creed Mountain.

The Brocade Emperor nodded warmly, “That is naturally not a problem.”

Meng Wan looked at Chen Mingying, “Would Master be willing to head to the World beyond Worlds”

“I will not be going,” Chen Mingying smiled, shaking her head, “Your Master is a member of Turbid Wave Pavilion now.”

Meng Wan gently held her Masters hands.

The Brocade Emperor smiled, “I remember you mentioning before, Waner, that besides your Master, there was also a senior apprentice-sister you were closest to in your younger years”

“Why is it that from your earlier conversation, she seems to be a Broad Creed Mountain disciple”

Meng Wan realised, “Oh, I did not explain this to father clearly before.

Senior apprentice-sister Feng was indeed my senior apprentice-sister from the Sacred Sun Clan.

Still, because of oppression within the clan, she fled and eventually joined Broad Creed Mountain.”

The Brocade Emperor thought about it, “Is it that female disciple of Broad Creed Mountain who wields the Extreme Yin Crown, the one who is called Feng Yunsheng”

Meng Wan nodded, “Thats right.

Senior apprentice-sister Feng was originally called Feng Muge.

After leaving the Sacred Sun Clan, she changed her name to Feng Yunsheng.”

She turned and glanced at Chen Mingying, “Besides Master, I really miss senior apprentice-sister Feng too, just that I wonder where she is now.”

“For that, we would have to ask somebody from Broad Creed Mountain,” The Brocade Emperor smiled, gazing at the courtyard outside.

Meng Wan and Chen Mingying were both taken aback by this as they turned and followed the Brocade Emperors gaze, only now seeing Yan Zhaoge.

They were probably even more familiar with Yan Zhaoges appearance somewhat than the Brocade Emperor was.

On seeing Yan Zhaoge, they were both slightly startled but quickly regained their calm.

“Before the Fallen Deity, Turbid Wave Pavilions Chen Mingying expresses greetings,” Chen Mingying stood up and calmly bowed towards Yan Zhaoge.

As news was spread by the Eight Extremities Worlds Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners, Yan Zhaoges numerous grand feats in the World beyond Worlds had already long since spread throughout the Eight Extremities World.

The name of Fallen Deity resounded fully throughout the entire world.

Meng Wan too rose and greeted Yan Zhaoge, “Senior Brother Yan.”

Yan Zhaoge met the Brocade Emperors gaze, his expression as per usual, “The Eight Extremities World is incomparably honoured at the Brocade Emperors venerated descent.”

He nodded at Meng Wan and Chen Mingying, “Greetings, you two.”

Meng Wan said, “Senior apprentice-brother Tang has an extremely good impression of Senior Brother Yan, having always looked up to you greatly.

If the Sacred Sun Clan can be reestablished within the World beyond Worlds, he hopes that Senior Brother Yan can disregard what happened before.”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “I have always been able to distinguish friend from enemy very clearly.”

“Senior Brother Yan, I wonder how senior apprentice-sister Feng is doing now” Meng Wan hesitated for a while before asking frankly, “I wonder if I could meet her”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “Of course you can meet her, as long as she is willing.

I would not interfere in that, and Yunsheng would certainly never avoid you.

She has constantly missed you following your being spirited away by Zhuang Chaohui.”

“After Southern Zhuang died at my Broad Creed Mountain, my father and fellow disciples of Broad Creed Mountain have been going westward in launching a conquest of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

I also asked my father before to ask for you back from those of Phoenix Ritual Mountains Wutong Slope, bringing you back home such that you can reunite with Yunsheng upon her return.”

“It is just that some things which happened afterwards were definitely somewhat unexpected.”

Hearing Yan Zhaoges words and noting what he was essentially saying, Meng Wan asked, “Senior apprentice-sister Feng is presently not at Broad Creed Mountain”

“It is not just you who cannot see her from the time being.

Even I am unable to,” Yan Zhaoge forced a smile, “It has already been several years since we temporarily lost contact with her when she was out adventuring in the outside world.”

“The final piece of news left behind by her is that she had left for extradimensional space as thatdoor which was open would only reopen at least another decade later.”

Yan Zhaoge said candidly, “It is still some time before that happens.

Let alone she coming back herself, it would be difficult even for me to go look for her.”

A disappointed look appeared within Meng Wans eyes, but she still nodded calmly, “In that case, there is really nothing that can be done about that.”

A smile appeared on her face, “That indeed sounds like the senior apprentice-sister Feng that I know of.”

“Exactly, right,” Yan Zhaoge spread his palms apart.

The Brocade Emperor suddenly asked, “Little Friend Yan, where is thisdoor that you speak of”


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