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HSSB1073: True problem

Hearing the Brocade Emperors question, Yan Zhaoge was rather taken aback as he had not expected that the Emperor would continue asking about this.

Had he set his eyes on the Extreme Yin Crown or could he have something else in mind

Numerous thoughts flashed through Yan Zhaoges mind.

He really had no choice but to consider more possibilities here when faced with this unpredictable True Immortal who might do something unexpected at any moment.

He did not let any of this show on his face, however, “In the Extreme Northern Lands of the northern Profound Heaven Territory.”

“The Extreme Northern Lands…” The Brocade Emperor nodded, considering this for a moment, “The spatial boundaries there are more unstable than elsewhere.

From time to time, several dimensional passageways will open which lead to extradimensional space.”

“Still, some of them could be connected to the Nine Underworlds.”

While the Brocade Emperor had spoken calmly, his words were no different from shocking thunder.

Meng Wan and Chen Mingying were aware of what these words entailed as well.

Yan Zhaoges pupils dilated abruptly, “Even the Northern Exalt does not know of this”

“He knows, but he is unable to confirm which of these dimensional passageways may be connected to the Nine Underworlds,” The Brocade Emperor answered mildly, “Of course, he would also not be able to know if the dimensional passageway that your fellow disciple entered is problematic or not.”

“While connections may be established between them, the World beyond Worlds is protected as the Nine Underworlds cannot encroach on it.

Northern Guan who watches over the northern Profound Heaven Territory does indeed have the responsibility of guarding it.

Still, it is only in the worst-case scenario where all hell breaks loose.”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge and Meng Wan instantly felt worried.

Still, the Brocade Emperor then looked at Meng Wan, saying warmly, “No need to worry.

Father will take you to the north and try to look for her.”

A joyful look appeared on Meng Wans face, “Father can locate senior apprentice-sister Feng”

“If we know where thedoor which she left through at the time is located, father can cause it to open prematurely.

Next, we can enter the dimensional passageway together in a bid to find her,” The Brocade Emperor said, “Still, extradimensional space is boundless at the end of the day.

We would need some luck to find her who entered it several years ago.”

Meng Wan sighed in relief, “It is already great that there is a chance of locating her.”

Yan Zhaoge lowered his eyelids beside them as he remained silent.

As he looked at that warm, benevolent and loving Brocade Emperor, he could actually vaguely sense a hint of coldness from him!

Simply from the Brocade Emperors actions at the Star Reflecting Lake of the World beyond Worlds southern Blazing Heaven Territory alone, one would already know that this Emperor was definitely not like thisgood father image that he was portraying now.

He had moved the remains of his deceased lover and doted on his long-lost daughter to the point that he would satisfy all her demands.

Yan Zhaoge was incomparably certain that had Meng Wan said that she wished to rebuild the Sacred Sun Clan and seek vengeance from Broad Creed Mountain earlier, the Brocade Emperor would have engaged in a battle with Broad Creed Mountain without any hesitation whatsoever.

Still, this formed a contradiction with his actions back at Star Reflecting Lake.

“It is probably the case that a victor is gradually being decided between his feeling and unfeeling sides.”

Yan Zhaoges expression was as per usual as he glanced at the Brocade Emperor again, thinking, “From the way things are going, it looks like it is the unfeeling side that has gradually gained the upper hand!”

Even as his two consciousnesses were resisting each other, the Brocade Emperor himself was clear on his own problem.

There were not many solutions to this.

One of them was walking the path of feeling and forgetting his feelings again.

Still, because of Fu Ting and Meng Wan, this path seemed to be wholly impeded as hope was bleak, the road ahead uncertain.

The other path was letting his unfeeling side fully reign supreme!

This path looked like a much simpler one.

Exterminating both Fu Ting and Meng Wan was the way out of his predicament!

Not only would it solve his current problem, the Brocade Emperors cultivation base might even advance as a result.

While he would likely be unable to break through to the next cultivation stage, it would be sufficient to push him to the peak of the True Immortal stage!

The Brocade Emperors unfeeling side only calculated cost and benefit, whether something was rational or not.

As compared to the first, risky path for which no clues existed whatsoever, the second path appeared much more ideal.

There was no need to hesitate in making a choice whatsoever.

Still, his feeling side would naturally reject the second path.

It was just that Yan Zhaoge currently guessed that it was probably the unfeeling side which was gradually coming to seize the dominant position in the Brocade Emperors split, fragmented mind.

The warm, friendly manner that he was currently displaying was more like the futile struggles of his feeling side.

Beneath the warmth and benevolence was concealed an icy cold killing intent!

This killing intent was not just directed towards Meng Wan before him as it was also directed towards Fu Ting who was still far away at Ingenious Flying Peaks Red Lotus Cliff.

The Brocade Emperor was trying to recompense his two daughters whom he loved the best he could.

Still, the more benevolent he appeared now, the closer he was approaching the dreaded, unforgiving cliff behind him!

“This really is…” Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes into slits as his gaze flickered slightly.

As he saw it, it was best if the Brocade Emperors condition quickly stabilised, whether it was his feeling or unfeeling side that came out on top.

The state that he was currently in was actually the worst.

He was at his least stable and most unpredictable as no one at all could know what he might do.

The name of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord that had suddenly been leaked atop Star Reflecting Lake was merely the beginning.

To some extent, it could be said that even the Brocade Emperor himself would probably not be able to ascertain what he might do the very next moment.

Really, one had to be afraid of even themselves when they had gone crazy.

Therefore, be it his feeling or unfeeling side, once it was decided upon, while his actions would still not be easy to predict, they would become structured at the very least as it would become possible to interact normally with and guard against him.

It would be unlike how it was now as he seemed perfectly normal yet might suddenly do something crazy at any moment.

As for whether Yan Zhaoge preferred a Brocade Emperor who was feeling or unfeeling, from an objective, bystanders point of view, Yan Zhaoge preferred that it would be an unfeeling one.

While absolute rationality might sound cold and terrifying, Yan Zhaoge felt that it was easier to predict the thoughts and actions of such people.

Of course, such people would virtually display no subjective errors of judgments towards their enemies it would be very difficult to influence their thoughts.

Still, such people would only calculate gains and losses as opposed to being overly emotional.

Actually, it was very difficult to form enmity with them.

This would only still happen if one impeded their path forward.

After all, someone being unfeeling did not mean that they had no desires.

Now, Yan Zhaoges heart suddenly jolted slightly as he vaguely seemed to think of something.

His comprehension of the supreme martial arts of the Grand Clear lineage had been deepening increasingly over the years.

One at the head and one at the end, Grand Simplicity, Taiyi, and Grand Ultimate, Taiji, were both miraculous and extraordinary.

He could vaguely see some traces of the Brocade Emperors future path.

If the Brocade Emperor did not walk the unfeeling path and instead walked the feeling path, his path forward might be blocked for good.

Yan Zhaoge currently had no suitable solution for this.

Getting rid of Fu Ting and Meng Wan and causing the Brocade Emperor to be walking wholly on that unfeeling path might even cause his current cultivation base to advance further.

Still, it would only remedy his earlier flaw as the problem would ultimately still affect him.

It would likely cause him to be impeded at the peak of the True Immortal stage and hard pressed to continue advancing further.

If he wanted to advance, he would have to look for some unique stroke of fortune.

This stroke of fortune rested upon the foundation of the entire set of the earlier heaven Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations.

The problem was that it would be fine if he only needed the Taiyi Fist of Grand Simplicity.

Still, if he needed the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud, it would spell a very serious problem then.

The Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud was presently one with Yan Di as they lived and fell together.

It would be fine if he lent it temporarily to others or shared it with them for their reference.

Yet, if the other party wanted to completely refine the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud, that would entail severing the connection between it and Yan Di.

Yan Di would have to die for that to happen.

As compared to the potential conflict brought about by Meng Wan and the Sacred Sun Clan, this was the true problem that might exist.


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