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HSSB1075: Fallen Deity VS Heavenly Young Master

While he could be considered to have handsome features, his lethargic, bored appearance stripped him completely of all and any grace.

Garbed in those purple clothes, the youths skin appeared even paler.

Still, as long as he appeared there, it was sufficient to cause most people everywhere to raise their guard.

This was none other than the Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua.

He raised his head and saw Yan Zhaoge too.

Chen Qianhuas uninterested eyes instantly lit up as he gazed at Yan Zhaoge through the corner of his eye, appraising him as a superior would an inferior.

The first thing he said was, “This inconspicuous-looking lower world is actually rather intriguing.

No wonder it could produce such an interesting person as you.”

“Oh” Yan Zhaoges gaze flickered as he noted Chen Qianhuas perplexing use of words, “The Upper Exalts words really leave this Yan at a loss.”

Chen Qianhua smiled, “Stop feigning ignorance.”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “The encroachment of the Nine Underworlds can happen to any world.”

“If the Eight Extremities World really has unique aspects, it would probably be that there are traces of both the Exalted Solar Luminary and the Exalted Lunar Luminary here”

Chen Qianhua extended a finger, lightly wagging it, “It is not just them who left behind traces here.”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “Right, theres also you and the Brocade Emperor now.”

“The way I see it, it is not the Exalted Solar Luminary, the Exalted Lunar Luminary or anyone who is most worthy of me paying attention to.

Instead, it is…” Chen Qianhua paused for dramatic effect.

He stopped wagging his finger and pointed it at Yan Zhaoge, “That person is you.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled nonchalantly, “I will take that as a compliment.

Thank you then.”

Facing Yan Zhaoges shamelessness, Chen Qianhua instead smiled too, “Very interesting indeed.”

“Is your main benchmark for evaluating peopleinteresting andboring” Yan Zhaoge retorted.

Chen Qianhua asked lazily, “Or elseClever andstupidImmature andmatureBenevolent andcruel”

“There can be countless examples of these.

Still, so what Clever people can do stupid things as benevolent people are sometimes the cruellest too.”

“As I see it, the distinction between people is that a small minority can bring me some pleasant surprises while most would be unable to do so throughout their entire lives.”

“The former are the interesting ones, while all those who remain are the uninteresting ones.”

Chen Qianhua yawned, “There are no exceptions to this rule.”

Yan Zhaoge wondered, “Has no one ever told you that the way you operate is very boring too”

“Haha…” Chen Qianhua smiled on hearing his words as he asked rather than answered, “What do you think should be done with the Brocade Emperor now”

“There is no need to feign ignorance on this, right Everyone can tell that cultivation deviation has befallen him.”

Chen Qianhua said lazily, “Or rather, he has gone crazy.”

“Perhaps the Brocade Emperor has indeed suffered the fate of cultivation deviation.

Still, from my interactions with him, I know he has not lost his sanity,” Yan Zhaoge spoke in a neutral tone devoid of feeling, “The Heaven Emperor knows his situation best.

What will be done can only be decided by he himself, mainly.”

“Otherwise, amongst the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, the Concealed Sovereign, the Female Emperor and the Heaven Emperor are all still in the World beyond Worlds.”

Chen Qianhua laughed, “Yes, he has not gone crazy.

It should be something like a split personality”

He smiled as he extended his two hands, parting them towards the sides.

He first lifted his left hand, “One should be feeling or rather emotionally-driven.”

He then raised his right hand, “The other should be unfeeling or rather forgetful of emotion.”

Chen Qianhua brought his hands together before his chest, “The two should be fighting right now.”

While Yan Zhaoges expression did not change, he felt slightly wary within.

As he possessed a deep understanding of supreme martial arts of the Grand Clear direct lineage, he was able to basically deduce the Brocade Emperors current state.

Chen Qianhua had already guessed many things just from the incident at Star Reflecting Lake alone.

Or could it be that it was not merely a guess as he possessed a unique information channel too

“If the Brocade Emperor makes the decision himself, he will most likely go by what can allow him to return to normal, allowing his cultivation base to continue advancing.”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Chen Qianhua smiled, “As for the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, they probably think the same way as well.

As for whether the Brocade Emperor walks the feeling or unfeeling path in the end, it is not so important.

Most important is that the mental illness is diminished and cured for good.”

“This is because they are hard pressed to predict the actions of the Brocade Emperor who is acting unpredictably now that he is afflicted with it.”

“This lot of people like having everything under their control.

They hate things going beyond their predictions, hence becoming uncontrollable.”

Chen Qianhua glanced down at Yan Zhaoge through the corner of his eye, “In this aspect, you are the same kind of person as them.”

Yan Zhaoge gazed deeply at him, “So, what you mean to say is that you would rather the Brocade Emperor remain like this forever”

“Thats right!” Chen Qianhua clapped, bursting out into laughter, “Always with the pleasant, unexpected surprises.

Now thats called interesting.”

Yan Zhaoge simply asked, “Since that is so, what are you doing coming here rather than just following the Brocade Emperor throughout”

Chen Qianhua pointed at Yan Zhaoge, “Now that Brocade Fu has become much less boring, I certainly would not want him to disappear so quickly.

So, Im finding something for you lot to handle first so that you wont be in such a rush to come making trouble.”

Yan Zhaoge asked calmly, “Arent you making plans too According to what you said earlier, if your plans come to fruition and your goal is attained, wouldnt it instead be uninteresting, without any surprises whatsoever”

“Oh, that.

I am not making plans.

I have planned for nothing, nor am I planning anything,” Chen Qianhua waved a hand dismissively, “I am just adding an extra little thing to all your plans and seeing what will become of it.”

“If things happen within my predictions, it seems like your plans would have become my plans as I would have overridden then.

This is indeed a pretty uninteresting thing, but it can help me to pass time by at the very least.”

“If things happen out of my predictions, it would naturally be a pleasant surprise, whatever the eventual outcome.”

Chen Qianhua smiled, “Now that I am giving you a bit of a surprise, can you repay me with anything”

As they spoke, the deep valley of the Earth Domain down below now quaked intensely.

The earthquake spread throughout the entirety of the Earth Domain.

Streaks of bloodred light transformed into terrifying spirit patterns that seemed about to rip the great earth apart as they expanded into the surroundings.

Where the roiling black fog passed, it actually began to devour the world outside of the Earth Domain.

Such a scene was undoubtedly the descent of an old nightmare for the martial practitioners of Broad Creed Mountain and the Eight Extremities World.

The terrifying Nine Underworlds was about to descend into the Eight Extremities World once more!

In having entered the depths of the deep abyss of the Earth Domain earlier, Chen Qianhua had done so to destroy the seal down below.

Besides that, the disturbance caused by him had ripped apart the Great Nine Underworlds Door below the Earth Domain to become even more immense.

The Nine Underworlds descent this time far, far surpassed that of the previous times in its momentum.

The terrifying devilish qi suffused not only the Earth Domain as it sought to devour the surrounding world as well.

The Eight Extremities World seemed about to be assimilated completely by the Nine Underworlds at this moment.

Yan Zhaoge, however, did not glance towards the deep abyss down below.

He suddenly strode forward, instantly arriving before Chen Qianhua!

“Is this a pleasant surprise”

Amidst his words, his palm mightily slammed downwards!


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