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HSSB108: One who loves eating


Yuan Zhengfeng having left the Mountain with the Clear Qi Robe, Yan Di and Shi Tie also participating in their war efforts against the Sacred Sun Clan, Broad Creed Mountain’s daily affairs were all currently being handled in their stead by Fang Zhun.

As an important participant in the war of the Eastern Tang, having returned to the Mountain, Yan Zhaoge naturally had to come and meet Fang Zhun.

Fang Zhun said slowly, “This time was still a little risky.

Although eldest apprentice-brother went on ahead to the Eastern Tang earlier than our enemies predicted, this level of conflict still had the possibility of you coming to some harm.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, answering, “What second apprentice-uncle says is true.

Thinking back on it now, I indeed feel a bit of fear on what happened then.

However, it was still worth it, though it was a pity that we couldn’t leave the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler behind for good.”

Fang Zhun waved his hands, “That was only completely according to the best case scenario; the current results are already extremely good.”

“We must make prompt and decisive decisions, but we also cannot underestimate how fast our opponents can react to them.”

“While Huang Xu isn’t Huang Guanglie, he also isn’t someone that easy to deal with.”

His tone was gentle; speaking to Yan Zhaoge, although he was passing down teachings as an elder, he did not give off the feeling of speaking down to him from a point of superiority.

Just from the atmosphere of the conversation alone, it seemed more relaxed than when Yan Zhaoge had been conversing with Shi Tie.

“What second apprentice-uncle says is true,” Yan Zhaoge smiled.

Fang Zhun said, “I already know of Yan Xu’s matter.

I also feel very sympathetic for what happened to your Yan Family that year.”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “Second apprentice-uncle overspeaks things.

Yan Xu having been personally killed by me, our revenge can also be considered taken.

Having known of this, my Father has also managed to get his mind over things.”

Fang Zhun said, “The Glacial Dragon Martial Saint’s relic as well as that ring of our clan’s late disciple Ye Jing can be made a decision on after Master and them have returned to the Mountain.

Zhaoge, you go back and take a good rest first.”

Yan Zhaoge bowed, “I’m leaving.

Farewell, second apprentice-uncle.”

Exiting the Assignment Hall, Yan Zhaoge let out a long breath.

When the Broad Creed Three Heroes were mentioned, the first who came to mind was generally Yan Di, who possessed the greatest martial talent as well as prowess amongst the three.

But actually, before Yan Di had risen to prominence, Broad Creed Mountain’s most famous figure of their generation had precisely been that peaceful and amicable looking Fang Zhun currently sitting within the Assignment Hall going through the clan’s documents.

The name of the Hidden Dragon, already clearly said everything.

And the person of the Sacred Sun Clan who had been Fang Zhun’s rival in the past, both of them similarly high-potential seedlings, was their current Clan Chief, Huang Xu.

Even if it was now, with Huang Xu having taken over Huang Guanglie as the new Chief of the Sacred Sun Clan, there were few who believed that Fang Zhun was inferior to him in terms of individual ability.

As Yan Zhaoge walked on a small road of the mountain, his thoughts drifted as he suddenly came to think about many things.

“Right, how is junior apprentice-sister Feng’s current condition” Yan Zhaoge asked.

The Ah Hu beside him gave a simple and honest laugh, “When you, Young Master, entered the Assignment Hall just now, I already sent people over to ask about it.”

“Miss Feng has already entered the clan and begun cultivating.

Over this past half year, whilst taking good care of her injuries, she has also been working on changing her martial foundation.”

“After all, she is a disciple of Broad Creed Mountain now.

In order for her future path to be a little smoother, it is not good for her to continue cultivating in the martial arts of the Sacred Sun Clan.

Spending a little more time on reforging her foundation now is also normal.”

“The old Clan Chief personally asked about her matter, and used one of our clan’s precious Ocean Changing Stones to reforge the qi ocean within her dantian for her.”

Ah Hu scratched his big head, “I’ve heard that she has already gradually come to make a full recovery from her injuries, and the reforging of her foundation is also already complete.

The clan has arranged her a cave dwelling to reside in at the back mountain, with everything else to be decided upon after your return.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Let’s go take a look.

If her current state already fulfils the conditions, the matter of helping her to regain her Extreme Yin Physique will have to be pushed ahead of schedule.”

As he walked, Yan Zhaoge sighed, “Time waits for no man; her opponents will not stay at the same spot waiting for her.

And she has already been delayed by two years.”

Arriving at the back mountain, approaching Feng Yunsheng’s dwelling, Yan Zhaoge’s mind moved slightly.

From the roadside walked out a middle-aged woman, actually an Elder of Broad Creed Mountain’s Assignment Hall.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge, she nodded, then vanished once more without saying anything else.

Yan Zhaoge similarly acknowledged her with a nod, then continued walking forward.

Within the forest, the sounds of a waterfall resounded.

As Yan Zhaoge passed through the forest, an enormous waterfall now appeared before his eyes.

The water flow descended from above with an incomparably loud rumbling noise, striking down on the deep pool of water below, causing large sprays of water to erupt.

Looking carefully, Yan Zhaoge saw that at the bottom of the waterfall, a figure was standing ramrod straight, allowing the violent waterfall to sweep down upon her non-stop however it liked.

White clothes like snow, black hair cascading.

A jet-black sword was grasped within that pair of hands that was clear and white as jade, currently waving it about repeatedly.

With a wave of the sword, that enormous waterfall was actually cut apart in an instant!

The next moment, the water flow recovered and the waterfall descended once again.

Next, as the sword was brandished yet again, the waterfall was cut apart.

This was a cycle that continually repeated itself.

Yan Zhaoge stood there, not moving as he observed silently, Ah Hu also accompanying by his side.

While that figure displayed extreme perseverance, Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu were similarly extremely patient.

Time passed, from noon till sunset, not even a single bit of break time in between.

“Although it is only in embryonic form, within that knife is vaguely housed the strong points of both the Sacred Sun Clan and Broad Creed Mountain,” Seeing how the other party relied on not just pure perseverance in her training, Yan Zhaoge thought, “I did not see mistakenly that year; her comprehension skills are definitely in no way inferior to the late Xiao Shen’s, while her diligence is also one of a kind.”

Ah Hu’s expression was a little grave, “Although it’s only watching her train, Young Master, I have the feeling that she should be extremely proficient in close combat.

Facing her at the same cultivation level, she might be even more outstanding than Xiao Shen and Chao Yuanlong.”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “That’s right; I’ve watched her live in action before.

From her usual training, it is actually very easy to underestimate her.”

“Even if one discounts the matter of her Extreme Yin Physique, she is also a talented genius in the area of the martial dao.

If she had not castrated Xiao Shen, even if she had permanently crippled one of his legs, there should still have been people in the Sacred Sun Clan who would have protected her.”

Seeing Feng Yunsheng finally cease her movements, leaping out from beneath the waterfall, Yan Zhaoge prepared to stride out to meet her, “From the looks of it, it indeed seems like she’s ready.”

Just as he was preparing to raise his leg, Yan Zhaoge’s movements paused slightly.

As he saw Feng Yunsheng scanning the surrounding area somewhat warily, as if making sure that there was no one nearby.

Upon confirming this, her face revealed a relaxed smile as she walked towards an area of dense forest just adjacent to the waterfall.

Yan Zhaoge frowned, “Eh Is there something unspeakable going on here If there really is, there really should be no way that our clan’s Elders keeping an eye on this place would be unable to detect it at all.”

As curiosity welled up within his heart, Yan Zhaoge followed after her, Ah Hu also following behind him hurriedly.

Entering the forest, he saw Feng Yunsheng currently squatting on the floor without any care for her own image at all, that little black dog Little Meaty of hers wagging its tail as it sat by the side.

A pile of firewood was ignited by Feng Yunsheng, on which there was a rack, upon which a string of something was currently being barbequed.

The Feng Yunsheng of now, far from how valiant she usually seemed, currently looked like a cat who had stolen a fish as she hurried over to the vicinity of the rack, a look of enjoyment on her face as her nose twitched gently.

She let out a soft sigh of praise, “The world only knows that this Tiger Claw Fish contains intense poison, yet doesn’t know how unparalleled it is in terms of taste!”

Hearing this from a distance away, Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu could not help but stare at each other.

…The Tiger Claw Fish was not merely intensely poisonous for ordinary people; it could even bring down a Martial Scholar!

The corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth twitched slightly, “So she’s a foodhound[1]!”


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