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HSSB1078: Superior in all aspects


Yan Zhaoge unleashed yet another Cyclic Heavenly Seal as he sent Chen Qianhua tumbling mightily towards the deep abyss down below once more.

This palm of his caused Chen Qianhua’s arms to break once again, becoming distorted and cracked.

He was unable to withstand this palm of Yan Zhaoge’s as his parry was directly broken through, the palm continuing forth with its great momentum as it struck down upon his head.

The world foundation of Chen Qianhua’s was virtually shattered as although it saved him from being killed with a single palm, blood still splattered out in all directions from his head!

Meanwhile, the Grand Longevity Banner which was being suppressed by the Extreme Yang Seal had not yet submitted.

Green light flickered as the banner swayed in the wind, resembling a stubborn, resolute sprout that had broken through all obstacles and sprung up through the soil to see the light of day.

The sprout seemingly forcibly broke through chaos, seeking to grow alongside a brand new heaven and earth.

As the vast seas and the wide plains changed along with the passing of time, this divine tree turned from youthful to old as it grew to obscure the heavens and conceal the sun.

The Grand Longevity Banner manifested its miraculous aspects in seeking to push aside the Extreme Yang Seal that was suppressing it from up above.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone wielded the dark green bamboo cane, immediately striking down once more.

The Grand Longevity Banner flickered with green light as it was instantly suppressed by the Extreme Yang Seal yet once more.

Now, however, a fourth figure suddenly appeared in the air above the Earth Domain.

The newcomer’s pupils flickered with specks of radiance that formed profound runes.

He appeared to carry himself in a way that was no different from Chen Qianhua at all.

This was a clone that Chen Qianhua had refined!

This clone of his was not looking at his true self as he was instead gazing intently at the dark green bamboo cane in the hands of the Northern Ocean Clone.

“Treasure Dropping Coin Seven Treasure Miraculous Tree Divinity Striking Whip” The gaze of Chen Qianhua’s clone flickered slightly, “It looks like none of those.

Still, it seems to have borne reference to all of them.

I really wonder where you managed to obtain so many hidden secrets.”

“Wait, if it was before the Great Calamity, there seems to have been such a place where this is possible.

Still, that place should have been destroyed too…”

That clone shook his head, a joyous expression appearing on his face, “When I first heard the rumours, I did not pay attention to them.

To think that even the Grand Longevity Banner would be unable to withstand it.”

“If it were any other high-grade Sacred Artifact, they would only be compromised even more.”

He waved a hand, a streak of light flying into mid-air.

It was a copper coin.

This coin stood out in how it actually had a pair of wings about its circular form!

On seeing the appearance of that coin, the Northern Ocean Clone’s pupils dilated slightly, “Treasure Dropping Coin”

Gazing closely once more, he realised that that was not truly a Treasure Dropping Coin as it was just a replica.

There were characters on the coin that transformed into a streak of light as it was gone in a flash.

It looked like this could only be used once as its efficacy could naturally not be compared to the actual Treasure Dropping Coin.

Even so, however, it was like that supreme treasure of legend which specifically sent other treasures out of their owner’s control!

While the dark green bamboo cane was gripped by the Northern Ocean Clone, as the treasured light from the winged coin shone on it, the Northern Ocean Clone instantly felt his hands sinking.

Chen Qianhua smiled, “Indeed, this is actually a unique treasure rather than a weapon.

As a treasure that specifically counters all weapons beneath the heavens, being a treasure itself, it would naturally be countered by the Treasure Dropping Coin.”

His clone shot forward, golden light simultaneously flickering in his hands as he actually executed a miraculous supreme martial art of Buddhism.

Yan Zhaoge’s first thought was that Chen Qianhua had to be related to the Future Buddha’s blessed lands of Buddhism.

However, upon gazing over carefully, he realised that this clone actually seemed not to contain that Buddha-light of the power of faith.

His cultivation base of the Martial Saint realm had been wholly attained through his own painstaking cultivation.

In pre-Great Calamity times, because of the Future Buddha, the disciples of Buddhism had devoutly been devoted to Buddhism, giving offerings and worshipping the Buddha with their power of faith.

The various martial arts of Buddhism had all been influenced along this line as a result.

The Buddhist martial arts from the times of the Gautama Buddha had already become rare existences indeed.

Even the Martial Repository of the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace from pre-Great Calamity times had only contained a small amount of them.

Still, this Buddhist clone of Chen Qianhua’s clearly solidly followed the path of pursuing the heart’s clear purity in proving one’s own spirituality.

As he punched out, the stance of vanquishing all evil demons was manifested as it was tough and mighty beyond compare.

Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone did not evade it as his fist-intent took the form of a Kunpeng, a huge fish leaving the sea along with an immense, immeasurable force as it forcibly collided head-on with Chen Qianhua’s Buddhist clone.

Violent thunder exploded amidst space as the surging devilish qi in the surroundings was completely cleansed.

The Northern Ocean Clone’s body shook slightly while Chen Qianhua’s Buddhist Clone stumbled two steps back.

Still, a dark red mark was vaguely visible on the fist of Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone.

Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone was superior in terms of strength whereas Chen Qianhua’s Buddhist clone was slightly superior in terms of the sturdiness of his body.

Like the Northern Ocean Clone, this clone of Chen Qianhua’s surpassed countless experts of the same cultivation level, being powerful enough to be greatly renowned in rampaging throughout everywhere.

“Heh!” Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone laughed coldly, his martial true intent condensing and manifesting as multiple silhouettes above his head.

Besides the original Kunpeng, the form of a true dragon was also manifested now.

Also, this was just the beginning!

After the Kunpeng and the true dragon, there was a Bifang bird, a Golden Crow, a Cyclone Turtle, a Taotie…

As these multiple silhouettes surfaced together, the acupoints of the Northern Ocean Clone’s entire body pulsed, his strength becoming increasingly momentous and majestic.

As he strode forth, the heavens and earth seemed to have returned to the prehistoric wilderness as countless great demonic beasts rampaged together, shocking the heavens and shaking the earth.

This blow of the Northern Ocean Clone’s seemed possessed by a living tiger and dragon, his strength seemingly endless as he forcibly beat Chen Qianhua’s Buddhist clone into perpetual retreat.

Yan Zhaoge had also gained the upper hand in this battle of clone against clone.

After repelling Chen Qianhua’s clone, the Northern Ocean Clone flicked his finger as that flying coin in the sky was immediately blown far away.

The dark green bamboo cane was freed of the restrictions on it as the Northern Ocean Clone flicked it up, the cane bringing along a trace of purple light while striking at the Grand Longevity Banner yet again.

The Grand Longevity Banner trembled, the Extreme Yang Seal descending again as it suppressed the crevice to the Nine Underworlds down below.

Still, a soul-piercing shriek now resounded from the deep abyss down below, shaking one’s heart.

A Nine Underworlds True Devil was shockingly in the midst of pulling its way out from the crevice.

Still, before it could even take in the sight of this new world it had come into, a figure was already smashing down on it from up above.

This was Chen Qianhua who had been sent tumbling down by Yan Zhaoge’s palm once more.

Before that devil could even react, the world before its eyes suddenly dimmed.

Yan Zhaoge pursued Chen Qianhua all the way down as he casually struck the devil with a Cyclic Heavenly Seal upon seeing it.

His iron palm that flipped the heavens and overturned the earth swept rampantly through all and any enemies that stood in his path.

A Nine Underworlds True Devil which had once been a major enemy for the Eight Extremities World upon its descent was directly smashed into smithereens by Yan Zhaoge!

“Truly powerful…” While the qi and blood of the heavily injured Chen Qianhua was extremely weak, never had he looked as excited as he was now.

He looked downwards.

Half of his body had already been devoured by the crevice of the Nine Underworlds as a massive suction force was still continuing to corrode him.

“What a pity.

What a real pity indeed,” Chen Qianhua shook his head repeatedly.

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “You can break through the suppression of the dimensional boundaries at any time, making use of this to break free of the Nine Underworlds in returning to the World beyond Worlds.”

Chen Qianhua laughed loudly, “Now where would be the fun in that”

His figure sank abruptly as he actually plunged into the crevice to the Nine Underworlds of his own accord.

“You can do that.

Indeed, I have no intention of pursuing you into the Nine Underworlds.

This Yan is untalented, but am also not interested in lowering myself to the level of a madman such as you,” Yan Zhaoge was momentarily taken aback before he chortled out loud, “Still, I can make this escapade even more interesting for you.

I believe that you will be very happy to accept this parting gift of mine.”

With that, Yan Zhaoge formed numerous seals with his hands as they collectively transformed into a black ball of light which mightily plummeted into the crevice to the Nine Underworlds.

As the black ball of light landed on Chen Qianhua, it instantly formed a formless wound on his body from which streams of black light leaked out.

Affected by the formless devilish wound, pandemonium instantly overtook the Nine Underworlds, with countless great devils beginning to converge on his location like sharks having smelled blood!


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