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HSSB1079: Grand Longevity Banner

Having entered the Nine Underworlds, Chen Qianhuas cultivation base was no longer affected by the natural laws of the dimensional boundaries of the Eight Extremities World.

His aura instantly skyrocketed as he was like an ant that had become an elephant.

Affected by this, his injuries began to rapidly heal too.

Back when King Xuanmu had descended to the Eight Extremities World and been heavily injured by Yan Di, his condition had still been serious upon his return to the World beyond Worlds.

Still, having successfully accomplished the foundation of the world and also cultivated to the Human Exalt stage, Chen Qianhuas wounds instantly recovered by over fifty percent now.

Yet, the formless devilish wound inflicted by the black ball of light thrown by Yan Zhaoge still remained.

Black light leaked out from the wound as it was similar to the bleeding of an injury.

Chen Qianhua sensed virtually immediately that attracted by this, powerful auras were quaking from all directions and various distances as they came to pay attention to his current location.

Amongst them, there were even some true peak Great Devils of the Nine Underworlds!

“…Devil Bewitching Ritual” Chen Qianhua was taken aback, “This is the legendary Devil Bewitching Ritual that was used by experts of Daoism to bait and kill devils of the Nine Underworlds during pre-Great Calamity times”

Affected by this formless devilish wound, the great devils of the Nine Underworlds would flock over like sharks in the sea that had smelled blood.

Even with Chen Qianhuas cultivation base, it would still be greatly perilous for him as he was encircled and attacked by numerous experts of the Nine Underworlds while deep within their territory.

It would be even worse if he attracted some even more powerful devils.

Under normal circumstances, even when he was injured, Chen Qianhua would still be able to let his wounds regenerate very quickly, leaving the Nine Underworlds and returning to the World beyond Worlds via extradimensional space within a short period of time.

Now, however, before he had gotten rid of the Devil Bewitching Ritual, he would have to suffer the joint attacks of numerous devils.

Wanting to both treat his wounds and leave the Nine Underworlds, the difficulty was even greater.

It was like the brightness of the flame of a candle amidst the darkness of the night, a marker that indicated his location to the numerous devils of the Nine Underworlds.

Chen Qianhua regained his wits to see that the crevice was already gradually closing up as it was suppressed by Yan Zhaoge.

“You actually even know the Devil Bewitching Ritual” Chen Qianhuas eyes shone brilliantly, “Indeed, indeed, the most interesting person from this Eight Extremities World really is you!”

Yan Zhaoge smiled nonchalantly, waving to him, “You are welcome.

Have fun!”

The crevice to the Nine Underworlds was sealed once more.

Chen Qianhua gradually disappeared from Yan Zhaoges field of vision as well.

The final thing he saw was that many great devils who had originally not been much interested in a mere lower world like the Eight Extremities World had suddenly congregated and surrounded Chen Qianhua.

After the crevice to the Nine Underworlds had been completely sealed, the devilish qi that surged in the deep abyss of the Earth Domain was cleansed as well.

The Eight Extremities World had finally regained its calm.

Still, as Yan Zhaoge had had to reveal his actual abilities in battling against Chen Qianhua, the entire world was more or less affected by the aftershocks somewhat.

This was especially so for the areas surrounding the Earth Domain as heaven-flipping, earth-overturning changes had befallen their local geography.

The spiritual qi cycles of the entire Eight Extremities World were all different from how they had been earlier as they had been virtually shattered before slowly regaining their flow.

After sealing the Earth Domain, Yan Zhaoge turned and glanced elsewhere.

There, Chen Qianhuas Buddhist clone was already in a tough spot in his battle against the Northern Ocean Clone as his body was riddled with wounds.

It was just that he had no intention of breaking free of the suppression of the power of dimensions and re-ascending to the World beyond Worlds.

Like Yan Zhaoges Northern Ocean Clone, the cultivation base of this clone far surpassed the third level of the Martial Saint realm.

His cultivation base had also been suppressed upon his descent into the Eight Extremities World.

Sensing the Northern Ocean Clones doubts, Chen Qianhuas clone smiled, “What a pity, what a pity.

You have already sealed the crevice to the Nine Underworlds.

Otherwise, this clone of mine could have gone down too.”

“While the Nine Underworlds Evil Devils are chaotic and unpredictable, most of them are very brainless indeed as I am not so interested in them.

Still, some casual playing with them can be enjoyable too.”

The Northern Ocean Clone said mildly, “You can try returning to the World beyond Worlds.

Still, there is also the possibility of you being slain by me here before you are able to do so successfully.”

The other party laughed loudly, “Whether or not I return is already no longer of any importance.

I am more interested in you than I am the Brocade Emperor now.

You are much more interesting than he is.”

Amidst his words, his body abruptly turned gold as he resembled a Buddha statue of gilded gold.

The next moment, a bluish-green lustre surged as his entire body, both his exterior and interior, transformed into Vajra.

Just like the present martial practitioners of the blessed lands of Buddhism who bore the power of faith, he was about to extinguish himself right there and then.

Still, the martial practitioners of the blessed lands extinguished themselves through Buddha-light.

Meanwhile, Chen Qianhuas clone purely cultivated in the Buddhist teachings, pure and untainted with this thus being difficult to prevent.

Only Buddhist cultivators whose cultivation bases had attained a certain level would be able to do this.

“Oh,” The Northern Ocean Clone smiled nonchalantly, “Just die then.”

He punched forth, striking straight at the centre of the other partys head!

The Buddha idol of Vajra was shattered at once.

After glancing at it once, Yan Zhaoge himself no longer paid any attention to it.

He could be considered to have a pretty good understanding of the Upper Exalt now.

This was a true madman indeed.

He did not care so much about his own fate and wellbeing as opposed to the crazed thoughts that would spring up within his head from time to time.

Previously, Yan Zhaoge had still been wondering whether Chen Qianhua might take revenge on Broad Creed Mountain and himself after returning to the World beyond Worlds if he suffered a setback in the Eight Extremities World.

From the looks of it now, however, while he would definitely make a comeback, he would likely simply target him, Yan Zhaoge.

In the eyes of Chen Qianhua, others were simply uninteresting.

Of course, this was not an absolute thing.

The reason madmen were hard to deal with was that their psychologies could not be evaluated by common sense.

This particular madman even possessed extremely high destructive power, being even more hateful.

While Chen Qianhua who cultivated in many supreme martial arts was incomparable to Yan Zhaoge in terms of the amount and density of his true essence at the same cultivation level, it was still shocking within this world.

He who cultivated the full set of the Later Heaven Six Scriptures of the ten Primordial Heavenly Scriptures of the Jade Clear direct lineage and was able to manifest the foundation of the world possessed regenerative powers that were far superior to that of Zhuang Shen who had cultivated the Phoenix True Form Scripture and Daoist Oneheaven who cultivated in the Longevity Scripture.

In terms of pure regenerative capabilities alone, even Yan Zhaoge was his inferior.

Still, in terms of technique speed and instant explosive power, Yan Zhaoge was the obvious victor.

The Cyclic Heavenly Seal that reached the extent of reversing all creation was the manifestation of the essence of the cultivation base of Yan Zhaoge who simultaneously cultivated all Three Purities.

Therefore, Chen Qianhua had been totally owned by Yan Zhaoge at the same cultivation level.

“Still, that bastard did indeed give me quite the pleasant surprise, though,” Yan Zhaoge looked at that banner which flickered with green light.

The Grand Longevity Banner was still entangled in a clash with the Extreme Yang Seal, just that it was currently at a disadvantage due to having suffered a blow from his dark green bamboo cane earlier.

Yan Zhaoge went forward and attempted to tame the Grand Longevity Banner.

Still, the difficulty of this was not low.

After all, this was a Sacred Artifact which was comparable to the mighty Extreme Yang Seal.

The Upper Exalt had left behind a mark on it with his fist-intent that was at the level of a Human Exalt.

It had been left behind by a Human Exalt who was actually able to battle against True Immortals too.

With Yan Zhaoges current cultivation base, it would not be all that straightforward for him to deal with this.

Yan Zhaoge was still in a great mood, though.

As a high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Grand Longevity Banner held a unique significance for him.

By means of both the Extreme Yang Seal and the dark green bamboo cane, Yan Zhaoge first forcibly suppressed the Grand Longevity Banner, storing it into his inventory.

As for how he would truly gain control of this miraculous artifact, that would have to be left for later.


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