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HSSB1083: Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder


Yan Zhaoge and the others had thoughtful looks on their faces as they saw the streaks of electricity within the black hole.

The Northern Exalt sighed, “That is Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder, right”

The Encompassing Emperor said, “Its essence has already dispersed as it cannot be considered true Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder.

Still, actual Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder might appear as we head deeper into this illusory space.”

Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder was one of those famed Nine Heavenly Immortal Thunders of pre-Great Calamity times.

It was ranked second amongst the Nine Heavenly Immortal Thunders, subordinate only to the legendary Primordial Ancestral Thunder as it was above the likes of the Five Elements Creation Thunder and Heart’s Will Thunder.

“If there really is Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder disturbing things, we will probably face greater obstacles on this journey,” Yan Zhaoge gazed at that black hole.

The Northern Exalt said, “This old man will wait here.

You can set off anytime you want.”

The Brocade Emperor nodded slightly, “We will go now then.”

He waved his sleeve, bringing along Meng Wan as they were first to enter that dimensional passageway.

“Please await, Northern Exalt,” Yan Zhaoge cupped his hands towards the Northern Exalt, next entering the dimensional passageway alongside the Encompassing Emperor.

The Northern Exalt watched them leave before entering the meditative position at the entrance of the dimensional passageway whereupon he remained unmoving.

After a while, that dimensional passageway too vanished once again.

Atop the icy plains, only his old, tranquil figure remained amidst the snow.

As Yan Zhaoge entered this dimensional passageway, it was not like when he had travelled to other foreign dimensions wherein wondrous scenes would appear before his eyes.

This place was constantly pitch black with nothing visible within at all besides bolts of electricity that

flickered from time to time.

As one traversed this dimensional passageway, they would clearly be able to sense that the pressure from the dimensional boundaries was filled with malicious intent towards them.

Those with somewhat lower cultivation bases would probably be crushed into misshapen lumps of flesh and blood mere moments after they entered.

Without the protection of the Brocade Emperor, Meng Wan would not be able to traverse the area.

Yan Zhaoge glanced at her.

From how the Brocade Emperor was currently acting, Meng Wan’s safety should still be guaranteed for the time being.

Yet, one could never be a hundred percent certain of this as the Brocade Emperor’s current thoughts were much too unpredictable.

If a slight fluctuation occurred with his mindset, without him even having to do anything himself, just him ignoring Meng Wan and letting her face this dimensional passageway on her own would already be fatal for her.

It was necessary for Yan Zhaoge to constantly pay attention to the state the Brocade Emperor was in.

This was, of course, also for he himself just as much as it was for Meng Wan.

Yan Zhaoge who never feared imagining the worst in others had sufficient grounds to suspect that the Brocade Emperor might suddenly erupt at any time, making a move and wounding someone.

It was just that it was not Meng Wan that he would target but he, Yan Zhaoge!

If his guess regarding the Brocade Emperor’s cultivation path was correct and aside from eliminating Meng Wan and Fu Ting, he also needed the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud for advancement, both he and Yan Di were obstacles that stood in his path.

The greatest obstacle would definitely be Yan Di.

Still, Yan Zhaoge would surely not stay out of it and do nothing.

Yan Zhaoge had borrowed the power of the Later Earth Text to withstand the Heaven Emperor in the Royal Reed Sea.

Compared to experts who had already opened the door to Immortality, he was still just a junior.

Normally, besides like with the Heaven Emperor for whom strong enmity did exist between them, considering their lofty statuses, True Immortals would not lower themselves to the point of making things difficult for Immortal Bridge Martial Saints.

The problem, though, was that the Brocade Emperor was not normal right now…

If he really walked the unfeeling path, only considering cost and benefits, gains and detriments while not caring about things like face, he would thus naturally move unblinkingly to remove a potential obstacle that could be a threat to him in the future.

Yan Zhaoge had no choice but to consider more eventualities as he travelled with such a figure.

The Encompassing Emperor had come along with the intention of watching the Brocade Emperor and preventing him from causing any other major disturbances.

Still, it was difficult indeed to predict what the Encompassing Emperor’s view on Meng Wan and Fu Ting might be.

Aside from the Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua who could not be appraised by normal standards, all the higher echelon experts of the World beyond Worlds would naturally wish for the Brocade Emperor to quickly recover.

Still, they would probably have differing thoughts on the method that he should recover by.

As Yan Zhaoge pondered on, he spied Meng Wan suddenly looking over in his direction.

Yan Zhaoge could vaguely detect some worry within those clear, intelligent doelike eyes of hers.

“A smart girl indeed,” Yan Zhaoge thought.

While she might not possess sufficient understanding of the Brocade Emperor’s situation and the predicament that she was in, Meng Wan still felt unease as she sensed that something was strange.

She had previously been confined at Wutong Slope before suddenly being released, whereupon she had met her birth father for the first time.

While the Brocade Emperor had shown no abnormalities on the surface, he had brought her along in just wandering randomly through extradimensional space for a good number of days.

Upon their return to the World beyond Worlds, events had transpired one after another.

Moving her birth mother’s grave, meeting her Master whom she missed, looking for her good friend Feng Yunsheng who had gone missing for a while-Meng Wan could feel a father’s warmth from all of these things.

It was just that when considering all that had previously occurred, the intelligent Meng Wan just felt that there was something strange somewhere.

In front of the Brocade Emperor, Yan Zhaoge could clarify nothing as he could not even send over a warning via sound transmission in secret.

Facing Meng Wan’s inquiring gaze, Yan Zhaoge showed no reaction whatsoever, pretending not to have seen it.

Seeing this, Meng Wan retracted her gaze, feeling that she had gotten her answer.

That silence actually already spoke volumes.

Yan Zhaoge should have felt puzzled and uncomprehending otherwise.

Since Yan Zhaoge had openly shown no reaction, it meant that he clearly understood what she was asking, thus confirming her guess indirectly!

It was just that while she had gotten her answer, it did not call for much optimism.

Fortunately, Meng Wan had already long since mentally prepared herself for this as she could only hope that all went well now.

As the group traversed the endless darkness, dim radiance suddenly lit up before them

It was not the first time that Yan Zhaoge was travelling amidst extradimensional space.

Still, gazing over, he saw that the scenes before him were different from how they usually were.

The twinkling of starlight could not be seen amidst the gloomy darkness of space as there was only that lustrous dim radiance.

Formless space seemed to have gained a form at this moment as its surface was polluted with filth.

“Truly a land of tranquil stream,” Yan Zhaoge nodded to himself, with this being his very first time experiencing this in person while he had read descriptions of this kind of place in records before too.

This place was somewhat but not really like the Nine Underworlds and somewhat but not really like the human realm, being mystically wondrous in its own right.

There were many similar lands of tranquil streams of varying sizes, but the one that Yan Zhaoge and the others were currently in was rather more vast.

They travelled within as they attempted to find Feng Yunsheng’s tracks.

Lands of tranquil streams had perilous environments as many strange beasts were born within, their personalities fierce and brutal as they resembled devils of the Nine Underworlds.

There were quite a few experts amongst them too.

This corresponded with what Feng Yunsheng had had in mind for a training ground.

It had already been many years since she entered.

Yan Zhaoge and the others did not think that they might be able to locate her so quickly as they were just trying to locate some clues or traces that she could have left behind.

The Brocade Emperor and the Encompassing Emperor led the way, their sensory abilities surpassing the norm by far even within the land of tranquil stream as the rampant beasts were also completely incapable of opposing them.

With that, they were advancing at an extremely high speed.

They continually moved and stopped, tirelessly searching.

Due to the time that had passed, the earliest traces left behind by Feng Yunsheng were already no more.

Only after half a month of searching were they able to coincidentally grasp some of her movements.

As time passed and they went deeper in, more and more traces of Feng Yunsheng could be found.

Yet, a solemn expression gradually appeared on their faces.

As they ventured deeper in, they could vaguely sense that they were getting closer and closer to the terrifying Nine Underworlds.

At this point in time, Feng Yunsheng was still nowhere to be seen.


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