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“Be it the Devil of aged metal or the other Supreme Devils, all of them yearn for rebirth,” The Brocade Emperor said mildly, “Their rebirths require other lifeforms as their manifestations as it depends fully on luck.

Compatible bodies could be close before their eyes, but if these do not exist, that they might have to wait for thousands, tens of thousands of years longer is also not impossible.”

Meng Wan hesitated for a moment before asking, “How does compatibility come about”

The Brocade Emperor said, “This cannot be said for sure.

It is the comparability of the fleshly body and soul, being unrelated to ones cultivation and strength as well as talent in the martial dao.

It is difficult to predict in that sense.”

He suddenly laughed, “It would also be hard to be certain that all of us four present are unsuitable for this.”

Meng Wan did not show any unusual reaction at her fathers words, only looking a bit worriedly at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge understood what she was thinking.

She was worried about Feng Yunsheng.

This worry was not a baseless one.

The threat was not just from the Six Supreme Devils.

There were also many experts below the Twelve Devilish Gods who might be scheming to look for manifestations, thus undergoing rebirth.

Many of them would possess great strength.

To most people, the Twelve Devilish Gods were too distant a concept.

The other great devils were the more direct threat, easier to run into.

Yan Zhaoge exhaled slowly, many thoughts flashing through his mind.

“Let us not interfere with this place.

Since it is was left behind by predecessors, it should also prove a bit useful in obstructing the corrosion of the Nine Underworlds,” The Encompassing Emperor said as he looked at Yan Zhaoge and the Brocade Emperor.

The two of them nodded, “Your words make sense.”

They glanced a final time at those two sword-lights before leaving this dimensional space that was formed of sword-intent and thunderbolts.

As they ventured further into the depths of the Nine Underworlds, even the Brocade Emperor and the Encompassing Emperor had to start being more cautious.

The numerous devils of the Nine Underworlds before them were getting more and more powerful.

While it was not that much of a challenge for them, the possibility of them eventually drawing over great devils that were on the level of True Immortals was definitely not zero.

Of the three of them, the Brocade Emperor executed the Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form as he seemed both illusory and real.

The Encompassing Emperor cultivated in the Myriad Phenomena Heavenly Scripture that possessed infinite variations and was adept in self-concealment.

While Yan Zhaoge did not use his foundation of the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, as he circulated the first and twelfth arts of the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts, Shadow Stealth and Peerless Infinity, in unison, he was similarly difficult to locate.

As a result, they were incomparably low key as they did not attract the attention of the peak devils that were a great distance away.

It was just that seeking Feng Yunshengs whereabouts in the Nine Underworlds was very difficult indeed.

Yan Zhaoge and the others could only risk trying to capture the devils of the Nine Underworlds, hoping that one of them might have seen her.

The devils of the Nine Underworlds were either violent and bloodthirsty as well as strange and sinister or sly and cunning, being full of lies.

Obtaining some useful information from them was really never an easy thing.

Many torture methods used against humans were less effective against them, and it was also difficult to go about it in a loud, overt manner since there were within the Nine Underworlds.

Finally, they captured a devil that had really battled Feng Yunsheng before.

Despite its violent temperament, this devil still had its rationality as they were finally able to obtain some useful information.

This devil clearly had a deep impression of Feng Yunsheng, a human who had ventured deep within the Nine Underworlds on her lonesome.

There were many wounds on its body that had not healed even now, constantly reminding it of that opponent.

Based on the information obtained here, Yan Zhaoges party journeyed on.

Boundless charred earth suddenly appeared atop the pitch black soil of the Nine Underworlds up ahead, extended flames blazing between the dim heavens and earth that seemed boundless and without end.

Yet, despite the fact that there was clearly a sea of flames up ahead, the world still seemed dim.

The fiery glow could not dispel the gloomy darkness and evoke a sense of security in them as it instead caused an ominous feeling to well up within their hearts.

“This place appears to be the cave manor of a devilish Emperor of the Nine Underworlds,” The Encompassing Emperor said after gazing over and observing it for a bit.

Despite what he had just said, he showed no intention of halting in the least as he ascended the charred earth without hesitation.

The Brocade Emperor smiled, similarly not stopping as he walked shoulder-to-shoulder with the Encompassing Emperor.

Looking at the inferno and charred earth, Meng Wan murmured aloud, “It somewhat resembles those Flame Devils from back then.”

Yan Zhaoge said as he continued walking, “The Flame Devils rampant in our Eight Extremities World that year were not devils of the Nine Underworlds but sentient lifeforms born from nature.

It was just that they were similarly stained with devilish will when they were just born, hence the nameFlame Devils.”

“Tracing it to the source, their strength originated from an expert of pre-Great Calamity times, the Flame Devil Emperor,” Yan Zhaoge explained, “The Flame Devil Emperors original title should have been the Heavenly Fire Emperor.

Still, it is rumoured that he dabbled in the devilish dao afterwards.

While he did not fall to the dark side and become a devil per se, he walked very far on that path, the contention on this matter hence being great.”

Meng Wan nodded in understanding.

“Still, he was unrelated to the Devil of the Six Supreme Devils holding the seat of Fire,” Yan Zhaoge said, “In the annals of history, the devils it produced before were the Fire Devil, Yang Devil and Blazing Devil.”

“The form of address for the Flame Devils in our Eight Extremities World that year was simply a description of their temperaments and characteristics.”

Hearing this, Meng Wan nodded, “No one in the Eight Extremities World has heard about the Six Supreme Devils before, most likely.

They would naturally not be able to know about that Devil of Fire.”

Seeing Yan Zhaoge smiling upon hearing this, Meng Wan smiled too, “You, Senior Brother Yan, are the exception.”

While the two were smiling, their brows were furrowed as they gazed at the charred wilderness that stretched out endlessly before them.

They quickly arrived at the core region of this land.

No other devils were visible atop the charred earth as it was like none of them dared infringe upon this domain.

A massive devilish palace soon appeared before the eyes of Yan Zhaoge and the others.

The palace was completely formed of flames.

Soaring a thousand feet high, its walls and pavilions were all blazing intensely, evoking fear in those who saw them.

“Senior apprentice-sister Feng has entered this place” Having entered with the Brocade Emperor, the Encompassing Emperor and Yan Zhaoge, Meng Wan did not fear the scenes before her as she simply appraised this devilish palace of flame that was the size of giants.

The Brocade Emperor and the Encompassing Emperor exchanged looks, “Why does it look weaker than it seemed at first glance The devilish Emperor is absent Is he away, or has he already died”

Outside of the devilish domain of charred earth, devils could be intimidated and kept from drawing near due to the restrictions of devilish qi.

However, the interior was lax in contrast to the intimidating exterior as something immediately seemed wrong.

“It was indeed not for no reason that Yunsheng came here…” Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes.

They did not hesitate as they ventured within at once.

The towering, majestic devilish palace of flame was simply completely empty.

Only when they arrived in the centre of the back hall did they suddenly feel a shocking devilish qi surging.

Still, it seemed like it was suppressed, being at the end of its tether as it was exceptionally weak.

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “The aura is the same as that of this devilish palace of charred earth.

It belongs to the original owner of this land, that devilish Emperor.”

“From the looks of it, it was reborn here in the Nine Underworlds after being slain by someone due to being undying and inextinguishable.

Still, it was suppressed amidst its rebirth attempt such that it was unable to succeed.”

The Encompassing Emperor carefully perceived its variations of devilish qi, “It has already been dead for a long time, probably over a millennium.

Who did it”


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