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The real ace up Yan Zhaoges sleeve

The massive black Buddha resembled a tribulation from the end of the world and the overlord of the devilish domain as it sat cross-legged between the heavens and earth of the Nine Underworlds.

It was just that this Buddha showed no propensity for peace and tranquillity whatsoever as a devilish qi that seemed to cause one to become crazed nourished and disrupted the area.

“Evaṃ mayā-śrutam, devils illuminate the myriad lifeforms.”

Yan Zhaoges voice that resounded from the mouth of the gigantic Buddha was also different from usual as a sinister, vicious intent emanated from within.

Seeing the gigantic Buddha that was completely pitch black and had a reversed卍 symbol on its foreheads, chests and palms, the Brocade Emperor too was rather taken aback, “You actually are proficient in the Faceless Devilish Scripture to this extent I have never seen you exhibit signs of potentially plummeting to the devilish dao, though.”

He clicked his tongue in wonder, “Is it that you have truly concealed it well or is your mind so unwavering Not falling to the dark side but still successfully cultivating the Faceless Devilish Scripture to this extent-this is a rare accomplishment indeed.”

The pitch black Buddha said, “As your current thoughts are too difficult to guess, this Yan would surely have to be careful.

I would never have dared to enter the Nine Underworlds alongside you without having made any preparations beforehand.

After all, you could easily kill someone covertly here.”

“This makes no difference,” The Brocade Emperor smiled, with no intention of showing mercy at all.

The massive Taiji diagram obscured the heavens and concealed the sun, enveloping the heavens and earth of the Nine Underworlds as all things turned illusory and returned to primordial yin and yang.

The gigantic Buddha raised its palms simultaneously, the reversed卍 symbols circulating with the boundless devilish sea and avowed to a path of no return forcibly blocking the Brocade Emperors Taiji Yin Yang Palm.

Yan Zhaoge had not spent much time cultivating in the Faceless Devilish Scripture as he would indeed be unable to display such prowess under normal circumstances.

Still, they were in the Nine Underworlds right now.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhaoges martial foundation was the Peerless Heavenly Scripture!

Extinguishing all things, birthing all things, accepting and encompassing all things.

This was the ultimate scripture that was most proficient at projecting other martial arts in this world!

Every acupoint within Yan Zhaoges body was displaying the phenomenon of the peerless infinity of chaos at this moment.

Next, boundless devilish qi congregated within from the external world of the Nine Underworlds all around him, transforming into countless pitch black Buddhas.

The numerous Buddhas chanted, numerous devils roaring.

Yan Zhaoge completely combined his true essence with devilish qi at this moment, relying on peerless infinity to guard his core before he manifested the form of the Peerless Heavenly Devil.

This was something that he could only do in the Nine Underworlds.

As boundless devilish qi surged, even as the gigantic Buddha was becoming more solemn and dignified, it was becoming eviler too!

“While you can gather devilish qi to guard your body and manifest the form of devils and Buddhas here, it is only an imitation of its appearance,” The Brocade Emperor said mildly, “A late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint or even Human Exalt who is versed in the Faceless Heavenly Scripture might already be unable to beat you as you normally are.”

“Right now, you are actually throwing away your advantage just to execute the Faceless Devilish Scripture.

This is a totally self-defeating trade-off.”

The terrifying Taiji diagram pressured downwards unceasingly as the reversed卍 symbols on the surface of the gigantic Buddhas body gradually ceased to rotate.

The body of the gigantic Buddha even began shaking non-stop, with fragments beginning to fly off.

“Even a Human Exalt who is proficient in the Faceless Devilish Scripture would naturally be unable to defeat me, even when in the Nine Underworlds.”

As if corroborating his words, the pitch black Buddha that Yan Zhaoge was manifested as now looked like it was soon to fall apart.

The pitch black Buddha spoke, “While this Yan has always been full of myself, I still possess that basic level of self-awareness at the very least.

If I believed that I would be able to withstand you, the Brocade Emperor, just like that, that would not be me insulting you, but me asking for it.”

“So, you are waiting for this Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder” The Brocade Emperor asked mildly.

As Yan Zhaoge was drawing devilish qi over, the surrounding boundless devilish qi of the Nine Underworlds was correspondingly converging as well.

Some more distant entities were drawn over too.

Now, amidst the dense devilish qi throughout the boundless darkness, a strange light of thunder suddenly flickered.

The next moment, a clump of thunder-light that seemed crystalline appeared within their fields of vision.

Within this thunder-light was densely riddled layers upon layers of spatial wrinkles, stacked together in an alarming fashion.

Layers of thunder-light refracted and penetrated as it was like countless screens of light had stacked together to form a thundercloud that resembled a crystalline solid.

This crystalline solid was incomparable huge as it seemed only slightly smaller than Yan Zhaoge in his Devil-Buddha form.

It was none other than a thundercloud condensed from the Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder of the Nine Heavenly Immortal Thunders after it had been stacked and accumulated to a certain extent.

The spatial dimension formed of two sword-lights that after Yan Zhaoge and the others had encountered after having entered the Nine Underworlds had been formed because of this thundercloud.

It was just that the thundercloud had drifted off afterwards, leaving for another location.

Still, because that Dijiang who also bore Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder had been active in the vicinity, their thunderbolts had attracted each other with this thundercloud gradually approaching.

Now, as Yan Zhaoge drew devilish qi over and influenced the devilish qi cycle of their surroundings, the thundercloud formed of this Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder was drawn over close to he and the Brocade Emperor.

If such an oceanic amount of Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder from the thundercloud exploded, it was sufficient to completely shatter this region of the Nine Underworlds.

Even a True Emperor would be swept away by the chaotic flow of space to who knew where, even if he was able to withstand it.

Yan Zhaoge had naturally been paying attention to that Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder.

Still, this had been noticed by the Brocade Emperor too.

He had been long since prepared for it as while casually suppressing the pitch black Buddha with one hand, he waved lightly towards that thundercloud with his other hand.

The Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form was not only used for self-protection.

As the Brocade Emperor waved his hand, amidst the changes in dimensional space, that thundercloud was instantly locked down where it was, unable to move any closer.

Now, however, that gigantic Buddha that already seemed on the brink of collapse suddenly chanted once more.

“Evaṃ mayā-śrutam, devils illuminate the myriad lifeforms!”

The Brocade Emperors initially perpetually calm expression suddenly changed at this moment!

It was as though something had exploded within his heart!

“…Hearts Will Thunder!” The Brocade Emperor blurted out.

This was none other than the strangest thunderbolt between the heavens and earth and another of the Nine Heavenly Immortal Thunders, the Hearts Will Thunder!

The Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder had merely been a feint to obscure things.

Yan Zhaoges true trump card against the Brocade Emperor was this Hearts Will Thunder!

Despite being a thunderbolt, it did not visibly exist in the form of electricity.

Within the entire wide universe, it was never visible to anyone as it only ever resounded at the very core of ones being, being an explosion of thunderbolts manifested of a persons thoughts!

The difficulty in using it against an enemy was how to cause heart thunder to explode within them.

If this succeeded, it would be hard to defend against externally.

Ones cultivation base would be meaningless as things would only depend on whether they could vanquish their own heart devil which had suddenly been drawn out to the fore.

Yan Zhaoge had given up his usual advantage and forcibly gathered devilish qi to simulate a rise of his cultivation base for the short term so as to get this thunder to explode in the Brocade Emperors heart!

He had not pushed open the door to Immortality at the end of the day.

If he had been facing other True Immortals, it would surely be difficult for him to succeed.

Still, it was different with the Brocade Emperor!

Even without the Hearts Will Thunder exploding now, there was already something up with the Brocade Emperors mind.

In his current state, suffering this explosion was like encountering a nemesis for him!

The Brocade Emperor emitted a muffled groan as he helplessly stumbled backwards.

The swiftly circulating intermingling black and white that was the phenomenon of Taiji, Grand Ultimate and was manifested within his pupils actually vaguely showed signs of falling apart!


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