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Being surprised by others

Tenth level Martial Saints were known as Human Immortals, or Human Exalts.

Right now, the term Human Exalt might be most appropriate when conferred upon Chen Qianhua.

Still, Yan Zhaoge did not feel happy at all as he looked at this Upper Exalt.

He put a hand to his forehead, “The ancients spoke rightly in that a thousand cups of wine are too few for the best of acquaintances, but…”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, looking pointedly towards Chen Qianhua, “But, even a single sentence feels excessive with someone you do not connect with.”

Chen Qianhua first glanced curiously at the Brocade Emperor.

The Brocade Emperor seemed oblivious to his arrival as he remained with his eyes closed where he was.

“Huh…” Chen Qianhua clicked his tongue, next no longer paying attention as he returned his gaze to Yan Zhaoge and smiled, “You have done much indeed over the matter of the Brocade Emperor.”

Yan Zhaoge chortled, “It feels like you are more concerned about this matter than I am.”

“No, no, no,” Chen Qianhua repeatedly shook his head in denial, “That was before.”

He gazed at Yan Zhaoge, “Now, I feel that you are far more interesting than him.”

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly, at which Chen Qianhua said, “Previously, I felt that it would be better if the Brocade Emperor remained in this state.”

“As for you and most others, you probably desire that he does not continue going on like how he is now.”

Chen Qianhua smiled, “Still, while you can agree on that, whether you would prefer a more feeling and emotional Brocade Emperor or an unfeeling, cold-hearted one would probably differ according to the person.”

“As for your intentions…” Chen Qianhuas gaze shifted between Yan Zhaoge and Meng Wan, “From the looks of it, you do not wish to see an unfeeling, cold-blooded Brocade Emperor”

Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes into slits, light flickering within his eyes, “From what you say, could it be that you wish to help the Brocade Emperor walk the unfeeling path”

Chen Qianhua nodded as if it was only natural, “Certainly.”

He was totally unconcerned whichever path the Brocade Emperor walked.

Like he said, he was now interested in having Yan Zhaoge as an opponent and no longer the Brocade Emperor.

When he was interested in the Brocade Emperor, he would oppose him.

If the Brocade Emperor wished to rid himself of this dysfunctional state, Chen Qianhua would do his best to impede him.

Still, now that he found Yan Zhaoge more interesting than the Brocade Emperor, he would switch to helping the Brocade Emperor whose unfeeling side was increasingly gaining the upper hand, hence opposing Yan Zhaoge.

The Brocade Emperor was a chess piece within his mind at this moment as he competed with Yan Zhaoge.

As someone who saw a True Immortal in this manner, rather than calling Chen Qianhua arrogant, one should really call him a madman.

“So, the person I want to kill now is not you,” Chen Qianhua looked towards Meng Wan, “Instead, this young lady is the one I want to kill.

After killing her and Fu Ting too, the Brocade Emperor will have no obstacles in pursuing the unfeeling dao.”

“Are you prepared to protect her What do you intend to do”

Looking excited for once, Chen Qianhuas gaze shifted between Yan Zhaoge and Meng Wan before he suddenly laughed, “Hearts Will Thunder is useless against me.”

Unlike the Brocade Emperor who had suffered cultivation deviation with his mind being split into two, the way Chen Qianhua was acting was completely congruent with his inner nature.

From the outside, at least, there seemed to be no flaw in his mental defences.

To forcibly stimulate and awaken his heart devil through Hearts Will Thunder, someone whose cultivation base was noticeably higher than his would be required.

Additionally, Yan Zhaoge deeply doubted that a person like this truly possessed any heart devil.

He was also more concerned about the fact that Chen Qianhua had managed to discern that the Brocade Emperors current plight had been caused by Hearts Will Thunder with a single glance despite the fact that he had arrived after the Brocade Emperor had already gradually regained mental stability, through the chaotic flows of space.

As Yan Zhaoges gaze met Chen Qianhuas, looking at his eyes that were shining slightly, his heart jolted as he vaguely sensed that something was out of the ordinary.

Even as he pondered about this, Chen Qianhua was smiling as he strode forth towards he and Meng Wan, “I wont kill you, Yan Zhaoge.

Without you, how dull would this world be”

“Come, let me see how you intend to protect this young lady.

Give me more pleasant surprises.”

With that, he raised a hand, unleashing a Cyclic Heavenly Seal towards Meng Wan from overhead!

As Chen Qianhua attacked now, the impact was completely different from in the Eight Extremities World back then.

Beneath that Cyclic Heavenly Seal, the heavens and earth were instantly overturned.

Yan Zhaoge looked calmly at Chen Qianhua, smacking his lips, “Rather than me, someone else will surprise you.”

Even as he said this, the Brocade Emperors voice suddenly resounded, “Little Friend Chen, arent you extending your reach too far”

Chen Qianhua raised his brows, looking at the Brocade Emperor, “If I remember correctly, Brocade Emperor, all that is needed is for your two daughters to vanish from this world.

You do not have to do the deed yourself.”

The Brocade Emperor Fu Yunchi had already reopened his eyes beneath the protection of the Four Grands Earlier Heaven Flag as he now said, “That has nothing to do with you.”

Amidst his words, he suddenly arrived before Chen Qianhua, raising his palm in blocking that Cyclic Heavenly Seal!

The Taiji Yin Yang Palm of the Grand Clear lineage battled the Cyclic Heavenly Seal of the Jade Clear lineage.

Chen Qianhuas palm lightened as he was jolted flying upwards into the air by the Brocade Emperor.

“You are indeed much more interesting than you were before, Brocade Emperor,” Chen Qianhuas expression did not change as he looked down on the Brocade Emperor through the corner of his eyes, “If you were truly on the unfeeling path, you would only take benefits and detriments into consideration rather than feel dissatisfied and unhappy from someone beating you to your prey.”

As he spoke, he raised his other hand as well, combining the Cyclic Heavenly Seal with the Earth Encompassing Seal, his fist-intent massive as magnificent earth as it pressured the Taiji diagram down below.

Where the three palms clashed, a long crevice was instantly ripped amidst space which extended far into the distance, seemingly without end.

The nearby heavens and earth of the Nine Underworlds seemed to be ripped in two at this moment.

“I originally thought that your path had gradually already been set.

From the looks of it now, though, it is still wavering and uncertain.”

Chen Qianhua suddenly laughed, “Could it be the effects of the Hearts Will Thunder”

Bending over with laughter, he turned to look at Yan Zhaoge, “He had originally already been leaning towards one side.

Now, however, he has regained his original, conflicted state.

Isnt this the situation that you would not want to see the most Would you see this as a gain or a loss”

Yan Zhaoge crossed his arms, smiling relaxedly, “It is still too early to say this.”

The Brocade Emperor said mildly, “You speak too much, Little Friend Chen.”

The Taiji diagram on his palm rotated, restricting Chen Qianhuas palms.

Then, he raised his other hand, bringing it down towards Chen Qianhua.

“Just as Yan Zhaoge said, you have really given me a pleasant surprise, Brocade Emperor,” Despite saying so, Chen Qianhua seemed to have foreseen this as his figure suddenly changed from real to illusory, breaking free of that suction force emitted by the Brocade Emperors palm with the Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form.

The Brocade Emperor said nothing, simply making a fist seal with his other hand that was striking at Chen Qianhua as he executed the Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form as well.

Affected by this, Chen Qianhuas figure instantly returned from illusory to real.

Yet, for some reason, he leapt towards Brocade Emperor who was also executing the Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form.

Strange laughter resounded as Chen Qianhua simultaneously struck outwards with his palms, golden flames suddenly surging.

Where the flames passed, they shockingly blazed through the Bright Emptiness of Grand Beginning!

“The essence of earlier heavens departed fire Earlier Heaven Departed Fire Divine Palm” The Brocade Emperor was slightly astonished.

The Earlier Heaven Departed Fire Divine Palm was a peak supreme martial art of pre-Great Calamity times.

Legend had it that it originated from a bigwig of the era of the Investiture of the Gods, Daoist Suppressing Land.

Chen Qianhuas palm force manifested the essence of earlier heavens departed fire, forcibly blazing right through the Bright Emptiness of Grand Beginning as it arrived before the Brocade Emperor.


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