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The same method once more

Despite his surprise at how Chen Qianhua even knew a long lost supreme martial art like the Earlier Heaven Departed Fire Divine Palm, considering the breadth of his knowledge, the Brocade Emperor was able to easily accept it.

He remained unmoving where he was.

While the essence of earlier heaven departed fire was powerful indeed, it would not be able to trouble a True Immortal like him unless it was used by another person of the Immortal realm.

Indeed, those golden flames that incinerated the heavens and extinguished the earth penetrated through Grand Beginning, yet were unable to injure the Brocade Emperors body in the slightest.

The body of a True Immortal was leakless and immeasurable as it was difficult for any power of mortals to harm it any longer.

They were not reputed to be this formidable for nothing!

Still, Chen Qianhua had similarly long foreseen this as he spun, arriving behind the Brocade Emperor before punching towards the back of his neck.

His fist-intent manifested as a sceptre that was promptly swung towards the Brocade Emperor!

The essence of earlier heaven departed fire had only been a feint.

This was his true killing move.

Yan Zhaoges pupils dilated slightly as he spectated the battle and saw this scene.

Despite being a Martial Saint, Chen Qianhua actually appeared faster in switching techniques as compared to the Brocade Emperor, a True Immortal.

It was not that his movements were faster.

Instead, it seemed like he was foreseeing every move and thus grasping the advantage.

Back in the Vast Ocean World, Yan Zhaoge had once seen a martial art known as the Spirit Rhino Fist.

Despite looking similar, the two were actually worlds apart.

One must know that between the Brocade Emperor and Chen Qianhua existed a heavenly gulf which was the gap between the human and Immortal realms!

Being able to foresee his opponents actions even when it was the Brocade Emperor he was facing, just how might the battles between Chen Qianhua and opponents of the same cultivation level or lower unfold

While this person was enshrouded by a fog of mystery, Yan Zhaoge felt like things were gradually becoming clearer, the clouds parting as he saw the light of day.

The Brocade Emperor did not seem all that concerned by Chen Qianhuas miraculous apparent foreknowledge.

Still, sensing the sceptre which was striking at him from behind, his gaze turned slightly cold.

While he would not be wounded by this, he would be forced into taking a few steps back, causing him to lose face.

More importantly, this sceptre technique was also a supreme martial art of the Grand Clear lineage!

Besides the Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form, streams of plain cloud qi circulated about the Brocade Emperors body as he executed the Grand Plainness Immeasurable Body as well.

As the two Grands of Grand Beginning and Grand Simplicity combined, a mighty defensive power manifested which forcibly blocked Chen Qianhuas blow.

The Brocade Emperor did not even falter in the least as he next abruptly turned and clawed towards Chen Qianhua!

Having failed to achieve success with this single move, Chen Qianhua had already leisurely retreated once more.

Still, the Brocade Emperors gaze was calm and heavy this time as he pointed outwards with a finger.

He moved slowly as he appeared totally nonchalant.

Still, this finger disregarded both space and time, arriving right before Chen Qianhua despite having been launched later!

Of the earlier heaven Five Cosmos Grand Manifestations, the Grand Commencement Divine Finger!

Known also as the Grand Supreme Oneworld Divine Finger, it bore the formless, intangible concept of Grand Commencement, projecting the Oneworld of before the heavens and earth had been split apart as it was profound beyond compare.

At virtually the same instant that the Brocade Emperor pointed outwards with his finger, his fingertip arrived before Chen Qianhuas forehead!

Chen Qianhua uttered a yell, the power of the Jade Clear direct lineages Later Heaven Six Scriptures congregating and projecting the foundation of the world.

Mighty defensive power and recuperative capabilities simultaneously exerted their effects as this time, it was his turn to forcibly withstand an attack of the Brocade Emperors.

Beneath the powerful might of the Grand Commencement Divine Finger, Chen Qianhuas foundation of the world dissipated before reforming, reformed before dissipating as it pulsed ceaselessly.

The Brocade Emperors finger proceeded forth without end, yet was eternally mere inches away from Chen Qianhuas forehead!

The combination of the Jade Clear lineages Later Heaven Six Scriptures which resulted in the projection of the foundation of the world could bear and withstand countless earlier heaven supreme martial arts.

As the Brocade Emperors cultivation base was greater, he was still able to hold the upper hand in suppressing Chen Qianhua.

Now, however, Chen Qianhua tilted his head slightly, smiling at the Brocade Emperor.

He brought his palms together, streams of qi intermingling that were red or white.

Seeing this, the gazes of Yan Zhaoge and the Brocade Emperor flickered, “Bright Red Tribulation Scripture He even knows supreme martial arts of the Prime Clear direct lineage”

The direct lineage martial arts of the Three Clear lineages each numbered ten.

The Jade Clear lineage had the ten Primordial Heavenly Scriptures while the Grand Clear lineage had the Earlier Heaven Five Grands in the form of the Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations along with the Later Heaven Five Supremes.

Meanwhile, besides the Numinous Treasure Four Swords and a final secret art, prior to the Four Swords, the Prime Clear direct lineage had Five Scriptures which narrated the variations of five tribulations of the eras start.

The Numinous Treasure Four Swords were both famous and powerful while the New Era Five Scriptures had mostly been lost long ago such that few still knew about their existence now.

The founder of the Prime Clear lineage, the Lord of Numinous Treasure, did not just signify destruction in itself as he signified going from being to unbeing.

There first had to bebeing for anunbeing state to exist.

The Lord of Numinous Treasure was the manifestation of the worldsbeing.

The New Era Five Scriptures narrated the process between earlier heaven and later heaven.

The Numinous Treasure Four Swords signified going from being to unbeing when all things returned to nothingness with all lifeforms destroyed alongside time and space.

The final art narrated the concept ofunbeing.

Amongst the Five Scriptures, this was the Bright Red Tribulation Scripture which narrated the dao of tribulation from bright redness, originating from yin and yang intermingling and being born.

The Three Purities existed simultaneously as all Daoist arts were connected in some way or another.

The principles of the Bright Red Tribulation Scripture possessed similar miraculous subtleties to the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture of the Jade Clear lineages Primordial Heavenly Scriptures and the Taiji Yin Yang Palm of Grand Ultimate of the Grand Clear lineages Earlier Heaven Five Grands.

The Bright Red Yin Yang Change of the World beyond Worlds northwestern Red Seas lineage was descended of Red Essence One.

Still, its principles were somewhat similar and connected to those within the Bright Red Tribulation Scripture.

Now, Chen Qianhua first withstood the Brocade Emperors Grand Commencement Divine Finger with his foundation of the world before executing another supreme martial art, the Bright Red Tribulation Scripture.

He used the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture as a connector, starting from Grand Commencement and going all the way from earlier heaven to later heaven times.

Along with the changes in life and creation, while Chen Qianhua was unable to fully rid the Grand Commencement Divine Finger of its might, he was still freed from the suppression of the Brocade Emperor.

As Yan Zhaoge spectated this, the corners of his mouth arced slightly upwards in a smile.

Chen Qianhuas actions were somewhat similar to the reversion to earlier heaven times from when he executed the Cyclic Heavenly Seal.

It was just that he caused a reversion to earlier heaven times with the Cyclic Heavenly Seal, whereas Chen Qianhua went along with the flow, guiding earlier heaven into later heaven.

While this person had not been able to integrate the various supreme martial arts into one, facing this current situation, it was indeed a miraculous means of dispelling the Brocade Emperors attack.

After all, from the looks of it, Chen Qianhua was not versed in the Heaven Opening Scripture.

However this Upper Exalts personality was, his martial prowess was indeed something.

While he was suffering the misfortune of cultivation deviation and destabilised by Hearts Will Thunder, the Brocade Emperors cultivation base was still domineering as his leakless, immeasurable body of a True Immortal swept through the mortal realm.

Yet, he could still do nothing to this young opponent.

Every inch of his reputation was well deserved indeed.

The former Heavenly Young Master and the current Upper Exalt, Chen Qianhua, was truly able to resist True Immortals as only a mere mortal!

Even throughout all of history, his strength was hard to come by indeed.

While Chen Qianhua was unable to break through the defences of the leakless body of an Immortal, the lofty Emperor was hard pressed to defeat him as well.

Neither side was able to seize a decisive advantage.

If they continued dragging it out just like that, while Chen Qianhua possessed vigorous true essence, it would still appear rather lacking as compared to that of the Brocade Emperor who was already an Immortal.

Indeed, his gaze flickered slightly, suddenly erupting with a shocking glow.

A subtle, formless power condensed into a tangible glow, spurting out from Chen Qianhuas eyes to land on the Brocade Emperor!

“Hearts Will Thunder…Hearts Will Heavenly Scripture, heh!” The Brocade Emperor smiled coldly.

Chen Qianhua had unleashed the might of the Hearts Will Heavenly Scripture of the Primordial Heavenly Scriptures Later Heaven Six Scriptures to the maximum as he went all out in this blow.

The Hearts Will Heavenly Scripture narrated the dao of the variations in the souls of all living beings in later heaven.

As it was executed by Chen Qianhua now, it seemed to aim for the Brocade Emperors weak point as had just been struck by Yan Zhaoges Hearts Will Thunder earlier.

Still, with the Brocade Emperors vast combat experience, having suffered greatly against the Hearts Will Thunder earlier, after having sensed earlier in their fight that Chen Qianhua was versed in the Hearts Will Heavenly Scripture, he had constantly been prepared for the possibility of this being used.

As Chen Qianhua unleashed a full-powered attack with the Hearts Will Heavenly Scripture at this moment, the Brocade Emperor did not retreat as he rampantly exerted more force, continuing to attack Chen Qianhua ferociously with the Grand Commencement Divine Finger.

As Chen Qianhua went all out in stimulating the Hearts Will Heavenly Scripture, the force of the combined Later Heaven Six Scriptures from earlier lost its equilibrium with the foundation of the world diminishing alongside the weakening of his defences!


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